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“Journeys are made by the people you travel with.” ~ Malaysia Airlines. Terima Kasih!

August 10, 2013. Saturday. Our fifth and last day in Nepal. My eyes were shut for almost 6 hours of restful sleep, it felt a luxury.  Then, I woke up and I saw my family – Tina & Gabby who were still asleep.  I tried to hyperextend my lower extremities and forced my senses to rise from the bed.  Like a child who wishes to see the sunrise beaming from snow-capped mountains, I gradually moved my feet off the bed  and  walked towards the window. Negative. I never had a glimpse of sunshine but all mist and blue.  

Namaste. Good morning, from Nagarkot, Nepal!

It was only 5:10AM, no sight of stupendous Nepalese sunrise. No regrets, I told myself.  It’s monsoon season and the Himalayas were thickly covered with fluffy clouds. After I clicked a photo, I went back to bed and tucked myself under the sheets again. That was sweet! I savored that moment for it doesn’t happen on a daily basis particularly on a work week. I didn’t bother to stimulate Tina and Gabby to wake up, but rather I rejoined them in Dreamland.

About two hours after, the three of  us went down for breakfast at Cafe du Mont, the restaurant of Peaceful Cottage in Nagarkot.  After we appreciated our first sip of Nepalese coffee for the day, we decided to transfer our plates and cups to the dining area at the expansive and overwhelming balcony.  We were lured by the last-moment-experience in Nepal.
Our last breakfast in Nepal was savored at 7000 feet above sea level. :)

It was zero-visibility by the balcony.  We didn’t see even the shadow of the mountains or the sight of lush green fields in Kathmandu Valley.  It was a very cold morning in Nagarkot. The last time I felt fresh cold air that entered my nasal cavities down to my lungs was in Tokyo during the tail end of Winter 2010 and in Auckland, New Zealand in 2005 with Tina and our 4-month-old-Gabby then.  Breathing and feeling cool and fresh mountain air together with my family was nothing but priceless!

True to the lyrics of the song, “Some Good Things Never Last,” our brief but memorable 5-day-break in this incredibly amazing country was about to end. After breakfast and some last-minute-photos and videos, we went back to our room to freshen up again and off we went to thank and bid goodbye to the friendly staff of Peaceful Cottage & Cafe du Mont.

Although it’s not a sponsored accomodation, I’d like to thank Caron, who replied to all my queries and concern via email when I did the reservation for the said mountain resort hotel.  He also facilitated our transfer from Nagarkot to Tribhuvan International Airport with utmost efficiency.  While Laxma and the rest of the staff of the said hotel displayed modest but warm Nepalese hospitality.

The next thing I recall vividly was Tina’s resounding comment; something like, “Mabuti kasama noong driver iyong anak niyang babae, at least I feel safe.” (Good that the driver brought along his daughter, I feel safe).


While Tina was preoccupied praying her rosary that was only interrupted by her excitement  a couple of times when she saw (holy) cows on the road, and Gabby was quietly sitting between us, I continued to capture some last scenes on the road en route to the airport.

So here are the photos I took while we were on the zigzag road from 7,000 feet up in Nagarkot down to Kathmandu Valley where the terminal is.  Enjoy!


Abundance of pine trees, rice paddies, those handsomely sculptured rice terraces and the few Nepalese people walking uphill and downhill were all a sight to behold.

Off the ravine and the down the mountain, we safely reached the highway to the airport.

Few minutes after an hour trip, we thanked and said goodbye to our Nepali driver, Krishna.

That’s it.  We’re about to leave Nepal, however, we know we’re bringing not only our passports and luggage back to our present home in Penang, Malaysia but a thousand and one beautiful experiences we gained from Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Patan and Nagarkot and the simple memories with people we met, the Nepalis who smiled and greeted us, Namaste.

No travel guide book or glossy magazine will ever get you close enough to the real learning experience.


Checking in at Malaysia Airlines counter was a breeze.  The three of us were entitled to free 30 kg-luggage allowance but of course, we didn’t buy huge brass and wooden souvenirs to meet such limit!  And despite we have to transit at Kuala Lumpur Interantional Airport and board another MAS flight to Penang, our 27 kg-luggage plus 3kg-duffle bag were sent directly to our last destination from Kathmandu and we didn’t need to claim and drop them again at the counter.

The semi-OC-in-me rechecked and verified all our documents prior boarding. And with random flick over our passports, I saw again our Visas to Nepal stamped upon arrival.  With Gabby’s FREE Multiple-Entry-Visa valid for 30 days, and Tina’s and mine that were valid for 15 days, I can’t help but take a shot of what I consider one of the best things that a US$ 50 (for Tina & me) could buy!


As we took turns in going for bladder breaks, my attention was drawn to a group of 15, if not around 20 Nepalese Boy Scouts who also went to queue at MAS counter. They’re going to Kuala Lumpur too, boarding the same flight with us to attend Jamboree in Malaysia.

“Gabby anak,, look at them! They’re like your age and they’ll be traveling without parents but only a couple of guides. Come, let’s talk to them and I’ll take a photo with you.”
These kids are doing right. They’re blessed to see and experience the world at an early age!

Few minutes prior boarding time. Here we go.

Widest smile, so infectious! How could you not be so happy?

Nothing’s more inspiring than to see youth traveling with pride of where they came from.

A short ride to the plane.

Because Tina was in the ladies’ queue at the Boarding Area, she went to the plane ahead of us.

We love Gabby. He’s too adorable particularly when he flashes his ever-ready-smile to my cam!
Thank you, Malaysia Airlines! We had a safe flight!

To bid adieu to Nepal was a lot harder than I thought.

The feeling was uniquely different from previous departures I had.

Perhaps, because in five short days, we encountered not only Nepalis but ourselves.

Upon ascent of the aircraft and the last view of Kathmandu from my window, I promised to revisit. We shall return in the future. Who knows? We never expected to experience Nepal too soon but it happened. And apparently, it left us in awe!


A deep sigh and a smile.

Happier moments followed. What else but meal time at 36,000 feet!

No leftovers. A proof that Malaysia Airlines’ Chicken Buttered Masala and Curry were a delight even to our kiddo!

Never underestimate an inflight meal experience in Economy section. I redefined bliss perceived immediately after separation anxiety with Nepal with white wine and orange juice to wash down all those savory Malaysian goodies amidst gorgeous sunset views by my window.

Viewing glorious Malaysian sunset before touchdown in Kuala Lumpur!

No matter how many words I write, regardless of the volume of photos I share, I cannot completely express what my family and I experienced in our journey from Malaysia to Nepal and back.

I could not thank Tina and Gabby enough for joining me in this journey.  The trip was made worthwhile because I traveled to Nepal with my family.

To be continued with a blog post containing BTS-videos taken by my wife in Nepal…

*A life journey of mine, an epiphany of travel for you, made possible by Malaysia Airlines.

This Nepal Blog Series includes :




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May 10, 2013, Friday, 7:48PM.

may 13 2013 735pm monday
May 13, 2013, Monday, 7:35PM.

may 14 2013 730pm tuesday
May 14, 2013, Tuesday, 7:30PM.

*Viewed from our apartment’s balcony and living room. They also reflect my  current state of mind.



sunrise, chew jetty, george town, penang, malaysia
Sunrise viewed from Chew Jetty, George Town, Penang, Malaysia. Saturday, 20 April 2013. Incidentally, I entered this photo in the HIPpix Challenge contest in Penang. If you like it and would like to support, kindly click this LINK HERE! and click the like button after the jump. Thanks!

Waking up early with my family on a  Saturday morning just to watch the sunrise at one of the waterfront-settlements in George Town, Penang and stroll around a few streets simply to capture images randomly doesn’t happen on a daily basis. I consider it a bliss! It’s an absolute breather from our almost-routinary-life in Penang (read : work-home-work or for our son, Gabby, school-home-school).

Despite the challenges and uncertainties of living abroad (and the expenses, my goodness! We just recently paid fees for renewal of my Employment Pass and my family’s Dependent Passes on top of our monthly domestic bills), I’ve been constantly reminding Gabby how blessed and lucky we are for having opportunity to live in Penang. I’ve been hearing myself reminding our 8-year-old kiddo redundantly, that tourists and travelers still take efforts in saving money, plan for trips and book flights, bus or train rides to this incredibly charming UNESCO World Heritage Site, while we’re fortunate enough to experience the best of Penang anytime we wish because we’re currently based here.

So at around 6:30AM, Tina, Gabby and I hopped on the Rapid Penang Bus from our current home in Butterworth to Penang Sentral Bus Station and took the 12-minute-ferry-ride to George Town.

ferry, george town, penang, malaysia

Gabby found a fun way at no cost to entertain himself while inside the ferry via Jellyfish spotting!

ferry, george town, penang, malaysia

While Gabby and Tina were busy counting jellyfishes, I took the chance of going down the first level of the ferry; my very first time in three years, actually!
ferry, george town, penang, malaysia
ferry, george town, penang, malaysia

My lovely wife, Tina bitten by the shutter bug and became hooked on instagram, captured this…

george town, penang, malaysia
The view of George Town from the ferry.

Then we hopped off the ferry and walked our way to Chew Jetty.

jetty, george town, penang, malaysia

From Rapid Penang Bus Station in Weld Quay, Chew Jetty can easily be reached via few meters of strolling towards left. It has been a year exactly when I first visited this modest place (read my blog post HERE!); inevitably, changes happened over time.

chew jetty, george town, penang, malaysia
chew jetty, george town, penang, malaysia
chew jetty, george town, penang, malaysia
chew jetty, george town, penang, malaysia

I was so excited telling Tina that I will take her photo by the mural of one of the houses at Chew Jetty.  It looked like this when I went there on my second visit last June 2012.

old mural at chew jetty

We were surprised to see this. Disappointed actually.
chew jetty, george town, penang, malaysia
Previous mural of Lithuanian Artist, Ernest Zacharevic now dilapidated.

For reason unknown to us, the mural previously frequented by local and foreign tourists is now a memory. :(

As I am following George Town, Penang (Penang State Tourism) on its facebook account, I saw a photo they posted of a newly installed mural done by a local artist at Chew Jetty. We saw it but it’s already deleted by white paint; I didn’t take photo of it anymore (I hope one of the readers could explain something about this).  

Nonetheless, we’re still thankful to see the fire ball rising from the East!

chew jetty, george town, penang, malaysia
Sunrise reminds us to be constantly grateful of our intangible blessings!

sunrise, chew jetty,

My photos don’t do it justice.

sunrise, chew jetty, george town, penang, malaysia
chew jetty, george town, penang, malaysia
Moving on, I pointed to Gabby handmade fish baskets used by the dwellers at Chew Jetty in fishing. Although I’m not not sure whether those baskets are for catching crabs, shrimps or prawns or fish.

chew jetty, george town, penang, malaysia
chew jetty,
Admittedly, I’m happy to see my wife enjoying her new past time : Instagramming! She’s now fond of taking photos by her ipod and at times, borrows the camera from my neck and takes her own shots. While she’s doing her thing, I did my own captures of some interesting things at Chew Jetty.
Here are a couple of beautiful cacti…


These clan houses by the descendants of Chew family must be preserved on stilts the way the were built ages ago as mandated by UNESCO.
chew jetty, george town, penang, malaysia
chew jetty, george town, penang, malaysia

From Chew Jetty, we crossed the street and went straight to Lebuh Armenian.  There, another favorite Ernest Zacharevic mural greeted us. It’s difficult to imagine for this mural to be broken down, it’s so fun to look at. Actually, there was a time that someone tried to destroy it by spilling liquid (was it milk or some paint?); thankfully, they managed to restore it. It remains to be one of the tourist-drawers in Pulau Pinang. Hopefully, the authorities can maintain it.
george town, penang, malaysia
Then Gabby started asking where to eat breakfast. He said he’s OK with Restoran Kapitan and was craving for some Cheese Naan. Since the streets and the scenes en route to Kapitan were picturesque, Tina and I spent a few minutes of taking photos.
george town, penang, malaysia
Goofed in front of a whimsically painted doors.
george town, penang, malaysia
george town, penang, malaysia
george town, penang, malaysia
And rode the trishaw on display for that photo-op.

I find this corner of Armenian and Cannon Streets attractive. I know I shall miss this spot one day.
george town, penang, malaysia
george town, penang, malaysia
george town, penang, malaysia

Breakfast, actually more like of our brunch was at one of our favorites, Restoran Kapitan at the junction of Pitt and Chulia Streets.

george town, penang, malaysia
Roti Keju or Cheese Roti and curried dips, FTW! :)

george town, penang, malaysia
george town, penang, malaysia
First time to try Roti Tisu from Restoran Kapitan and frankly, I liked the version from the other Indian eatery in the heart of Little India. They serve Roti Tisu with strawberry syrup and condensed milk there. Yummier, I think.

Washed down everything with Iced Blended Chocolate and Mango Lassi.

george town, penang, malaysia
Refreshingly good!

Hopped on the Rapid Penang Bus from Chulia Street to Komtar and went to Carrefour grocery for a little grocery shopping.

george town, penang, malaysia
Someone’s happy with his chocolate cereal purchase! :)

It was a Saturday morning well spent. :)

“Count your blessings. Once you realize how valuable you are and how much you  have going for you, the smiles will return, the sun will break out, the music  will play, and you will finally be able to move forward the life that God  intended for you with grace, strength, courage, and confidence.” ~Mandino, Og



As life has been teaching me, inspiration and motivation usually spring not (only) from those famous and authoritative people but (even) from those ordinary individuals with outstanding or at least, remarkable characters. It also holds true when it comes to my perception about places. I try my best not to underestimate places that look modest and cheap as it may be rewarding than expected.

Case in point, this hawker stall in front of a common-looking-eatery in Penang called, Kafe Heng Huat located at Lorong Selamat, one of the laterals of Jalan Macalister in George Town, Penang. If you must know, every hawker stall in this part of Southeast Asia appears almost the same. Apparently, they differ in the goods they offer. It turned out that my initial sampling of my ultimate favorite Malaysian dish, Char Koay Teow from Kafe Heng Huat didn’t only sustain me and satisfied my craving for that noodle dish but taught me some essential that money certainly can’t buy.


PASSION. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I personally saw untiring love for what she does that probably clearly makes every plate of CKT she prepares arguably the BEST in the entire Pulau Pinang.

Meet Soon Chuan Choo that according to the broadsheet article posted on the wall of this restaurant, has been cooking CKT for 45 years (the feature in Bangkok newspaper written in English was dated 2012). For someone who continuously does the same routine on a daily basis over those decades without boredom and fatigue, it must because of pure passion and love for it.

Penang, you’re very luck to have Aunty Soon Chuan Choo! She must be a living Heritage for cooking this Malaysian noodle dish for more than 4 decades and counting!

Look at my lunch freshly cooked as per order. Take note of the size of those prawns! A plateful of CKT from Aunty Soon is definitely worth it at 10 ringgit!
Because every plate is only prepared upon order, it took around 10 minutes of waiting before I savored this version of CKT recommended to me by Malaysian-blogger and friend, Emily of and incidentally, by our colleague and friend who’s now back in the Philippines with his family, Doc Noel. According to his previous observations that he shared on the comment-thread of my CKT-photo on fb, he remembers this lady to be somewhat in unpleasant mood while cooking; perhaps, because she doesn’t want to be disturbed of the long queue with many orders; she remains so focused on cooking Char Koay Teow then and now. Aunty Soon may not offer anyone a smile and obviously has an attitude towards work but that’s how she delivers a perfect plate. If people go to Kafe Heng Huat for her Char Koay Teow over the past 4 decades, I think it confirms that she’s doing it right.


The view from where I sat. Packed with hungry diners, mostly locals who know what’s best in their area.

Waiting wasn’t an issue to me as I saw this signage when I went to my table.

So I gave in and ordered one of Malaysian popular desserts.

At only around 3 ringgit, I managed to go against the scorching sunny weather with Ais Kacang (pronounced as ice ka-chang) which is made of finely shaved ice, milk, sweet corn, jelly strips, nata de coco and red beans topped with a scoop of ice cream. Sedap! Sarap!  Reminds me of our very own smilar dessert in the Philippines, Halo-halo. So perfect for summer!

In my 3 years of working in Penang, I oftenly go to Gurney Drive when I crave for a tasteful Char Koay Teow.  Here’s a capture of that CKT :
Char Koay Teow, Penang

But suggestions from friends proved that there are other far better options. This Malaysian dish of fried flat noodles, mixed with chili sauce, tofu, egg, sprouts, cockles, Chinese chorizo or pork sausage and larger prawns can give that CKT from the hawker stall in Gurney Drive a tough competition on my list.

It was a pleasure eating Aunty Soon’s specialty :

penang's char koay teow from lorong selamat, george town, penang via

Edited : Doc Noel added on his comment on fb that Aunty Soon was noted to be strict on schedule, as he saw a nice family with kids came 5 minutes past closing time, and Aunty did not give in. I understand her being strict but a little consideration and a smile would not hurt.

Somehow, I see myself in Aunty Soon’s character. People easily judged me to have an attitude, ridiculously an anti-social but that’s how they define not my character but theirs.  Like her, I am also particular with schedules, I rarely come late on appointments as I value time and punctuality. I am strict and stick with rules particularly my own. I always try to give everything in what I do.

For as long as we’re here in Penang, I’ll surely return to Kafe Heng Huat for another serving of Aunty Soon’s Char Koay Teow. Each plate is inspiring!


*This post with all of its photos is my entry to Weekly Photo Challenge : Lunchtime



kids in chiang mai

I don’t usually make New Year’s Resolution for I believe changes may be done regardless of the season. But as for my love for traveling and being a photo-enthusiast, I wish to experience and discover and explore more places that I’ve never been to.

This photo was taken on my recent travel to Chiang Mai; my very first solo backpacking-budget trip.

My Chiang Mai Blog Series soon on this site.

This is my entry to  Weekly Photo Challenge : Resolved




Greetings from Shanghai, China!


Did those Chinese silk lanterns,  crimson red velvet lounge seats and chairs and gorgeous porcelain fool you? The greetings’ too ambitious, I know. But who knows? Day will come that I’ll get to bring my feet and my family to China too. Time will tell. Meanwhile, I’m sharing here my honest review of my Chinese lunch at Chynna restaurant in Hilton Hotel Kuala Lumpur. I hope they won’t ban me from dining there again after this post! *cue prayers here*  This post isn’t a rant but a constructive criticism and a challenge to improve.


How to get there? I took a cab from Bukit Bintang to KL Sentral where Hilton Hotel is located. When I was already inside the taxi driven by a friendly Malaysian-lady-driver who thankfully, used her taxi meter on our route (fyi, it’s unspoken rule in Kuala Lumpur that taking taxi cabs isn’t always metered by those opportunitistic divers), it popped in my mind that I could have taken the monorail from Bukit Bintang directly to KL Sentral which costs much cheaper of course (around 2 ringgit only instead of the metered taxi ride of RM15). It was useless to entertain regret so I took the monorail for my return to Bukit Bintang after my lunch; however it’s a-15-minute-walk from KL Sentral to the monorail station, nonetheless worth it.

What did I sample? I’m a dim sum monster so it got to be dim sum of course!!!


Because I was attending an exclusive food tasting tour at Feast Village, Starhill Gallery at 3PM that day, I chose to eat light. And that’s how I defined a light meal *snickers*  ~Four Season Platter, Siew Mai (or for us Filipinos, siomai!) and the biggest Chicken pao I’ve eaten! I could have ordered hot tea but I was disappointed after I learned that Chynna’s Tea Master was on his day off. If you’ve noticed my photo of their dim sum open kitchen above, the tea pot with a long nose is eye-catching, isn’t it? Since their Tea Master’s out that day, I missed out his Kung Fu moves when serving hot Chinese tea.  Thus, I washed everything down with chilled fresh Orange juice (not in photo).


Did Chynna impress me? As I wanted to indulge something extraordinary other than the usual fastfood and hawker meals, I opted to try this Chinese restaurant initially to experience its beautiful ambiance. I was immediately drawn onto its interiors the very moment I saw it on Hilton’s website.  And true enough, it’s more pleasing to the eyes up close! The mood inside Chynna restaurant exudes extreme elegance. The cost of the food on the menu’s another affordable luxury; highly competitive with the common restaurants outside hotels. The staff’s friendly, quick and efficient.

Everything’s at its finest even the food presentation but not its taste.

Disappointed without witnessing the Kung Fu moves of their Tea Master, I felt the same too when Chynna’s dim sums tasted stuffed with extenders! I may be wrong and Chynna may deny it but what I ordered tasted all bland! Sure, they provided two sauces to go with them but a delicious dim sum is delicious sans anything.  I know my palate so well. I know how authentic dim sum tastes like. As mentioned in my previous posts, despite I’ve never been to China yet, I think eating dim sums from hawker food stalls and five-star-hotel restaurants in all our trips to Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand (we even had dim sum buffet in Bangkok recently) and even in Manila Chinatown and in Penang and in Kuala Lumpur itself makes me no-authority but at least my gustatory sense has been familiar with quality dim sums. Admittedly, I only sampled a few dim sum from Chynna in Hilton-KL however, it really didn’t hit the mark! Perhaps, noodles, soups and fish, chicken and meat dishes from their menu are all wonderful but remain to be tasted. That’s a good reason to try Chynna again next time.

Although it means nothing to me because I’m a non-smoker, you might be interested that Chynna has private dining rooms where smoking is permitted.

CHYNNA | 5th Level Hilton Hotel Kuala Lumpur |

*This is not a sponsored post.

*This Luxurious Kuala Lumpur Blog Series includes :

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How can you say no to a skyline like this?


Resistance is futile. I am seduced once more by its beauty effortlessly.

petronas twin towers
petronas twin towers

And I went here alone, without my family, with no one but my feet and my camera. So sue me.


Truth is, I brewed everything for this. Call me anything you want for all I care but I had to secure a green light from my loving wife, Tina. I couldn’t be grateful enough when she agreed. I was silently jumping for joy actually!

You need to continue reading, I tell you!

When I started planning to revisit Malaysia’s capital to renew my passport at the Philippine Embassy, I thought of  visiting a few premier places that partly provide logic to the fact that Kuala Lumpur is this country’s metropolis. I could not believe everything because while doing a little online research, I received an invitation via email from a luxurious food and beverage outlet group for an exclusive food tasting tour of not one but four of their restaurants -some of them where the food places where celebrities Michael Bolton and Tiger Woods dined separately this year. That will be featured on this blog NEXT! :)

Go on, keep reading! :)

Then a fellow and recognized blogger endorsed my name to an agency in Singapore whose main office is in Scotland, for me to be one of their airline food survey participants. The task is to do an airline food review in any of the flights of airlines on their list before November 24, 2012; rate the airline food, blog and tweet about it and get paid in USD! The amount isn’t HUGE but sure worth it. Thus, I decided to fly back from Kuala Lumpur to Penang for this opportunity.

There’s more news! :)

A real-life-couple-travel bloggers invited me for a meet-up in Kuala Lumpur where they’re based for more than a year now. We met up, dined and chat the day I arrived in KL. It was fun. Will blog it soon!

I digress.

Because I only have limited budget and worse, with only 3 days and 2 nights, my choices of trendiest, the most sophisticated and stylish chill out spots have been narrowed down to a handful.

Let this LUXURIOUS KUALA LUMPUR BLOG Series begin with SKYBAR, located at the 33rd level of Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur manned no less than Shangri La Hotels.

skybar traders hotel kuala lumpur

I made reservation via email for one of the cabanas with the best view of the incredibly iconic,

Petronas Twin Towers

and the wonderful KLCC Park that’s filled with lush greens underneath.

klcc park

I had to see  and use the tandas. Good thing it’s almost spotless.


I also liked the fact that SkyBar thought of even the tiniest detail that some people tend to overlooked. Because the cabanas are enclosed with comfortable lounges where one can fully extend and relax the tired and aching legs, there are foot stools for the guest to use to step up. Signs and floating lights in immaculate white and powder blue colors on the pool were placed to serve as guides so nobody slips over. Now being drunk and trying to dive like an olympian on the pool is another issue! LOL!


Just before I ordered for snack and drinks, I saw some swimmers. There was a little girl frolicking on the pool…


Then, there’s grandpa…


One of the reasons why I chose to visit SkyBar was to experience not only viewing my favorite structure in Malaysia differently this time, but to know how it feels like to go to a bar with a swimming pool at the middle. It’s bizarre but looks amazingly unique to me!


Isn’t the view intoxicating?


Try to spot the sweetest couple of the night…


Then marveled like a kid at the dancing fountains seen from the park.

kuala lumpur malaysia

Now, here’s what I ordered from SkyBar’s menu.


Patnubay ng Magulang ay Kailangan. Google Translate that if you wish and you may read this blog’s DISCLAIMER, thank you!


I asked Lynn, who happens to be the friendliest staff of SkyBar, of their bestsellers. The young and beautiful lady deserves a raise and a promotion in my opinion for recommending the Selangor Sling and Buffalo Wings for me to sample. Of course anyone would find the menu’s prices steeper when compared to food in hawkers! Toinks!. I say, you never get these view, this service, this ambiance, this experience anywhere else.


Selangor Sling. Tanqueray 10 gin and cherry brandy liqueur shaken with pressed pineapple juice, fresh lemon juice and a touch of angostura bitters strained over ice in a sling glass topped with soda and benedictine d.o.m. garnished with lemon and maraschino cherry. RM42++.

selangor sling
selangor sling

The sunset in Malaysia comes around 7:30PM or so, hence I ordered another drink while waiting for dusk.

Take two : Patnubay ng Magulang ay Kailangan. Google Translate that if you wish and you may read this blog’s DISCLAIMER, thank you!


My last order at SkyBar was that pint of beer for 20 ringgit.  I thought it’s appropriate to drink in a bar rather than fresh milk. *wink*

Now I know why SkyBar is ranked mostly by foreigners as one of the most must-visit-chill-out-places in KL. :)

*Stay tuned to this blog series!  

SKYBAR | Level 33 Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur City Center, 50088 Malaysia |

*This is not a sponsored post.

*This Luxurious Kuala Lumpur Blog Series includes :



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living and working in a new country




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living in Malaysia



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