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Doc Gelo welcomes invitations and sponsorships.

You may reach him via his email : docgeloATyahooDOTcom 



  1. Heinrich Eder Heinrich Eder

    can I order a beautiful Wau Bulan for sending to Germany?
    Im very interested in the original material. May be you can roll the ready painted Paper and add the right sticks for completing here.
    Im very delighted from this type of kites.


    • hi there! i’m sorry for i cannot grant your request.
      most authentic wau bulan are made in a malaysian state called kelantan which is almost 5 hours from our current place in penang.
      but thank you for dropping by my blog.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous

    Hi Doc Gelo,

    For four years now, Kumon Philippines and its partners have been conducting Kumon Philippines Education and Parenting Seminar (KPEPS) to bring significant insights to the public. This year, with it’s theme “Achievers of Today, Ready for the Future!” How Parents Can Guide Their Children Amidst The Changing Lanscape of Philippine Education; it will once again inform and enlighten the many who seek deeper understanding of the different trends and issues regarding parenting and education.

    In accordance to this, we cordially invite you to a Kumon Press Launch to cover it’s worthy news value. The event will take place at Chateau 1771, Greenbelt 5, April 26 at 3 PM. We hope that we can give time for this occasion amidst your active schedules, as we believe that your participation will greatly affect the success of this endeavor.

    Again, we would greatly appreciate if you grace us with your presence at the press launch.

    Thank you and looking forward to see you.

    Best Regards,

    Rachel Cabrera – Santos
    PR and Events Head
    mobile: 09178062267 | 02 9753340
    Unit 204 Estuar Building # 41 Timog Avenue, Qc

    • Hi Ms. Rachel,

      It’s my pleasure to be invited to your event as I value education, children and greenbelt 5, haha!
      However, I and my family are currently based in Penang, Malaysia where our present work place is.

      Again, thank you for considering me on this event and all the best to your endeavors!


    • thank you, sir!
      i just didn’t post your photo because it turned out to be blurred; sorry for that.
      i’ll drop by the event again on the 7th july and cover for my blog.

      terima kasih, joe! 🙂

  3. Hazer Hazer

    Hi Doc,

    I like your entries very much especially your fantastic photos. Maybe i can suggest u to visit Cameron Highland or Putrajaya some other time.

    Thank you v(^_^)v

    • hello hazer! thanks for dropping by.
      may I ask how did you learn about my blog?

      there’s so much more of malaysia to explore! i’ve never brought my family yet to cameron highlands, putrajaya (although i’ve been there a couple of times for immigration purposes), melaka, langkawi and the list goes on.

      we’ll see. 🙂

  4. Ronald Reyes Ronald Reyes

    Hi Doc Gelo! I just spent a couple of hours reading your blog and I’m kinda hooked already. I still have many articles to read here. I’m not sure yet how to subscribe so I will just bookmark it for now and continue when I do have the time. If you’re wondering how I ended up here, I was looking for Mann Hann reviews for dining experience essay for my gf and saw the link. Keep on sharing your adventures and keep on inspiring us. Got a lot of tips from your blog already in such a short time. Hello to your lovely family.

    Best regards,


    • Thank you, ronald! You’re so welcome to frequent my blog! 😀

  5. Lucas Lucas

    Hi, can I get the wau-maker’s contact from you?

    • hi lucas, i sent my reply to your email address. kindly check your inbox. thanks!

  6. Dan Dan

    Hi there! 2013 is a hot year to visit the Philippines… Check out this website: and find out why you should add Taal Heritage Town to your bucket list! 🙂

    • thanks, dan for visiting my blog!

  7. THANK YOU again for coming to GTF 2013, please next time say hello:):) would really like to meet you. I cant seem to trace back your email, can you please send me your email address. joe sidek

    • hi mr. joe sidek,

      i was one of the media (as blogger of this site) men invited by wanida and i took a snap of you just before the i musici concert at dewan sri pinang started. you smiled and generously granted my random request for me to capture a photo of you against the gtf 2013 backdrop at the lobby. i posted it on a blog post here about i musici.

      thanks and congratulations, sir for a job well done for the gtf2013 celebration!

      -doc gelo

  8. Fernando Fernando

    Hi Doc Gelo,

    Your blog is very interesting and the pictures are really wonderful. Is it possible that you can share your expertise in creating such beautiful pictures (i.e camera, equipment, software, etc…).

    More power to you and God bless.


    • Hello Sir Fernando,

      Thank you for taking time reading my blog and I’m grateful you like my photos.
      Admittedly, I know nothing technical and theoretical about photography, so I deny the term, “expertise” for I’m no expert
      in taking photos. Perhaps, I only have an eye for what I fancy. I always keep my amateur photos raw, with only cropping and minimal
      adjustments in brightness, saturation, contrast using Microsoft office – I don’t use photoshop. I use Nikon D7000 with only kit lens of 18-105mm.
      As of the moment, I’m financially limited to purchase a prime lens or upgrade to a better camera. At least there are few people like you who appreciate my modest photos. Thank you very much!

      Stay tuned as I’m thrilled to share my next blog posts and hopefully inspire more people to step outside and travel whenever possible.

      Maraming salamat po!


  9. Fernando Fernando

    Thank you very much Doc Gelo. Actually, we have the same model camera, but using Sigma 17-50 mm 2.8F. I’m a beginner with regards to photography and really amaze with your photos, very lively and colorful. Now, I know it is not the equipment or software that you can produce a nice picture, but how you execute it.

    I’m really appreciate for taking your time to answer my question.

    Maraming Salamat Doc and enjoy your stay in UAE.


  10. Chona Chona

    Hello, Doc Gelo!

    i just want to ask if you travel already in Jordan and Israel?

    • docgelo docgelo

      I have been to Jordan but not Israel.
      I hold a residence visa from the country where I am now and I don’t want to compromise it. If you know what I mean.

  11. reyela reyela

    hello! came across your blog site, and found it very interesting and helpful. I’m a “kabayan” residing in Doha. Im planning to have a trip to Georgia, Tbilisi and Im thinking to have a side trip in either Armenia or Moscow. In Armenia sure it’s visa on arrival, (read about few tips) but for MOscow, is it possible to have a visa on arrival? IWell take the train, btw.. many thanks!

    • docgelo docgelo

      I’m not sure if a visa-on-arrival is available in Moscow. I applied for visa to Russia in their consulate in Dubai.

      Thanks for reading my blog.
      I really appreciate it.

  12. Sue Sue

    Hi Doc Gelo
    im very impress reading your blog. its very interesting. Can i ask you regarding base on your experience visiting Finland? im planning visiting Helsinki and ofcoz Rovianiemi place of snow activities.
    Are you staying hotel, cottage or B&B in Rovianiemi city?
    im going with family of 4 (with 2 teenage girls). intend to go Norway and Sweden as well. Have you been there?
    i dont know how to start with, Norway, Finland or Sweden as most probably im taking Emirates which does not fly to Finland. So might have to take other airlines(Norwegian) from Norway to Rovianiemi then again Norwegian to Helsinki and lastly maybe high-speed train if theres travel to Sweden orelse i have to take other airline to reach Oslo-Sweden which my last destination and back to my home-town Singapore.
    Sorry for the long explanation.
    Need your advice.
    Thanks n& Regards

    • docgelo docgelo

      Hi Sue,
      Thank you for reading my blog.
      I stayed in Santasport Hotel in Rovaniemi and Scandic Paasi Hotel in Helsinki.
      No, I have not been to Norway and Sweden yet.
      Yes, I took Norwegian airlines from Dubai to Helsinki then to Rovaniemi and back to Helsinki. Then ferry to Estonia and bus to Latvia.
      Hope you’ll have a great fun filled and safe trip with your family.

      • Sue Sue

        Hi Docgelo
        Me again ya, Santa Claus always there? regardless on actual christmas day itself?
        If that so, i dont need to be there on 24-26th dec just in purpose to me Santas Claus.
        May i know which date of Dec were you there? is it very crowded at the you were there? You booked in advance the activities? Do they have pickup shuttle from our hotel?
        About the Norwegian Airlines for your experience what you think? How many kg per passenger given?
        As me going with family and teenager girls.
        Thanks for your kind advise.

        • docgelo docgelo

          Hi Sue,

          I was in Rovaniemi last December 12 to 15, 2016. Yes, Santa Claus is there whole year round!
          Norwegian Airlines allows 23 kg check in luggage.
          I took bus from Rovaniemi Airport then taxi cab to hotel but you may arrange pick up from Airport from your hotel for extra charge. Hope you enjoy Finnish Lapland as much as I did!
          I suggest you book your tours with Lapland Safaris and tell them you read about them on my blog. Xie xie!

  13. Sue Sue

    Hi Docgelo

    Definitely i will tell Lapland Safaris that thru your blog that make me book them.
    i hope my research, planning and journey will smooth, safe and meaningful that everyone dream-off.
    Sorry again keep asking you, The Hotel you stay in Rovaniemi which is SantaSport
    reasonable price?
    im looking of like B&B that always book thru AirBNB that i able to choose entire unit with 2 bedroom, toilet, kitchen and living room.
    Thanks & Regards

    • docgelo docgelo

      Hi Sue,

      Santasport Hotel is fine if you’re looking for indoor swimming pools, children’s playground, gym, track and field, sauna under one roof.
      My tip is for you to contact Lapland Safaris then ask their suggested hotels because had I knew that there are a lot of hotels right outside their office, or at least, a few steps from Lapland Safaris’ office at Rovaniemi City Centre, I could’ve booked my 4 nights there to consider time of trip and distance. I needed to take a taxi cab to go to LS office for the Day Tour that I joined nonetheless I enjoyed my days in Lapland.

      • Sue Sue

        Hi Docgelo
        Thanks for always answer my query. For your trip during winter, do you use Hp for taking pictures and video? im afraid it might fast flat. im using Iphone 6splus and iphone 7s.

        • docgelo docgelo

          I use my cam, Fuji XA2 and my android then, and brought 2 power banks and chargers. Hope you bring them on your trip as well. Thank you, Sue!

  14. Judy Judy

    Hi Docgelo,

    I have dropped you an email at your yahoo mail. I was checking with you about the seller of Wau in Kelantan. You may be find my email in your junk mailbox.
    Hope to hear your feedback soon.

  15. kohfee kohfee

    Hello Doc Gelo! I came across your blog site, and found it very helpful especially your nepal trip. Im planning to have a trip to Nepal particularly in Kathmandu, bhotekoshi and nagarkot for 4days. Is it necessary to take some malarial drugs for preventive measure? Thank you so much Doc! Hope to hear from you soon. 🙂

    • docgelo docgelo

      Hey, I sent my reply to your email address.


  16. anne anne

    hi doc gelo just want to ask if its possible to cover all the villages in cinque terre for one day? Also have you tried going to The Mall in florence? Im planning my trip this coming January and be going to Rome, Florence and Milan hope to get some tips from you. TIA

    • docgelo docgelo

      Hi Anne,

      With the train in CT connecting the 5 villages, it’s possible for you to cover all them in one day however, it might be exhausting particularly if you will choose to view each of them from a steep vantage points whereby you will be required and probably challenged to do some hiking.

      I did not go to any mall in Florence; I was content with the piazzas and churches. Shopping is always on the least of my priorities.

      For tips about Italy, try to read my articles on this site about the places I’ve visited.
      Hope you’ll have a safe journey and a fun one!

  17. MM MM

    thank you for sharing your travel diary about georgia. i am planning to visit georgia this coming october so i would like to know will there be snow during that month?thanks

  18. barry barry

    found your contact page; couple questions: 1) will be hitting malaysia in oct; i’ve been living in philippine village room rental $100 rent&utilities/mo, $400/mo total; do you think i can do that in malaysia? 2) do you have any specific recommendations, or any trusty contact person? (maybe just give a cabbie $20 to cruise around?) thx, barry; can hit you w/ more questions later?

    • docgelo docgelo

      Hi Barry,

      Thank you for reading my blog.
      Cost of living in Malaysia is cheap however, I am no longer updated with anything about that country since it has been 4 years after I transferred to Dubai.

      Im sorry, I can’t answer your queries.

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