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Kindly go to this link–> 2010 PEBA (Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards) and tick nominee #9 Beyond Toxicity from Malaysia (ehem, that’s my blog). THANKS! May 10% popularity criterion po kasi e.  Finals on November.  Maraming Salamat po! LET’S DO THIS! :) God bless everyone.

here’s my simple entry to 2010 PEBA –> In Pursuit of a Better Life



When we went to SM Megamall last Sunday to accompany my balikbayang-in-laws for their very first glimpse of the Metro after their 5 years of living in California, Tina, Gabby and I spotted one kiosk that sells crustaceans as pets. We’re so amused.

These are hermit crabs with shells that are hand-painted with colorful cartoon characters.  We found them too cute for words!

Imagine how Gabby giggled over Spongebob and Mr. Krabs-painted shelled pets. They’re a visual delight!

Located at the basement of SM Megamall building A, the store is called Lucky Hermits. Wonder how lucky can you get once you own one. :)

I didn’t ask for the bigger ones but those in photos above are priced at PhP 300 per set that includes one hermit crab, a small plastic container and its food for limited duration, I guess.

Did we buy Gabby a clawed creature for him to own as pet?


Although it’s a given fact that it’s very rewarding to have pet/s, it’s also too demanding to own one and we felt that our almost 6-year-old son isn’t ready yet to care for such living thing.

I, personally cannot imagine if he’ll become so attached to it then one day, it’ll bid him goodbye due to natural cause.  *paranoid* :(

We want Gabby to learn how to care for himself first before he shares his love to others (for now, his love is exclusively ours *greedy smile*.)  Some weeks ago, he began to take showers on his own.

We don’t even own a dog yet; but if time comes that we’re ready to care for one, the three of us would like to have a pug one day. We like it so adorably wrinkled. We also want to set up a salt water aquarium once we’re ready to pay incredibly high electric bills.

What about you? What’s your pet?  Would you like to have a hermit crab as house pet?

If you do, you might want to read this site regarding basic care of hermit crabs (oh yes, an association of crab owners even exists, would you believe? :) ) –>hermit



Some kids have unusual fear for mascots or anyone in costume or with mask, other children can’t even stand beside a clown. These illogical and strong fears fall under phobia specifically called :

Masklophobia – fear of mascots; 

Prosopeiophobia – fear of masks;

Coulorophobia – fear of clowns.

Good thing our son, Gabby doesn’t have it. 

Photos below were taken at Nickelodeon’s activity held in Bonifacio High Street two weeks ago and the last two pictures were taken in Eastwood City on the same day.

PHOBIA (from the Greek : φόβος,phóbos, meaning “fear” or “morbid fear”) is an irrational, intense and persistent fear of certain situations, activities, things, animals, or people. The main symptom of this disorder is the excessive and unreasonable desire to avoid the feared stimulus. When the fear is beyond one’s control, and if the fear is interfering with daily life, then a diagnosis under one of the anxiety disorders can be made.

Treatment options are not mutually exclusive. Often a therapist will suggest multiple treatments. Sourced via Wiki

Do you and/or your kids have phobia/s?   I do.  But not to the extent that I need Psychiatric help.

How do you deal with your own/your kids’  fear/s ?

Check here if you have one –>List of Phobia



As the occasional downpour and domestic budget keep us from going somewhere, our family bonding is mostly limited to pigging out home-cooked meals and playing computer applications.

In facebook, Tina, Gabby and I still enjoy plowing, harvesting and seeding crops by clicks on the mouse in Farmville (read: we don’t care if others think that it’s one of the 5o worst inventions of all time for as long as it serves an outlet for us to while away time and keeps me sane amidst a ton of problems).

We’re also hooked in playing this :

It’s addicting! LOL! We know it’s neither educational nor substantial but it keeps us happy as a family when we play it. :)

And as Gabby’s summer break is literally numbered because he’ll attend his last year in preschool beginning June 17, we allow him to delight himself in this fun-filled games before he enters Prep and be busy with assignments and other school stuffs again.

Do you play Plants vs Zombies?

Just asking. :)

Have a great and safe weekend, everyone!



About a couple of weeks before Christmas, we met up with our friend, Rob at Shangri la mall where he treated us for a lunch and sponsored his godson’s activity without me asking it.  :)  Gabby was really delighted spending time again at COLOR ME MINE.  It’s a paint-your-own-ceramic-studio where the environment offers relaxing & inviting ambiance. How’s that possible in a mall?  Color Me Mine has wooden furnitures and shelves where ceramics are on display.  One can spend his time alone or with his families and/or friends to unwind by painting ceramic/s;  it’s actually a nice bonding activity.

Although prices of would be ‘art-pieces’ vary depending on size and design,  clients are only required to pay PhP 180+,  for the use of the venue until their ‘masterpiece’ is done, all-colors-of-paint-you-need, use of brushes, paper stencils, sponge etc. and the glazing and baking of the finished product in their pottery kilns by their staff.         

Gabby, inspired by the holiday season, personally hand-picked a ceramic plate with Santa Claus’ face embossed design that costs PhP 780 all-in.

Our last visit to Color Me Mine prior to this was February of this year when we had our second art activity that can be viewed here

While I was coaching Rob for his Nursing exam and Rob were catching up on the other table, Tina and Gabby were busy being ‘artists’. :D

After painting job is done, client submits the ceramic to the staff, pay and claim the receipt with specified date when to redeem the finished art work.  Baking on pottery kilns enhances the colors of the paint, making it glazed and more vivid.

Here’s the ‘before and after’ look of the posterior part of the plate.  I wrote all our names including another friend’s who was a-no-show that day. 

Tina gave Gabby freedom to choose most of the colors and only guided him on taking strokes with the brushes. Clients need not worry if they’ve no artistic inclinations for there are pencils and small paper stencils that would serve as patterns for the designs.  

Another ‘before and after’ photos of the plate taken on its anterior side…That’s our son’s handwriting there of his name! :D (FYI, he knows now how to read and write at 5 y/o).

Whether it’s an art activity or something else, spending quality time is always the best gift we can give our love ones. :D

Let’s keep our New Year celebration peaceful, safe and healthy!

Hope you enjoy the rest of the holidays! 


Color Me Mine, 5th Level Shangri La Mall, Mandaluyong City.



:D What’s the BIGGEST box you received as gift ?   Have you received a gift box that weighs 25 kg ?

It felt like Christmas came more than a week earlier to my family.  I got 2 wonderful boxes as presents from our relatives and remittances in USD from my parents and in-laws. :D 

Last Monday, 14 December 2009, on my way home from an appointment in Makati, I received a text from my wife, Tina that a box with my name was delivered at our door steps; it came from her aunt who works in London.  The generous sender happens to be one of those few clients who received prescriptions from me.  She was in town perhaps for the holiday break and was too sweet to give me this 3kg box of sweets! :D

As usual, our son, Gabby was more than excited than me to open the package!  The box has 400 grams of  Toblerone, and 2 assortments of chocolates in reusable tub and carton pack; they’re called Celebrations and Nestle Quality Street, all purchased from UK.

It was indeed a pleasant surprise to end my very tiring day! :) 

Of course, I’ve been sharing it with who else but Tina and Gabby. :D  Those mini bites of maltesers, snickers and truffles are my favorites (other than the local chocnut, hehe).

Another box of chocolates called Nestle Quality Street packed in recyclable carton box was included in the box.  I was amazed that even the colored outer wrappers can be reused for compost where they’ll decompose and be use to grow plants.  What a greener way of getting rid of them after enjoying the goodies. :D

We haven’t sampled all of them until now.  It has Toffee Deluxe, Milk Choc Block, Toffee Finger, Orange Creme, Orange Chocolate Crunch, The Green Triangle, The Purple One, Vanilla Fudge, Toffee Penny, Coconut Eclair, Caramel Swirl and Strawberry Delight. Whew!  So many chocolates, so little time, LOL :D

Then the second box we got this week was unbelievable! 

It was an early Christmas present from my in-laws in San Leandro, California. They sent USD for Tina to purchase this at an appliance store in a mall.

If the first box weighted 3kg, the next one tipped the scale at grossly 25 kg!!!

It was a perfect gift to replace the ‘jurassic’ one. 

We cannot thank them enough for everything…I am just lucky to have good relationship with my in-laws and I’m keeping it that way. What about you? :D

We don’t get washing machines as gifts every yuletide season. :D  Now, that makes it one of unforgettable tangible gifts we received; and we’re hopeful for more blessings to come, THANK YOU! 

Life is so much easier with this twin tub!



It took us more than an hour to build and spruce up our 6-feet-Christmas tree with  medium-sized balls in different shades of purple and a few in aqua and navy blues. We used the old decors and kept it simple but nonetheless, it made our home more cheerful and ready for the holidays. :D 

Then my wife, Tina with our son Gabby and I spent another hour in arranging the contents of these boxes under our tree; after I brought them down from the upper part of one of our wardrobes, so carefully, piece by piece.

That  volume of boxes is only half of the collection of my dad-in-law who stays in Ca with the rest of my wife’s immediate family. The tags of the price per box and warning  signs for its lead coated wires are still there (FYI, lead if ingested will lead to poisoning and eventually to anemia).

After we’ve put up our tree, we’ve raised a village under it!

Don’t you find these ceramic pieces fascinating ? :D  Look at those snowy roof. Don’t you just wish for a white Christmas? :D

I like the attention given to those intricate details …

and that wonderful craftmanship and colorful use of pallettes made it really special :D

The facade of this church  appears so inviting!

and look, there’s a castle too!  :D

The structures are amazingly beautiful when put together side by side…

A community isn’t complete without its people.  So meet the happy villagers under our tree! :D 

Love is apparently in the air …even with just figurines! :D

Everyone is joyful when it’s Christmas!  Even chirping of birds makes anyone happy :D

I have seen and touched a ball of snow several years ago in Fresno and Sequoia National Parks (or was it in Yosemite?) and an episode of  hail  in Auckland, New Zealand.  I wish one day that I’ll get a chance to  bring my family to a real snowy place and together we’ll create a snow man :D  The kid-in-me strikes again! :D

Have you experienced a white Christmas?  How does snow man making feels like ?

Who would not appreciate the harmony and melodies from an orchestra or whenever a band plays, moreso if a choir serenades us with Christamas carols ?

Christmas is really for kids and kid-at-hearts ! :D

Of course Christmas won’t be complete without those reindeers and the white-bearded-old-stout-man clad in red! :D

Ho Ho Ho Ho !  Have you been naughty or nice ? :D

When dusk falls,  it’s high time for the entire village to glow!  :)   So let there be (fiberoptic) lights !

We’re done with our tree and the village with its people were already nicely put underneath. 

We haven’t started shopping yet;  afraid if there’ll be an extra budget for it!  ha ha!

However grand we plan and prepare for our celebrations this holiday, always bear in mind that decors and other material things are irrelevant to the ‘reason for the season’ :D 

The biggest question is,  are you ready for CHRISTmas?

May all of us be happier with our families this coming Christmas and beyond!  God bless. :D



My wife, Tina our son, Gabby and I have made grocery shopping once a week a part of our family bonding.  We like buying our stuffs from toiletries to laundry and kitchen supplies including bottled and canned goods, fresh meat, poultry and fish from huge stores like Landmark in TriNoma, Shopwise and Rustan’s and SM Supermarket in Araneta Center all in Quezon City.  As simple as it is, we really enjoy pushing carts from shelf to shelf getting our weekly needs from our favorite groceries. Convenience spells the difference between a wet and dry public market and airconditioned, mud-and-insect-free supermarkets. Sure you can’t haggle with vendors unlike in the market, but there are a lot of bargains and items on sale in groceries too.

On a budget, this was our cart with four bags of goodies this Wednesday afternoon… 


I’m not sure when did SM supermarket start this eco-friendly idea of avoiding the use of plastic bags every Wednesdays but I definitely appreciate it.  Even on a once- a-week scheme, everyone is encourage to bring their green bags available at SM for PhP 35 buy-one-take-one.  Each bag has printed tag line of  “Save a Bag. Save the World.”   It also entitles the bearer of SM Advantage (rewards) card to earn 2 points every shopping with those reusable bags.  Otherwise, any customer who’ll deny its use, he/she has an option to carry his/her grocery items on carton boxes and paper bags similar to what is being practiced abroad for the longest time.

Other than those green bags from SM, we also have canvass grocery bags from Shopwise which can also be use at all Rustan’s branches. 

At work, I never forget to bring my Starbucks tumbler to fill & refill it with water and I avoid using plastic cups which are not biodegradable when crushed, or will take years to decay at least.  

Our little cooperation as a family to use these reusable tumblers and grocery bags and segregating garbage will contribute a lot in prolonging the life of our one and only planet.   Imagine if all families in all cities within the country will learn to practice this, there will still be trees and fresh air that our children’s childern can enjoy in perpetuity. :D 

Recycle, reduce, reuse. Be environment friendly! :D




We still have a day before September kicks in but my excitement to a lot of things is killing me! :D 

1. I’ll be turning a year older on the 18th and will be celebrating my 33rd year of existence.

2. September reminds us Pinoys of the upcoming Christmas as we’re known to enjoy it the looooongest.  We will soon hear Christmas carols on the airwaves and see decors and lights everywhere cheering up the happiest holiday of the year.

3. Last weekend, I received an email-invitation from Class 4H4 of College of Tourism & Hospitality Management of UST to be one of their foodie judges in their M.E.T.Ro Awards (Manila’s Exquisite and Trendy Resto Awards): A Moment of Glitz and Flavor at Le Pavilion, Pasay City on September 24, 2009.   The UST student-organizers found my blog amusing so they invited me for their event. Wow! I really appreciate this as I will grace the event with the fellow bloggers I religiously follow!  The fan and the foodie in me is extremely excited :D

4. This morning as I checked my inbox, Philippine Blog Awards notified me that this humble blog is now an official nominee for their contest.   I just wish I can make it as a finalist to be invited to their awarding event on October 09, 2009 in Meralco Tent, Ortigas. But if lady luck won’t be on my side, the fact of having blog buddies from most parts of the globe who frequent this site and constantly leave comments to my posts is more than enough for me to experience being a winner.

5.  My wife’s office dean decided to send her to BORACAY to attend the Philippine Nursing Association Convention from October 19 to 22.  Gabby and I can’t resist to tag along with Tina;  actually, we do have ticket reservations and I have arranged my work schedule already hehehe :D  however, until such time that Tina’s office issues her allowance for all of her expenses (I will pay for my own and Gabby’s of course) everything is still ON HOLD (Read: Tentative thrill).

6.  As the last quarter of the year begins tomorrow, I anticipate more blessings to share, more work load, more jobs, more bonding time with family!

Aren’t you excited too?



In less than 30 days, I will be officially a year older; hopefully a year wiser and happier. 

Every single day, I am grateful for everything. 

I guess happiness and fulfillment do not come from the parties we have, but on how we share our moments with our love ones and how we inspire them and others.

This year, I thought of celebrating my day by putting more MEANING into it.   However, since I’ll be working 5 days straight on the week of my birthdate, and on THE DAY itself,  I’m skeptical if I can still push through with my plan.  Don’t you wish your birthday falls on a holiday?  Nevertheless, I still want to make this year a different one.  Is this a sign of maturity, literally? :D

Anyway, before I turn thirty three on the eighteenth of next month, I am sharing with you what I had last year.

I went to work as usual that day, but because I was on a budget and got nothing to treat my colleagues at work, I just bought some pastries from Le Couer de France on way to work and gave it to the staff.  I was surprised to see that my coordinator came to office that day earlier than expected just to set up a powerpoint slide on our LCD projector screen with birthday greetings for me.   That was sweet. :D  

Then at the table were our office T-shirt, and the biggest birthday greeting card I have ever received in my entire existence.  The card which I am keeping until now contained well wishes of my colleagues and my bosses. That was sweeter! :D 

The day went on with my usual lectures on Medical-Surgical topics but as I call for a lunch break, two of our nurse-reviewees then reported back to class late.  I was clueless that they were caught in traffic or something on way back to the center after they had purchased a cake for me. 


Then after my lecture ended in the late afternoon, the entire office staff and our bosses came in with another chocolate cake, pancit, tubs of ice cream and cold soft drinks.  What a way to end a tiring day!  C’mmon, not everbody is valued at their office but in ours, everyone is regarded as special – not only on birthdays but on a daily basis.

My birthday last year did not end without celebrating it with the people I love dearest; who else but Tina and Gabby.  I met them in TriNoma mall early evening to have dinner after my long day at work.  We were with our two friends, Rob and LG who dined with us in T.G.I.Fridays…


Sans party treat and other expenses, don’t you wish everyday is your birthday?

         1_545910486l    1_546734695l

How do you celebrate your birthday?



Barely a month ago, I posted an entry about an art contest conducted by LRT Authorities that featured Filipino life inside the train that makes public transportation in some areas of Metro Manila readily accessible.  View my former post here —>   PINOY ART & LRT .

Unexpectedly, it was still on display; so I got a chance to view the exhibit again yesterday at the LRT Araneta Center-Cubao station as I went to Gateway mall.  I’ve clicked my cam to note the titles of the masterpieces and the names of the remarkable Pinoy painters. 

Take a peek at the entries and see the frame that championed the contest as you scroll down this post. Enjoy!  


Daytoy Iti Biag Ko by Isagani P. Carlos, acrylic on canvas

If you’re a Filipino and you’re Catholic, you’ll surely admire how the artist of the painting below depicted our faith. 


Last Trip ni Sante, Kalong Munting Bro by Godofredo F. Zapanta, Sr., oil on canvas

The next entry gave me a smile.  As a father to our preschool son, I can relate to this simple art work.      


Kaagapay sa paglalakbay by Dean Mark Enoza, acrylic on canvas.

It’s nice to see Araneta Coliseum, the clock tower of Manila City Hall and Rizal monument in Luneta together in one canvas.  These places are reachable within 20 minutes via LRT…


Ayan na ang tren! by Marvin D. Gonzales, acrylic on canvas.

I like the use of primary colors in this abstract…


Sulong Pilipinas – Lalarga din Tayo by Patrick B. Fernandez, acrylic on canvas.


Agos Enerhiya by Joseph S. Domirez Jr.,  acrylic on canvas.


LRT, Kabalikat ni Juan sa Kaunlaran by Ronald L. Jeresano, acrylic on canvas.

And the painting that won GRAND PRIZE


Sakay na rin po kyo  by Mario B. Panis,  oil on canvas.

Hats off to all Filipino artists! Thank you for sharing your talents. Mabuhay po kayo! :D



Blogging has been part of my quintessential social life.  It’s one of the coolest benefits that the world wide web has offered.  You don’t have any idea how smiley I am whenever you (yes, you!) drop comments on my posts.   And reading someone’s posts is not only informative but entertaining as well, that has been a party of my daily routine to while away time especially after a day’s work.

One of the blogs I follow is Anton Diaz’ s  OUR AWESOME PLANET.  Do I need to explain why? :)  His widely read site is all about my interests –  food and dining, traveling and the thing that I like best – enjoying life with family.  I only started reading his posts early this year and it became a habit.  I usually comment on his entries whenever the topic catches my interest.

Last weekend, he’s one of the speakers of this EXPO DAD event at Rockwell, Makati which I failed to attend.  A week prior to his talk, he conducted a blog contest to help him elaborate on his topic for the event.  Anton asked his readers to voluntarily answer a question and the 3 entries with best answers win prizes.  The question was “How are you creatively using the internet to help you in raising your kids?”  


My simple entry revolved on how we use internet particularly facebook-ing as a source of our family bonding.  My 4-year-old son has an account in facebook and uses one of its applications specifically Restaurant City where he becomes a chef and a restaurateur who finds ingredients and updates menu every now and then. Gabby enjoys it so much and it enriches and motivates his early-childhood dream of becoming a “Wolfgang Puck” or “Mario Batali or Anthony Bourdain” someday. —–> This was the synopsis of my short answer that won me 3RD PRIZE ! (applause, applause!) :) 

And to quote OAP , PRIZES INCLUDE:

1st Prize: Overnight accommodation in a One-bedrrom suite for 2 people in Astoria Plaza inclusive of breakfast buffet (worth P5,279++) valid until Nov 2009.  Astoria Plaza is located along J. Escriva Drive, Pasig City

2nd Prize: Regular Lunch or Dinner Buffet for 2 people at Cafe Astoria (worth P1,318++ ) valid until Nov 2009

Nevermind the first two top prizes, because my wife and I have been invited by Astoria Plaza staff few months ago for a FREE DINNER (which was nothing special to be honest) via a mobile call but the ‘catch’ was the fact that we’re invited to attend a promotional talk with the sales agents of that condo-hotel, or whatever they call their establishment  for 2 HOURS!!! convincing us to sign and purchase a room to be paid on monthly basis etc. etc… How’s that for a modus operandi?  Going back to the topic…God is really BEST because He knows I am more interested with the 3rd prize which I won…

The 3RD prize was GYMBOREE  Annual membership Gift Certificate (worth P1,800) valid until May 10, 2010

To quote  again OAP :  On top of the top 3 prizes, I’m giving away one (1) complimentary seat to one Maven Secrets Hands-on Workshop of your choice for all the quality answers that I can use for my presentation in Expo Dad. You can choose from any of these Maven Hands-ON workshops:

August 8, Saturday: Photoblogging Workshop: The Art and Science of Story 
Telling through photos (Fee: $99 or P5,000.00) 

August 15, Saturday: Mastering the Google Adsense Game and Advertising 
through Blogs (Fee: $99 or P5,000.00) 

September 5, Saturday: Professional Blogging Workshop: Writing Timeless and 
Viral Articles Online and WordPress 101 (Fee: $99 or P5,000.00)

August 22, Saturday: Mastering Pay Per Click Marketing through Google 
Adwords (Fee: $99 or P5,000.00) 

According to the blog post, winner will be announce July 16, Thursday.

As I religiously follow my favorite sites including his,  I am NOT SURE if I missed out as his postings the names of winners in the COMMENT thread on his OAP site in his entry with title Digital Daddy Blog Contest.   Also, one of the rules in his contest was to CLAIM the PRIZE/S  ONLY during the expo.  In short, I failed to know that I am one of the 3 winners (out of 13  or so, submitted entries) and my prize was already forfeited for failing to claim it personally last Saturday at the expo’s venue.

I’m not pointing fingers at anyone, neither blaming myself  for, the lack of better term, petty negligence on my part (???) to miss out the posting of the names of the blog contest winners.  Actually, I’m posting this because despite the fact that I cannot claim my prize anymore, (I could have join them in that photoblogging workshop next month!) I am still glad because the blogger I follow have chosen my simple entry to his contest as one of the 3 winners and perhaps I can say that I have humbly contributed an idea to his talk last weekend.  It’s really a pleasure. :)  




If there’s one thing that I am grateful of our national government, that’s the provision of Light Railway Transit Line Two, that connects Santolan, Pasig City and Recto, Avenida in Manila in less than 25 minutes or so.  I am one with the riding public.  

I was happy this Monday afternoon, not only because my family and I enjoyed the 72nd anniversary promo of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts at Gateway Mall (see post below), but I was in great awe when I went down the escalator of Araneta Center Cubao station as my son and I reached Gateway Mall via LRT ,  because we saw an exhibit of paintings at the station itself, right before the entrance to the mall. 

The art works were about PINOY LIFE in LRT.  And I so like the idea of putting together upcoming great Filipino artists in a contest-exhibit about the public train I ride on most days of the week. 

I take LRT (line two) rides from Quezon City to Recto going to my work in Manila in less than 20 minutes.  I only give 15 minute-allowance for waiting for the train to shuttle me to Manila and the same cycle I observe from Manila and back.

I’d like to show you how talented Pinoys are with these wonderful works of art about OUR LIVES inside the train.

I will appreciate comments whether or not you agree with me that these paintings are to be proud of.  Thanks :)

I’m just apologetic to the participating artists for not noting their names and the titles of their masterpieces for we were in a rush;  I took these photos in a blink.

Texting and mobile use inside LRT….


I thought this painting is so cool…astig ‘no?


I’m not in favor of those LRT trains decorated vandalized with poster-stickers that boast of  the goodness of her governance in the Pinoy economy, c’mmon give me break, get real! or better get a life madame!  I want this blog to be apolitical but moments like these, I get hypertensive, LOL.  These thoughts are delusional! … But I like how it was depicted in this painting… irony? satire?  :Pc

This one shows social equality, that LRT is a public means of transpo for ‘all walks’ of life.  d

Sadly, courtesy and chivalry are two inapparent practices inside LRT….   f



This purse contains some bills and of course that LRT automated ticket… h

Just like the artist who painted this, I also wonder how our great ancestors would have used this transpo during their era if LRT trains have existed decades ago… Or care to wear those Filipiniana costumes inside those trains especially during RUSH HOURS?  LOL :Di


Thoughts of our National Hero about the topic… j

I like this abstract or pop-artish  interpretation of life inside that train… vivid, vibrant colors can be equated to our different views, opinions about life, and our lives per se. l

A maritime student courting a student nurse from FEU…



Train to MASAGANANG  BUKAS —-> where to?s





Babala:  Bawal ang seryoso!

I had good laughs when I viewed this album from a Filipino group account in facebook which was reposted by one of my fb buddies.  The one who compiled this Funny signs album allows sharing it to friends so I am disseminating some of those laughs to you.  I bet you’ll enjoy it too, LOL.

post1  Oo nga naman! Sayang ang buns.

Ayan, naglaglag na po! 


Wow, pare, bo-malabs!  Ano ba talaga, kuya ?

post3     post 4  I’m afraid to dine here!


Apparently, they need professional help!




post 7   How about a custom made teeth with built-in camera?

Perhaps the sign below was made specifically for dogs …

 post 9  Sandali  lang.

   post10  Definitely not for diabetics!

Widding ba kamo,  dung?  post11

Just making sure it’s clearly understood….


  Malfaction, Marvin ?

Pinag-isipang mabuti ang rehistro ng mga pangalan…

post 15 

I like the humor of this church…


I didn’t get this!  Adik ang nagsulat, LOL… l

And here’s a proof that our government too, is ridiculous has humor…




I would like to apologize to myself and I hope I’ll accept it, LOL….

Today, we went to my son’s favorite stroll place, Ayala malls in Makati and had late lunch at around 1:20 PM at JOHN and YOKO, a restaurant in Greenbelt 5 that claims to be a fusion of the East and the West (having named after John Lennon and Yoko Ono).  It’s a Japanese resto with a twist – say one of their dishes is called JAPAELLA for example.  

I was so excited to bring my wife Tina and son Gabby there for us to compare its difference from its sister-company, SUMO SAM which we’ve tried several times.   It was already past lunch time but the place was still packed, just a proof that food and service must be really good.  And one of my virtual friends,  Anne had strong recommendation for John and Yoko so there was no hesitation for us to try it.

When we’re guided to our seats by the waitress clad in gray collared uniform and a micro-mini skirt wearing high-heeled boots (whew!) and saw the ambience of purple and orange cozy lights despite the congestion of diners, we’re excited to order.

I chose my Sumo-sam favorite- Seafood omelet (which John and Yoko also has),  Tina had Beef Wagyu rice and Gabby had Kani Nori Tempura.  For our drinks, we had botomless iced teas in red (calamansi), green (lime) and blue (dalandan). 

Then just before our orders were served, I already took nice shots of the plate, chopsticks and table napkin marked with the restaurant’s name and logo.  Ofcourse I also had pictures of our meal for blog posting then enjoyed the late lunch. 

And did we like the food? Yes! Sarap.  Though a little pricey just like Sumo-Sam, and we had to wait for about 20 minutes and the wait staffs were not that smiley, appeared to me they got attitude -I don’t know, still we enjoyed what we ate. Yummy!

We walked through the entire Greenbelt malls, literally – from G5, G3, G2 and G1… also took photos of the lush greens amidst the malls and a chapel in a man-made lagoon… and suddenly the inevitable thing happened!



I was negligent not to click PROTECT on our digicam immediately after taking those shots.

To REGRET was the very FUTILE thing to do now. 

It was such a lesson learned . 

A thing charged to experience.

One for the books.

——————> C’mmon, blame me now.   I am guilty as charged. =(



I digress from political issues. 

Allow me to show you some kiddie stuffs that we’re fond of collecting…

Our family loves traveling. Who doesn’t?  But we’ve only traveled a few countries so far, we haven’t explored the rest of the globe yet;  life is short, and there are so much to see and experience and eat and whatnot.  Except for my youngest brother who worked as a crew in Costa Atlantica that got him into 30 countries across Europe, no one in our huge clan has explored that part of the universe yet.   I promise to make a post about his 5-month-cruise-work/trip soon.   For now, settle for our few fun collectibles from our own travels and some pasalubong…    


Yes, we collect fridge magnets  from most places we’ve been to.  Do you?  It’s fun,  it never misses to unleash the kid in me, try it some time, LOL.  Just a caution : it’s habit-forming!  

Fridge magnets from our travel tell stories, or at least remind us of  good memories.  I just regret  not to start this “hobby” earlier when we went to California and Las Vegas years ago.  We’ve been to LA, San Pedro, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, Malibu, 17-mile-drive, Carmel, San Francisco, Yosemite, Fresno and San Diego in California for more than 2 weeks, and explored the themed hotels in Las Vegas Strip for 3 days (stayed in MGM and the then Stardust).   Man, those were the days of glory! 

When I married my wife back in 2004, we to Bangkok, Thailand via Lufthansa in a package tour for our honeymoon. We stayed in Amarri Watergate Hotel for a couple of days and we also forgot to buy fridge magnets!  We’ve been to one of the biggest weekend markets in the world – Jatuchak in Bangkok but all we bought were T-shirts, slippers and no fridge magnet.  We have to go back there one day not only to buy what we collect but to enjoy more of Thailand.  

Moving on…

IMG_2205This place has pure gold-24-hour-air-conditioned mosques. They have a water village where natives are living in air-conditioned-electricity-supplied houses on stilts in a river! Amazing! Trees are abundant in the city so despite the tropical weather, there are lots of sources of oxygen (and oil, and gold, and oil, and gold, LOL).  Other than the mosques that we toured, we liked the Royal Regalia Museum where treasures of the sultanate of Brunei are enthralled including the golden (yes, another golden!) chariot that was used in Royal Parades.  We’ve been to Empire Hotel in Brunei, but only as part of the city tour package we availed at the hotel, how I wished we can afford a room in the “golden” hotel.  We flew via Royal Brunei Airlines where foods were overflowing for the rest of the flight from Manila-to-Brunei-(had an overnight and a half-day city tour there)-to Bisbane,Australia-to our final destination then here…IMG_2215We’ve been to Auckland, New Zealand for 7 week-vacation back in 2005.  We visited our relatives there who are now in Melbourne, Australia.  It’s good that few of the friends and distant relatives we met stayed there met in NZ; it’s nice to keep in touch with someone living where New Year always comes earliest.

Auckland or the City of Sails wasn’t that bad, we love it there! Peace- the abstract thing that can’t be easily found somewhere else, was all over the city.   We initially thought that NZ was so primitive with only cows and sheeps, but we’re so wrong. It was one of the British colonies just like Oz so it’s more urbanized than we thought.  However, malls and other establishments usually close at FIVE PM except on Thursdays – Kiwi’s night out until NINE PM.  Entertainment was not that adequate with only 4 channels on our cousins’ plasma TV.   But Mother Nature is at her best at NZ.  Entrance to Botanical garden was free.  Museum’s fee was so minimal.  Culture of Maoris remained to be intact.  The weather was fantastic!  I love it.  Given a chance, we’ll explore it again. I want to go to its capital – Wellington via long train ride from Downtown Auckland.   I also wanted to go to the southernmost area of NZ – Invercargill where the weather is always single digit in Celsius, LOL.  I just love cool weather. I rather go layered dressing than sweat my exocrine glands off.  IMG_2207Hong Kong… Been there twice -1993 and 2006 and if I have the means, I’ll go back there, bring my family as soon as tomorrow, LOL. 

I like Repulse Bay, The Tram to Victoria Peak, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum and the Chinese restaurants (in sidestreets), night market shopping, cable cars in Ocean Park etc…IMG_2201We spent our New Year of 2007 in HK Disneyland.  It was whole lot of fun.  That Donald Duck fridge magnet on the right was a pasalubong from my sister-in-law after they got back from HK recently.  Talking about pasalubong, here are some….IMG_2211Given by a friend of sixteen long years and counting, these are two wooden lady-fridge magnets in their national costumes from BAHRAIN.  Our friend, Rob , who works as a paramedic-nurse at an oil rig in the middle of nowhere in K.S.A. gave me those.

My brother next to me (as I’m the eldest of 4 men) is a private pilot to a local businessman. Being an aviator, he’s usually sent to US for flight simulator trainings at least once a year. He had been to Missouri twice (where my dad-in-law is) and to Orlando, Florida once where he got me this…IMG_2204

My parents love traveling too. My mom, who recently flew to UAE to continue her work, celebrated her last year’s birthday with my dad in Macau, they got me a huge Starbucks Coffee -Macau mug and this…IMG_2209They also have been to Vietnam for a job-related trip of 10 days but weren’t able to brought home some you know what..

My folks and my youngest brother have been to this part of the US  for a tour about 2 years ago…  


Then locally, we used to go to Enchanted Kingdom for a weekend at the outdoor carnival there that’s close to  only 1/8 of the lot area of Disneyland in Anaheim. Nonetheless, it’s good enough to while away time and transiently forget hassles of daily living.  IMG_2216And since we’re into this,  my wife and I decided to have custom-made fridge magnets from PAPEMELROTI for our son’s baptismal giveaways…IMG_2217


I hope to add more fridge magnets to our collection…

I’ll feature my brother’s European tour collection soon.

My wife started her snow globe collection.. those will be for another post…

What do you collect other than memories?



There’s always a kid-in-me that I easily like  magical, colorful and anything that pleases.  Blame my four-year-old son or perhaps it’s just really me.

I stumble upon this website that contains artworks of dream-like states.  I like it so much that I am sharing some of my favorites from the site —> ALMAGNUS.COM 

Let me know if you like them too.




She has been my constant companion at  home (my wife has her own) and previously even at work.  I just recently stopped being with her at work as my personal secretary for my own comfort.  It was so liberating when my wife Tina agreed with our relationship provided that we won’t have scandalous videos  We maintained our sweetness; we have been more than good friends for about 3 years now, thank Heavens she’s still functional, reliable and ever loyal.  She may not be on top of her class, a cheaper alternative of her kind, but I love her so much that I even wanted  her  to become prettier and more attractive that I brought her to this -> CLICK! about 2 years ago.





Friends,  I’d like you to meet the superstar of my virtual life…  LOL.

I can’t thank her enough for life has never been better (and busy!).




To kept her from being boring silver, I had her styled with wrap from G MASK with a POP ART design of that very thin film that became her second skin for about 2 years now.  Her skin should lasts for 5 to 7 years.  It has been her protection from scratches, moist and fluid spills, sweat and whatnot. 

Lovely isn’t she?   LOL.



My Sunday morning routine includes a short walk to our street to buy 3 leading broadsheets and sometimes, a supot or  pack of freshly baked pan de sal.  As I observed my weekly habit this morning, I brought along my point and shoot cam to capture the stillness of our place. 


I’m always in awe whenever I see beautiful photos of nature, people and whatnot captured by pure visual talent and good quality-digicams of most photographers. I wish I’ll get to own one good camera soon but domestic budget and school enrolment of our preschooler son, monthly bills are our present top most priority, so purchasing a nicer cam would have to wait for the moment.  I’m just grateful to have virtual-friends who own personal sites dedicated to photography (Check out my sidebar here and visit also their photoblogs).  They don’t have idea how my daily visits to their sites continuously inspire and motivate me as a photographer-wannabe, LOL. 


Going back to our place in Quezon City – it may not be Ayala Alabang Village where streets are huge and houses are far from the executive village’s main entrance (I know these things because we celebrate Christmas and New Year’s eves at my wife’s relatives living in a 2000-square meter- lot in Ayala Alabang Village whenever my dad-in-law from Missouri is in town),  it may not have 24-hour roving guards but baranggay tanod , LOL, the streets near where we live are peaceful and quiet and the coolest for having century-old trees.


Imagine walking under these huge trees on a bright cool Sunday morning, it’s one of  life’s simple pleasures.


Then seeing these flora on the sidestreets and on my neighbors’ gutters is really something… 










Do you know that Bougainvilleas have bright colored leaves in varied forms and the only considered flowers are the smallest bloom at its center?  This atypical plant trait can also be found in poinsettias that bloom their red or white leaves mostly during winter months or at least here in our country, every Christmas season until early March…  


More than those colorful petals, I always like walking through a street near our place with bamboos. I like bamboo so much, not only because of its physical attributes as the tallest grass, but perhaps figuratively and literally, its ability to withstand any weather is such a character that can’t be found even in some tall trees. After bamboo grass grew its tallest, it bows and that for me is a metaphor of humility. 


Seeing all those before reading my broadsheets, drinking my coffee and starting another week is indeed a blessing!



My family and closest friends and ofcourse my lovely wife know me by heart that my mood swings are erratic.   I don’t know what got into me now that I’m having few minutes of sentimental mood and eventually thought of posting one of my old-time-favorite love songs and it’s not Careless Whispher, LOL.  Perhaps it’s because of the weather.  The rain began to pour here in our place and I just love the drizzle. Some people say it’s being pessimistic to like the rain but  to each his own.  I usually feel inspired, motivated, recharged (mushy!LOL) when it rains (but not, ofcourse when there’s storm).  

My father-in-law in Missouri also likes this song so much. I fell in love with the song too even without watching the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s where it was used decades ago.  I’d like to find time one day to see it.   

One of my frustrations is to learn how to play the violin or cello. I’d like to learn either of them and play with an orchestra in a stage.  Violin for me is so romantic. I don’t know, some people like guitars, drums or for one of my colleagues, he and his dad play trumpets, but I like strings of violin.  I wish I could also find time in the soonest future to learn how to play it.

You can just imagine how smiley I was when I stumble upon this video on youtube of a three-piece orchestra, young Asian musicians at that, playing one of my favorite love songs on my favorite string instruments on a rainy day!  

Let’s get mushy : What’s your favorite love song?



cartoon-doctorI was deleting my old messages from my Inbox when I thought of posting this email I got from a colleague which he sent way back March 2007.  I am not sure if these things really happened as I am not associated with PGH but definitely it’s really funny!  Read this entirely, you won’t be sorry, surely it’ll give you a good laugh too.


“Paano kaya kung ang SGH sa Grey’s Anatomy ay katulad ng sa PGH? Best comedy series ! Panalo ito!”

Actual documentation found on patients’ medical charts admitted at PGH.

1. Patient has chest pain if she lies on her left side for over a year.

2. On the second day, the knee was better, and on the third day it disappeared.

3. She has no rigors or shaking chills, but her husband states she was very hot in bed last night.

4. The patient is tearful and crying constantly. She also appears to be depressed.

5. The patient has been depressed since she began SEEING ME in1993.

6. Discharge status : Alive but without permission.


8. The patient has no PREVIOUS HISTORY of suicides.

9. She is numb FROM HER TOES DOWN.

10. While in the ER, she was examined, X-RATED and sent home.

11. The skin was MOIST and DRY.

12. Occasional, constant, infrequent headaches.

13. Patient was ALERT and UNRESPONSIVE.

14. Rectal examination revealed normal sized thyroid.

15. She stated she has been constipated for most of her life, until she got a divorce.

16. The lab test indicated abnormal LOVER function.

17. The patient wants to have a bowel resection. However, he took a job as a stockbroker instead.

18. Skin : somewhat pale BUT PRESENT.

19. Patient has two teenage children but no other abnormalities.

Sa Philippine General Hospital may tinatawag na Central Block.  Nandoon ang Radiology Department kung saan ginagawa ang mga X-rays, Ultrasound, CT scan, at Radiotherapy.  Dito ko naobserbahan ang evolution ng mga pinoy medical terms.  May mga pasyente o bantay  na aking nakakasalubong and madalas na nagtatanong ng direksyon. 

Mga versions ng CT scan :

1. “Doc, saan po ba ang SIETE SCAN?”

2. “Doc, saan po ba ang magpa-CT-SKULL?”

3. “Doc, saan po ba ang CT-SCALP?”

4. “Doc, saan po ba ang CT-SCAM?”

Madalas akong mapagtanungan kung saan ang direksyon paputang Cobalt room.  “Doc, saan po ba ang COBAL?”  Yes, laging walang “T”.  Marami ding nagtatanong, “Doc, saan po ba ang papuntang X-TRAY?”  Conclusion : ang “T” ng Cobalt ay napunta sa X-ray.

7:00 AM Nagbigay ang kasamahan kong doktor ng instruction sa bantay ng pasyente, “Mister, punta po kayo sa Central Block, at magpaschedule kayo ng X-ray ng pasyente nyo.”…… 3:00PM Kararating lang ng bantay. Nagalit na ang doktor, “Mister, bakit naman napakatagal nyong bumalik? Pinaschedule ko lang naman ang X-ray ah.”  Sumagot ang bantay, “Eh kasi Doc, ang tagal kong naghintay sa gate, hanggang sabihin ng guwardya na sarado daw po ang Central Bank kasi Sabado ngayon.” (Nasa Roxas Blvd. ang Central Bank at sarado nga naman yun tuwing Sabado!)

Nagrotate ako  as intern sa Pediatrics ng PGH, mahal na mahal talaga ng mga nanay ang kanilang mga anak na may sakit. Pilit nilang tinatandaan ang gamot at tawag sa sakit ng kanilang anak. Doktor : “Misis, ano po ang gamot na iniinom ng anak nyo?”  Misis 1 : “Doc, PHENOBARBIEDOLL po!”   Doktor : “Ah, Phenobarbital.” (Ang Phenobarbital ay gamot sa convulsion).

Doktor : “Misis, ano pong antibiotic ang iniinom ng anak nyo ?”  Misis 2 : “METROMANILAZOLE po”  Doktor : “Ah, baka po Metronidazole.” (Ang Metronidazole ay gamot sa amoeba).

Ang tawag sa RECOVERY ROOM ay PACU o Post-Anesthesia Care Unit.  Doktor : “Misis, tapos na po ang operasyon ng anak nyo, punta po kayo sa PACU.”   Misis 3 : “Doc, saan po ba sa Paco? Sa may simbahan o sa may palengke?

Doktor : “Misis ano po ba ang sinabi ng dating doktor na sakit ng anak nyo?” Misis 4 : “Eh ang sabi po niya e TRAGEDY of FALLOT”.  Doktor : “Ah, baka po TETRALOGY of Fallot.”  (Ang Tetralogy of Fallot ay congenital heart disease).

Biglaang natarantang sumigaw ang isang nanay.  Misis : “SCISSORS! SCISSORS! Doc, nagsiscissors ang anak ko!”  Doktor : “Nurse, Diazepam please, nag-seizure yung pasyente.”

Doktor: “Misis, ano daw po ba ang sakit ng anak nyo? Misis 6 : “May KETONG daw po.”   Ineksamin ng doktor ang balat ng pasyente.  Wala syang makitang senyales na may ketong ang pasyente. Tumawag pa sya ng Dermatologist para maeksamin ng husto.  Wala talaga.  Doktor : “Misis  sigurado po ba kyo na KETONG ang sakit ng bata?”  Misis : “Eh yun po ang sabi ng doktor nya dati, mataas daw po ang ketong sa ihi dahil may Diabetes.”    Doktor : “Ah, KETONE po iyon!” (Ang positive KETONE sa ihi ay senyales ng kumplikasyon ng Diabetes).

Doktor sa buntis na nagle-labor :   “Misis,   pumutok na po ba ang panubigan mo?”   Misis:  “Eh Doc, wala naman po akong narinig na pagsabog!”  (Hanep!)  *^^*



I honestly admit my diet isn’t healthy.  I’m not religious on watching what I eat.  This blog is the virtual proof of that statement.  LOL.  I couldn’t care less for now because thank God I’m still asymptomatic and illness-free. However being such is not an indication that one is free from disorders.  At least for now, I am.  Yipee!   But seriously, for those with cardiovascular diseases and other metabolic disorder particularly Diabetes Mellitus, and for those otherwise healthy who guard their health diligently, physical activities and dietary modification are so essential to keep a normotensive lifestyle.


Everytime I lecture on Hypertension or something related to it, I always refer to JNC 7  or the 7th congress of Joint National Committee on Detection, Evaluation, Treatment of High Blood Pressure.   According to this report, the normal blood pressure considered since it was set is <120/80 mmHg.  

And other than exercise ofcourse, DASH eating plan or Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension is integral to lower blood pressure and avoid complications.  DASH eating plan focuses on reduction of salt, or sodium from the diet.  We need salt to maintain balance or homeostasis a.k.a equilibrium of our systems, so to eliminate it completely from the diet is a  no-no!   We only need to diminish its intake to two grams or 2000 mg sodium per day.  Our blood system should only have 135 to 145 mEq/liter of sodium.  Abrnomalities below or beyond that range will result to disorder/s.   (I panic when I see numbers, so better don’t ask me of what food menu will fall within such normal range for I’m not a nutritionist or a geek to memorize all those, LOL).

My breakfast this morning is not that healthy pero masarap!.  Blame my wife who prepared it, LOL.   It was far from the DASH eating plan (of which I am not observing as of present). 

Forgive me, but most Pinoys will admit that other than pan de sal and coffee as favorite breakfast, another hit to start the day is tuyo or daing (dried fish) and fried (salted) garlic rice or sinangag, with preferred side dish or viand.  I am one with those Pinoys who like these salty foods!  Danggit (dried and fried rabbit fish) and other salted foods are so delicious especially with tomatoes or vinegar.   My wife prepared my plate with fried fish ( i think it’s called SALAY; wish it was Danggit but it’s not), salted red egg, garlic fried rice, with tomatoes and cucumber garnishings which I also ate.   Yummy!

Again, I know nothing of figures so don’t ask me the sodium content of this breakfast plate, though I’m pretty sure it exceeded the allowed sodium dietary consumption per day, LOL.  I’m not eating this daily anyway! (defensive, LOL). IMG_1594

What did you have for breakfast? 

What’s your favorite first meal of the day? 

I wish to have pancakes before going to work tomorrow.   *^^*



Somehow, I regret the fact that I didn’t pay much attention to 2 particular subjects in Med school more than a decade ago – these were Medical Jurisprudence and Legal Medicine.  Not because the professor was boring, hell no!  He’s one of  top MD-ATTY in the country and the legal consultant of most tertiary private hospitals here. Needless to say, he’s not to blame but me; even if he usually came in late to our classes back then, every after night gigs with his band (our prof-doctor-lawyer-high-caliber was also a crooner of a rock band in a hotel in Quezon City- talk about part-time jobs!).   Although I passed those subjects with him, I’m not sure if I had absorbed everything.  Probably I didn’t give my undivided focus and attention to Legal Med and Med Juris where laws encompassing medical practice and ethics are taught.  Sayang talaga!  Wish I can find time to read those texts again.

With the never-ending saga of sex videos of a local doctor-turned short-time-celebrity with starlets and models uploaded on the www and with DVD-pirates currently feasting on their marketing strategies to sell their “commodities” as cheap  low as PhP 30 a copy,  a legal terminology resurfaces from the deepest of my memory.  I may not have studied Medical Jurisprudence and Legal Medicine the way I did with Surgical Pathology, Internal Medicine, Ob-Gyne, and Surgery subjects, but with all these brouhaha on local sex video scandals (with parts one, two and and so on!) my two cents worth  is the term I remember vividly now -

RES IPSA LOQUITOR, legal term in latin meaning “the thing speaks for itself”.


Do you think Philippine senate should probe deeper on these scandals rather than spending their precious paid time on issues to alleviate poverty, corruption, politics among themselves and other social malignancies? 

Your guess is as good as mine! LOL.



“Pakinggan nyo naman po si Ninong Lirio!”    - docgelo & nurse tina.

I only get to read broadsheets – Manila Bulletin, Philippine Star and sometimes  Philippine Daily Inquirer once a week. It’s a part of my Sunday morning habit while enjoying a cup of coffee.  And today’s news included an entire page of an open letter address to the president of the country. Such appeals are no longer new, I pass on them often, but this one.  It caught my attention because the person who wrote the letter was a second-degree relative who also stood as one of our sponsors in our wedding.


Mr. Lirio P. Sandoval,  the President of BDAP/ Book Development Association of the Philippines, is appealing with his colleagues to greatest local  authority 0f the land and her other loyal  officials for almost a month now, in order to veto help them withdraw the imposition of tax to imported books as directed by Department of Finance for this will surely diminish the interests of the reading public. 

This Sunday’s paper open letter to PGMA, “an appeal to withdraw the Department of Finance Department Order 17-09 which imposes duty on the importation of books. Mr. Sandoval and his colleagues believe that the Order violates two distinguished prevailing acts : an international treaty -the Florence Agreement, and R.A. 8047 or the Book Publishing Industry Development Act.” 

And I quote “The Florence Agreement, of which the Philippines is a signatory since 1952, has for its main objective the free flow of information among contracting states. The Florence Agreement Guide also expressly states that “Under the Agreement, books, newspapers, periodicals, and many other categories of printed matter are GUARANTEE DUTY-FREE ENTRY”.

Here I’m posting an earlier letter of  Mr. Sandoval with the same appeal sourced from (CLICK) HERE.

BDAP Letter to Secretary of Justice

April 30, 2009

Department of Justice
Padre Faura St., Manila

Dear Secretary Gonzalez:

The book reading public in the country is suddenly jolted when the Department of Finance (DOF) imposed duty on the importation of books through Department Order No. 17-09: Guidelines of Duty-Free Importation of Books, issued on 24 March 2009 by Secretary Margarito B. Teves, published on 12 April 2009 at the Phil. Daily Inquirer and is now being implemented.

We earnestly seek your opinion on said Guidelines because they run counter to Sec. 12 of RA 8047, which provides that “In case of tax and duty-free importation of books or raw materials to be used in book publishing, the Board and its duly authorized representatives shall strictly monitor the quality and volume of imported books and material as well as their distribution and the utilization of the said imported materials.”

It is interesting to note that RA 8047 or the Book Publishing Industry Development Act of 1995 was co-authored by Secretary Teves when he was a member of the House of Representatives.

Your immediate rendering of opinion on this matter will greatly benefit our reading public and the book industry.

Please find attached a copy of the DOF Guidelines and the position paper of the Book Development Association of the Philippines.

Respectfully yours,


I know little of laws, and  it’s not an excuse. What I only understand of the situation is whenever imported books will be withhold in customs for failing to pay newly imposed taxes, the common readers will be are robbed of the opportunity of greater knowledge acquisition. The appeal was only for CONTINUED DUTY-FREE IMPORTATION OF BOOKS.  end of story.

BUT- Why impose taxes on imported books?

Is it the most intelligent way of recovering “lost” revenues ? Huh ?  

Enlighten me please, Madame/Sir.



Have you seen a garden on air?  Have you heard of spring in the Philippines? LOL. 


We dropped by Eastwood Mall in Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City before dusk today, after watching a movie at Eastwood City Cinemas.  We usually go to Eastwood to dine, or simply to stroll and while away time, or to sip a venti of coffee.  Apparently, the mall display still depicts the blooms of May and on time to bid goodbye to summer.


I, my wife Tina and our son Gabby as young as he is, are mall-rats!  Gabby enjoys Timezone arcade or any kids’ fun places whenever we go out.  We frequent Gateway Mall in Araneta Center, Cubao, Shangri la mall in Mandaluyong City, and Ayala Malls in Makati and Quezon Cities, sometimes in Greenhills, San Juan.  But I am bias to Ayala Malls (Greenbelt, Glorietta, TriNoma, Bonifacio High Street, not so with Alabang Town Center because we’re far from it), because they value lush greens in between malls’ urban setting.  I also appreciate architecture and interiors of Powerplant Mall in Rockwell Center, Makati and this new Eastwood Mall in Quezon City because they’re also competitive and at par with the malls abroad. 

What makes Eastwood Mall unique than other shopping centers is the presence of mall butlers clad in their black suits and leather shoes who offer to carry the customers’ shopping bags to provide convenience and comfort.  I’m not sure if their services are free but I’m definite that one is shameless without giving them a tip. LOL.  Eastwood Mall’s proximity to high-end condo units and business establishments, mostly BPO/call center agencies is another edge.


Who would have thought that many Pinoys are living at the marginalized corner of a third-world country when malls are always packed with people? LOL.


Do you like going to the malls ? What’s your best mall experience? Or would you rather stay at home ?    As for my family, they don’t mind having  PDA  public display of affection in malls!  But my wife felt awkward wearing scrubs in malls as we usually meet her right after her O.R. duty;  for according to her, she look less of a mother to Gabby, hence the hugs & kisses…hihihi…




kris-allen-and-adam-lambert_314x404Watching American Idol Final Performance Night  was a breather from the sex video scandal of a local doctor and a bunch of starlets and a brazilian model. Enough with that brouhaha and on with the Idol.

  “All around me are familiar faces
   worn out places, worn out faces
   Bright and early for the daily races
   Going nowhere, going nowhere
   Their tears are filling up their glasses…”

Adam Lambert’s rendition of this song, MAD WORLD is really haunting! Amazing.. His voice transcends attitude!  However, he sings his songs in a grimace;  I can’t distinguish one from the other…

If only for the jackets they’re wearing on this photo, I’ll go for Kris Allen, LOL.



Who got your vote? …. (docgelo! docgelo! docgelo! ,LOL !)




Masaya po ito!  Katuwaan lang…

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Huwag lang po mangulelat hehehe…LOL. Salamat!



It’s a good Sunday morning and we haven’t started the day yet, so I’ve checked my Inbox and I got this e-mail that I’m sharing it with you. But before any religious people would react, this isn’t factual ofcourse,  it appeared to me as an ice breaker of hassles of daily living. So if you want to know the ridiculous reasons for our sufferings  life, read on… Happy weekend!



On the first day, God created the dog and said, “Sit all day by the door of your house and bark at anyone who comes in or walks past. For this, I will give you a life span of twenty years.”

The dog said, “That’s a long time to be barking.. How about ten years, and I’ll give you back the other ten?”

So God agreed.

On the second day, God created the monkey and said, “Entertain people, do tricks, and make them laugh. For this I’ll give you twenty-years life span.”

The monkey said, “Money tricks for twenty years? That’s a pretty long time to perform. How about I give you back the ten like the Dog did?”

And God agreed.

On the third day, God created the cow and said, “You must go into the field with the farmer all day long and suffer under the sun, have calves and give milk to support the farmer’s family. For this, I will give you a life span of sixty years.”

The cow said, “That’s a tough life you want me to live for sixty years. How about twenty and I’ll give you back the other forty?”

And God agreed.

On the fourth day, God created man and said,”Eat, sleep, play, marry and enjoy life. For this I’ll give you twenty years.”

But man said, “Only twenty years? Could you possibly give me my tewnty,  the forty that the cow gave back, the ten that the monkey gave back, and the ten that the dog gave back; that’s makes eighty OK?”

“Okay.” said God, “You asked for it.”

So that is why for our first twenty years we eat, sleep, play and enjoy ourselves. For the next forty years, we slave in the sun to support our family. For the next ten years, we do monkey tricks to entertain the grandchildren. And for the last ten years, we sit on the front porch and bark at everyone.

Life has now been explained to you.

There’s no need to thank me for this valuable information. I’m doing it as a public service.  *wink*



It’s around 3 minutes past 2 in the morning and I’m about to doze off when I found myself laughing as if there’s no tomorrow.   Try hard not to drop your jaw laughing, ahihihihi, lol.

I think this one is beyond my mortal powers…


Prepare for an emotional future…


Analyze this…


Just close your eyes and swallow…


No one is allowed, sorry…


Go get more dose of laugh here.



“You really haven’t completed that circle of success unless you have helped someone else to move forward”

Oprah Winfrey attends grad rites of batch 2009 in Duke University, North Carolina  / photo by: Jon Gardiner, Duke Photography

Oprah Winfrey attends grad rites of batch 2009 in Duke University, North Carolina / photo by: Jon Gardiner, Duke Photography

These words were uttered last Sunday, May 10, in front of the 2009 graduating class of Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, by no less than their commencement speaker, OPRAH WINFREY!  The queen of daytime talkshow was also given an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree that lead Oprah to joke the crowd after receiving such, that she will have to require everone to address her as “doctor”  from now on…

I don’t know with you, but I envy these graduates!  Wow,  it must have been memorable event having Oprah on their graduation. 

I like her being a philantropist and an advocate of so many positive things more than being a celebrity.
During my own graduation rites -first from a notable university in Manila in 1997,  and the last to date was almost a decade ago from a  medicine school, our speakers then were a political figure and an doctor-achiever turned businessman.  Both delivered mediocre speeches.  For a momentous event such as commencement excercises, where everyone usually has to wait to forever for the speeches to end,  I believe that despite the length of a commencement speech, it should be inspirational if not influential, motivational and moreso, optimistic.  A talk would be greatest if it encourages anyone to do something good.
Here’s an excerpt from Oprah’s speech sourced from here. 
“It’s great to have a nice home. It’s great to have nice homes! It’s great to have a nice home that just escaped the fire in Santa Barbara,” she said. “It’s great to have a private jet. Anyone that tells you that having your own private jet isn’t great is lying to you. You may achieve great things, but you haven’t completed the circle of success until you help someone else move to a higher ground and get to a better place.”
I can’t help but grin when I read this on yahoo news – “Sadly, Oprah didn’t  follow up these remarks with: “You get a plane! And you get a plane! Every! Body! Gets! A! Plane!”   LOL.
Oprah Winfrey, smiles at Duke president Richard Brodhead, after receiving her honorary degree from Duke University (AP Photo/The News and Observer, John Rottet)

Oprah Winfrey, smiles at Duke president Richard Brodhead, after receiving her honorary degree from Duke University (AP Photo/The News and Observer, John Rottet)

“I am who I am because I trust my gut more than anyone else’s opinion, that is my best advice to you — Trust your gut. You know what is right and what is wrong. Trust your gut and stand in your own shoes and you will be a huge success”

If you can find a way to give back, you will be a huge success…
“If you can summon courage in the face of hardships, I know for sure that you will be a huge success…
“If you can see the possibilities of what you can become and not just what you are, you will be a huge success…
“If you can go through life with humility, you will be a huge success…
“If you can stand in your own shoes, you will be a huge success…
“If you can be generous enough to say kind, affirming words to those that long to hear them, you will be a huge success.”
Oprah Winfrey.





Last month, I came across an on-line contest by Filipino Registered Nurses Advocates Foundation, Inc at their friendster account. At that time, they were in search of the official tag line for the foundation.  It was open to anyone who’s interested, so I joined.  I sent 3 entries, 2 of which were submitted on the contest’s deadline (March30).  Then last Monday, April 27, I was notified that one of my entries was chosen as the official tag line of their office.  It’s  “EMPOWERING  PINOY  NURSES!”  

Yesterday after my lecture series at Allgen the Intelligent Review,  I dropped by the office of the said foundation to claim my prize from the president himself.   After few cam clicks from their photographer for documentation of their activity, he gave me this…


Life is unfair sometimes but it’s still damn GOOD, right ?

One of my soonest post will be about you know what…

————–> Thank you to Filipino Registered Nurses Advocates Foundation, Inc and MORE POWER!



I love Pinoy nurses, in fact I am happily married to one!

God bless.



We went to the Fort this morning with a couple of best friends of sixteen years, had brunch at Bistro Filipino (I’ll post it soon) and strolled around Serendra and window-shopped at Bonifacio High Street.  If the places are greek to you, all of these are on one city : Taguig !  We’re never new to the place, been there many times but it was only this afternoon I got a chance to click my cam on those E3s…


We spotted  a queue of those E3  a.k.a. ELECTRONIC  TRICYCLES which are battery-operated,  meaning  gasless and ECO-FRIENDLY

our 4-y/o son Gabby & my lovely wife Tina on E3

our 4-y/o son Gabby & my lovely wife Tina on E3

 I asked one of the drivers of E3 and learned that it takes about 8 hours for it to be fully-charged and can be driven for 2 days with maximum speed of 60 km/hr.  According to the manong I chat with, electronic charging of one whole hour will already lasts them riding it for three hours. Good enough to diminish pollution on environment. The E3 with reverse/forward switch  can weather floods even with maximum of 8 passengers.

Each unit is made of fiberglass that looks like a golf cart. E3s were introduced December of 2008 by the Taguig City government. At present, the City of Taguig owns 178 units of E3;

each worth PhP 140, 000 and 20 units are serving people around the Fort area for FREE! 

Tipping is ofcourse encouraged!

Don't you wish all especially our kids to breathe FRESHEST AIR?

Don't you wish all especially our kids to breathe FRESHEST AIR?

Medical Dose :  Smoke emissions from usual vehicles can predispose anyone especially those of extreme of ages to develop usual respiratory disorders.  

Carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons are released when fuel is burned in the internal combustion engine and the air/gasoline residuals are emitted through the tailpipe. Gasoline vapors also escape into the air during refueling, or when fuel vaporizes from engines and fuel systems warmed by running or by hot weather.

The compounds in vehicle emissions are known to damage lung tissue, and can lead to and aggravate respiratory diseases such as asthma. Motor vehicle pollution also contributes to the formation of acid rain and adds to greenhouse gases that cause global warming.

But the pollutants that come directly from vehicles are not the only cause for concern. On warm, sunny days, hydrocarbons react with nitrogen oxides to create a secondary pollutant, ozone. In many urban areas, motor vehicles are the single largest contributor to ground-level ozone, a common component of smog. Ozone causes coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath, and can bring on permanent lung damage, making it a cause of crucial public health problems.”    sourced from this.




Ice breaker muna.  JOKE TIME!  (Going green!)

I found this on my inbox emailed by my relative in San Leandro, California. It gave me a good laugh, so it might do the same for you. However, if you’re too sensitive & don’t go for something GREEN SOMETIMES, please stop reading & browse something else from my site. Okidoki? Read on if you haven’t received such forwarded email.


A first grade teacher was having trouble with one of her students, the teacher asked the boy, “What is your problem?” Boy answered, “I’m too smart for the first grade. My sister is in the third-grade & I’m smarter than she is! I think I should be in the third-grade too!”

The teacher had enough. She took the boy to the principal’s office.

While the Boy was waiting in the outer office, the teacher explained to the principal what the situation was.  The principal told the teacher he would give the boy a test & if he failed to answer any of his questions, he has to go back to the first-grade & behave. She agreed.

Boy was brought in & the conditions were explained to him & agreed to take the test.

Principal : What is is 3 x 3 ?

Boy : 9.

Principal : What is 6 x 6 ?

Boy : 36.

And so it went every question the principal thought a third grade should know. The principal looks at the teacher & tells her, “I think this boy can go to the third-grade.”

The teacher says to the principal, “I have my own questions. Can I ask him?”

The principal & the boy both agreed.

The teacher asks, “What’s in your pants that you have but I do not have?

Boy : Pockets.

Teacher : What starts with a C and ends with a T , is hairy, oval, delicious & contains thin whitish fluid?

Boy : Coconut

Teacher :  What goes in hard & pink then comes out soft & sticky?  The principal’s eye open really wide & before he could stop the answer, Boy was taking charge.

Boy : Bubblegum

Teacher : What does a man do standing and a woman does sitting and a dog does on three legs?  The principal’s eyes open really wide & before he could stop the answer,

Boy : Shake hands

Teacher : Now I will ask some “Who am I” sort of questions, okay?

Boy : Yep!

Teacher :  You stick your poles inside me.  You tie me down to get me up. I get wet before you do.

Boy :  Tent.

Teacher :  A finger goes in me.  You fiddle with me when you’re bored. The best man always  has me first. The principal was looking restless, a bit tense.

Boy : Wedding Ring

Teacher:  I come in many sizes. When I’m not well, I drip. When you blow me, you feel good.

Boy : Nose

Teacher :  I have a stiff shaft. My tip penetrates. I come with a quiver.

Boy : Arrow

Teacher : What word starts with “F” and ends with a “K” that means a lot of heat & excitement ?

Boy : Firetruck

Teacher :  What is it that all men have one of, it’s longer on some men than on others, the pope doesn’t use his & a man gives it to his wife after they’re married?

Boy : Surname

Teacher :  What part of man has no bone but has muscles, has lots of veins, like pumping & is responsible for making love?

Boy :  Heart

The principal breathed a sigh of relief & said to the teacher :

“Send this boy to college! I got the last ten questions wrong myself!”



3441631912_6bd21706621 Mothers’ Day came in weeks earlier today as we celebrate EARTH DAY! We honor & salute Mother Earth, she’s one and only, right? HAPPY EARTH DAY EVERYONE! I promise to plant tree/s whenever possible & to continue avoiding polluting the environment. I’d like to observe REUSE, REDUCE, RECYCLE as much as I could (crossed fingers). I wish local authorities will find better means of disposing our garbage without affecting anything & anyone. What’s your thing for Mother Earth?



Yes, I am one of those millions of Pinoys who have social networking accounts in multiply, friendster, twitter, & the latest, Facebook (Fb). Being hook with those websites keep me sane despite daily hassles & what have you. Among them, I find Fb more user-friendly because one can do more things other than uploading photos & giving comments & testimonials. In Fb, you can kill time by answering quizzes that suit your interest, & do anything for fun.

Our 4-year-old son Gabby, my wife Tina & I are currently addicted to Superpoke Pets! in Facebook . Each of us has our own pet, mine is a panda, i named him Blake.


In Fb’s Superpoke Pets!, the “virtual pet” owner can choose from cute animals like tiger, dragon, hen, puppy, sheep, penguin, pig & a cat. Once selection is made, you can take care of it whenever possible & do things like play with it, tickle, feed & groom it & you can do same things to your friends’ pets. By doing so, you earn points which are awarded as coins that you can use for buying anything for your pet, from background/setting, to furinture, toys, etc. It’s wholesome fun! It draws me out of stress & it gives me a chance to bond with my family.



On this season of lent,
reflecting on our lives as mortals,
we have to give importance to each minute of our existence
& utilize it to the fullest.

Life is damn short;
no one is certain about tomorrow.
In so many things that we have to do daily,
over & beyond our busy schedules,
have you REALLY thought of your HIGHEST PRIORITY?

take your pick…

3427360957_e9f1aa3d36I study.
I lead.
I inspire.
I believe.
I cook.
I travel.
I eat.
I smile.
I raise.
I breathe.
I drink.
I take.
I give.
I receive.
I search.
I paint.
I sing.
I talk.
I teach.
I heal.
I build.
I motivate.
I write.
I blog.
I preach.
I post.
I work.
I see.
I hear.
3427360957_e9f1aa3d36I say.
I play.
I rest.
I drive.
I laugh.
I sleep.
I follow.
I feel.
I admire.
I forgive.
I dwell.
I grow.
I improve.
I pay.
I read.
I think.
I withstand.
I swear.
I stand.
I dream.
I change.
I decide.
I pray.
I listen.
I uphold.
I promote.
I help.
I search.
I encourage.
I love.

Have a blessed lenten season everyone!
docgelo =)

“Believe in yourself and you will inspire others to believe in themselves”
– Kevin C. Brown



And you?


This year, Earth Hour has been transformed into the world’s first global election, between Earth and global warming.

For the first time in history, people of all ages, nationalities, race and background have the opportunity to use their light switch as their vote – Switching off your lights is a vote for Earth, or leaving them on is a vote for global warming. WWF are urging the world to VOTE EARTH and reach the target of 1 billion votes, which will be presented to world leaders at the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen 2009.

This meeting will determine official government policies to take action against global warming, which will replace the Kyoto Protocol. It is the chance for the people of the world to make their voice heard.

Earth Hour began in Sydney in 2007, when 2.2 million homes and businesses switched off their lights for one hour. In 2008 the message had grown into a global sustainability movement, with 50 million people switching off their lights. Global landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Rome’s Colosseum, the Sydney Opera House and the Coca Cola billboard in Times Square all stood in darkness.

In 2009, Earth Hour is being taken to the next level, with the goal of 1 billion people switching off their lights as part of a global vote. Unlike any election in history, it is not about what country you’re from, but instead, what planet you’re from. VOTE EARTH is a global call to action for every individual, every business, and every community. A call to stand up and take control over the future of our planet. Over 74 countries and territories have pledged their support to VOTE EARTH during Earth Hour 2009, and this number is growing everyday.

We all have a vote, and every single vote counts. Together we can take control of the future of our planet, for future generations.

VOTE EARTH by simply switching off your lights for one hour, and join the world for Earth Hour.

Saturday, March 28, 8:30-9:30pm.

Sourced from :



After our wonderful lunch at Pepper Lunch at the basement of Power Plant Mall in Rockwell Center, I and Tina brought Gabby to Powerville Fun Rides at the 4th level of the mall.




Gabby had so much fun in this kids’ colorful playplace. At one point, he couldn’t contained his happiness and had difficulty in choosing which ride should he try first.


It was my first time to see a grand carousel without horses, lol.
Two Christmases ago, I had seen a carousel of sea creatures and it included a sea-horse.
But in Powerville, the carousel is composed of zoo animals.
How interesting =)


Isn’t it peculiar to see the king of the jungle in a grand carousel?


I asked Gabby to ride the tallest of them all…

The poles supporting the grand carousel were painted to resemble the tallest grass : bamboo…


Nope, the mooing young bovine creature is not part of the zoo carousel

but Gabby did not miss it for the world…




Rovilson Fernandez, Eunice Olsen and Marc Nelson (photo sourced from AXN website.)

Rovilson Fernandez, Eunice Olsen and Marc Nelson (photo sourced from AXN website.)

The show started last 09 February and I already missed its first five episodes and probably will have to watch them on youtube or something. But as the cliche goes, “better late than never.” Just like being hooked to the AMAZING RACE and the AMAZING RACE ASIA, I think I’ll watch this show weekly from now on over AXN after catching their 6th episode replay this morning. This is about the DUKE, AXN’s men’s magazine show aired every Monday 8PM and with replays on Sundays 9AM also on AXN.

Their first six episodes are :
Episode 1 : Women, can we live without them?
Episode 2 : Metrosexuality
Episode 3 : Secret Fantasies
Episode 4 : The Age of Women in Power
Episode 5 : 30 is the new 20
Episode 6 : Can Money Buy Love?

Taking from their last episode, I think the show isn’t only entertaining but also informative. It showcases interesting features about lifestyle, travel and perhaps anything under the sun or making it specifically under the Asian sun.

photo sourced from :

I google AXN’s and other sites that featured the DUKE
And I quote : “The latest AXN original production is THE DUKE, a glossy men’s magazine talk show that will appeal to the modern sensibilities, tastes, upscale lifestyles and intellect of professionals and businessmen.

THE DUKE is set to make waves across Asia as it explores topics like politics, finance, sex, wellness, and also about the finer things in life in a smart, sophisticated and stylish manner. Featuring exclusive interviews with international celebrities and popular figures at vibrant destinations in Asia, THE DUKE will make men all over Asia sit up and get inspired to take charge of their lives.

THE DUKE is, as its name suggests, about men that stand a class above the rest. Our definition of ‘The Duke’ is a man very much in control of his life. For a true Duke, age and wealth are not determining factors in ensuring success but the desire, the drive and the dream are key to his accomplishment.

The guides for this tour-de-force are celebrity hosts, Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez, formerly the pin-up boys of The Amazing Race Asia’s second season. Gaining major mileage and popularity around Asia from the Race, these alpha males are indisputably one of the boys with their charming and cheeky humour and hands on sports savvy, besides being smouldering, seasoned ladies’ men.


Singapore personality Eunice Olsen bravely joins the alpha-male duo as the only female host on this men’s magazine show. The winner of Miss Singapore-Universe in 2000, Eunice is also the youngest Nominated Member of Parliament in Singapore and has hosted shows covering the arts and women’s issues. It’s without a doubt that she will add a delicious dimension with her intelligent and feminine perspectives!”


THE RN CONTRACT TRAP by Reeves & Elias

I am posting 2-part articles that I’ve read on Manila Bulletin and googled on the web about possibilities of Nurse’s deployment to US. My unsolicited opinion about this is for everyone concerned to be very CAREFUL and INTUITIVE before signing any contract with any agency/employers.
The old cliche applies : An ounce of prevention is more important than a pound of cure.
Now, read on and learn…

The RN Contract Trap
Posted on: 03/05/2009

By Attorney Robert L. Reeves and Joseph I. Elias

For many foreign nurses (RNs) the chance to immigrate to the U.S. is the opportunity of a life time. For so many, immigrating to the U.S. is the reason they went to nursing school and took up the profession. Many others, such as marketing majors, physicians, computer engineers, etc. have switched professions to become nurses in order to immigrate to the U.S.

Immigrating as an RN is one of the fastest paths to a green card or permanent residency. This is because the U.S. Department of Labor has determined that there is an acute shortage of RNs across the entire U.S. The steps for sponsoring an RN were subsequently streamlined allowing RNs to immigrate faster than most other occupations.

The shortage spurred the growth and creation of hybrid industries such as nurse registries and temporary nursing staff companies. These types of companies assign nurses on a temporary basis with their client hospitals, medical facilities, and private homes. A nurse working for one of these companies for example, might find herself working at Hospital A for 2 days out of the week and Hospital B for 3 days. Then, a few months later, working 4 days for Hospital C. The RN goes wherever her employer has been contracted to provide services. She is not an employee of the hospital, but rather the registry company.

Because of the shortage, various RN employers (hospitals, agencies, RN staffing companies) heavily recruit for RNs overseas. Foreign RNs who wish to immigrate are delighted at the opportunity the recruiters offer and are often all too eager to sign up.

While this path may be one of the easiest ways to immigrate, it is not without its pitfalls. Employment-based sponsorship means the RN will be allowed to immigrate if the RN intends to work on a permanent basis for the petitioning employer. This is a critical condition of immigrating that carries consequences if not fulfilled.

During the typical recruitment process, the RNs are promised sponsorship in exchange for working for the employer. Contracts are prepared and representations are made regarding the nature of work, type of work, place of work, working conditions and wages. Many RNs are so eager to immigrate, they do not carefully read these contractual documents, ask serious questions regarding the terms and conditions, or have the contracts reviewed by their own attorney.

In the excitement of the prospect of immigrating to the U.S. many RNs are seduced with the notion that the dream job awaits them in the U.S. For some this is true, but for many, it has drastic consequences. The RNs gloss over the contracts and assume an attitude of, “I’ll deal with it later.”

The most common contractual clause that wreaks havoc on an immigrating RN’s life is the breach of contract damages clause. Most contracts typically require the RN to work for a specific number of years and failure to do so triggers the damages clause. The damages can range from $15,00 to $50,000 dollars!

Many RNs signing these contracts are unfamiliar with the litigious culture in the U.S. Some come to the U.S. and find the working conditions and salaries they were told they would receive are not the same as represented when first recruited. Some conditions are so unbearable. For example, being placed in graveyard shifts in hospitals far from home. Or, not being placed in any hospital and collecting no salary while the sponsor tries to obtain a new client for the RNs placement. Many of these RNs then leave their employers and this is when additional tragedy strikes.

The employer begins a campaign of harassment and may sue for breach of contract and obtains a judgment against the RN for the penalty amount. The judgment typically comes with a wage garnishment order. This means the RN’s new employer is required to pay a portion of the RN’s wages to the sponsor to cover the judgment. Because RNs are in a licensed occupation requiring a reporting of where they work, it is very simple for the sponsor to locate the RN and exact the judgment.

But, worse than a breach of contract is the possible immigration consequence. The RN has obtained permanent residency because she stated she intends to work on a permanent basis for her sponsor. By leaving or changing employers shortly after entering the U.S., she has now opened the door for the Immigration Service to revoke the green card! Some employers immediately notify the Immigration Service when an RN leaves exposing the RN to possible green card revocation and deportation.

For many others, the immigration consequence comes several years later when the RN is applying for U.S. citizenship. The Immigration Service reviews the basis of the green card and determines how long the RN worked for her sponsor. If it determines that the RN has only worked for a short period of time, it may begin revocation and deportation proceedings against both the RN and her family members who obtained green cards through her.

These tragic consequences can be avoided by careful review in the beginning. For many of those currently in the position, there is still immigration and contractual relief available. The U.S. Constitution prohibits slavery and indentured servitude and because in many cases the sponsoring employer breaches the contract, the employee is not liable for any damages. This core constitutional value is the basis for providing relief to those forced to leave their sponsors. This will be the subject of our second part of this article.

The RN Contract Trap Part II
Posted on: 03/19/2009

By Attorneys Robert L. Reeves and Joseph I. Elias

This is the second of a two part article on RNs who immigrate to the U.S. and find themselves the subject of penalizing employment contracts. In the previous article we discussed the RNs immigrating to the U.S. with a hope and promise of a good job and a green card. But, sadly, upon arriving, they experience an entirely different picture than what was represented to them when recruited overseas.

For many, the working conditions are not as promised. They were told that they would be working at a specific hospital in a safe environment, only to find out that the position is in a different hospital, in unsafe neighborhoods, or even in completely different cities and states than promised. Others find that the “agency” or employer has no work for them. They wait several weeks or even several months without receiving a pay check or full time work hours. Many others find that the wages they are receiving are lower than the actual wage they were told they would receive when recruited. Others become virtual prisoners because they are told that they cannot leave their homes because they are on call 24/7 and will need to report to work at a moment’s notice. No set schedules force them to stay home, by the phone, waiting for the call to come into work. If the RN does not show up for work, she can be found in breach of contract.

These experiences are more typical of nurses recruited by staffing companies or nursing agencies. The staffing company may have had a contract with the hospital promised, but lost it prior to the RN’s arrival to the U.S. The staffing company then must try and find new clients to place its RNs.

RNs who find themselves in these predicaments can only tolerate this for a limited period of time. They are in a strange country with no friends or family and do not know what to do or what their rights are. They must borrow from friends, or life savings to survive. They have limited access to the outside world. Eventually they can tolerate no more and forge out on their own to look for more stable jobs and better living conditions.

This is when the employer’s harassment campaign may begin. The employer may even sue the RN for breach of contract and damages in the tens of thousands of dollars. The contract usually sets a state other than where the RN is living or working as the forum for disputes. The RN does not appear in court to defend her actions and the employer receives a default judgment. The employer then uses the judgment to garnish the wages of the RN who is very easy to track. Typically, an attorney in the city the RN is residing in is hired by the employer to obtain a local order to enforce the out of state judgment. The employer may also notify the Immigration Service that the RN has left employment and has not honored her requirement to work for the employer. Many employers also file, or threaten to file complaints, with the nursing board that the RN is a threat to her patients and that her license should be revoked. This can lead to revocations of licenses.

Any of these actions, if left unchecked carry very serious consequences. The RN’s credit rating can be ruined as a result of the judgment. Wages at new employers can be garnished which leaves an unpleasant taste in the new employer’s mouth. Segregating a portion of wages is an additional administrative burden most employers do not want to handle. Many RNs, after a few years of savings, try to buy homes and cannot because their credit has been ruined by the judgment.

Perhaps the harshest consequence is for those RNs who have their green cards stripped and find themselves in deportation proceedings by the Immigration Service. This is done because the RN was given a green card to work permanently for the employer. The Immigration Service interprets a resignation within a few months of immigrating to the U.S. as proof the RN never intended to work permanently for her employer. She therefore was not eligible for the green card to begin with and it must be revoked.

It is therefore of the utmost importance that RNs who find themselves in an unbearable situation to nip the employer’s action in the bud. The RN should not ignore the employer’s legal and immigration threats, but should address them head on at the outset.

Usually, an RN in this situation has her own cause of action against the employer for its breach of contract. The RN can sue for back wages and challenge out of state judgments. While many states find an employer has a right to recover the reasonable costs for replacing an RN, the large dollar amounts are viewed by many courts as prohibited and unconscionable penalties and liquidated damages. Unfounded complaints, or threats of complaints to licensing agencies, can also be grounds for defamation suits against the employer. Many courts may find the contracts one-sided and unconscionable that the entire contract is voided out.

Immediately challenging the employer also creates a record that can be used to prove to the Immigration Service that the RN had every intention of keeping her obligations to work permanently for the employer. The RN can show that her employer breached the contract and promises. Forcing her to remain working for the employer under these circumstances could be considered endorsing slavery or indentured servitude.

RNs who did not challenge the employer from the outset will have to work harder to demonstrate to the Immigration Service that they had the intent to work permanently. The challenge typically comes when an RN applies for citizenship. The Immigration Service will revisit the basis of the RNs green card and then determine if the RN met her obligation to her employer. The complaint filed by the sponsoring employer, no work history, or a short work history will be deemed by the Immigration Service as proof that the RN never intended to work for the employer. This will be the basis for revocation of the green card.

RNs in this situation must document the circumstances that forced them to leave. They must show why remaining with the employer would have been tantamount to slavery or indentured servitude. The U.S. Constitution prohibits slavery and indentured servitude and because in many cases the sponsoring employer breaches the contract, the employee is not liable for any damages. This core constitutional value is the basis for providing relief to those forced to leave their sponsors. RNs trapped in an unconscionable contract should seek immediate legal assistance in order to preserve their rights, their dignity, and their immigration future.



GRATIS is the process of providing goods or services without monetary compensation. It is often referred to in English as “free of charge”. It is commonly acknowledged that there are costs associated with everything, hence the term “There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch”; however, it is often practical for companies, producers, and service providers to provide certain things free of charge as part of a larger business model or pricing strategy. -from Wikipedia.

When we got home from Makati yesterday, I found a package sent via LBC in my table and it contained these….


These were sent as a surprise gratis of my wife’s aunt after I gave her some prescriptions. She did it the second time now. Her gesture is already beyond appreciation for a little effort, I’m so flattered. How figuratively and literally SWEET!


How can you resist :

and BTW, all these came from London, UK where my wife’s aunt is based.




mood : irritatingly sweet!

I confess that beyond my furious “image” in the academe & my sometimes-jolly-most-of-the-time-on-serious-mode in review center, & my OC-OC mode with my family & friends (read : borderline Obsessive-Compulsive but not quite), believe it or not, I’M HOPELESS ROMANTIC. I always say to my wife that I am her greatest blessing, lol. Now with that you might think I’m also conceited; well I say being boastful is far from being factual, lol. No, really ask my wife & she’ll tell you I’m really SWEET, lol.

I found this lovely short film on youtube that’s worth my twelve minutes of viewing time. Actually it’s a short film about COMMUNICATION but the main topic is none other than LOVE!!!
It’s direction is done by Patrick Hughes for Publicis Mojo and @RadicalMedia.

If you’re in love, or someone who believes in love, and has twelve minutes and twelve seconds to spare, c’mmon click the mouse & play this video, you’ll LOVE IT as I do. Director Patrick Hughes is real genius. This one is pure SWEETNESS, lol.

Comments are so welcome!



We found a cool kiosk in Trinoma mall in Quezon City that personalizes anything from T-shirts, mags, letter pads, pins, mugs, coasters, mouse pads, invites, & magnets & keychains, call & gift cards.
It’s called It’s Personal! by Pamela Breece.



Tina & I had our calling cards done by this kiosk & we like it a lot! It’s hip & cute. It’s not the usual stiff & formal, old-fashioned info-cards. It’s priced at P95 per set of 20 pieces. I had three sets & she had one. We had our family icons printed on all of those call cards – it has Tina-Gabby-Gelo icons. The maximum icons per set are four; in excess, an extra fee of P30 per icon will be charged.
The process is simple since everything is coded in the computer :
1. Select a HEAD DESIGN (male or female).
2. Select a BODY DESIGN (male or female). We picked the one wearing scrubs to represent our profession. Both are in green scrubs suits with stethoscope around the necks with different colored footwears. cool!
3. Select an ACCESSORY(ies) / extra icon(s) -optional.
4. The staff will fill out the form & after an hour, voila, the personalized cute “something” is done.






Trinoma Mall, Quezon City
tel # (63-2) 572-3809



His Royal Highness Prince Charles was named as the World’s Best Dressed Man by Esquire, putting US president Barack Obama only 4th on the list. According to the article, the likes of David Beckham & Justin Timberlake were also considered but they preferred “men who dress like grown-ups”.
Enough said.


I’m far from being a fashion critic but surely know how to spot what’s hot & probably not. I like Obama’s usual dress code, very relax and laid back. He carries it well too but during the inauguration, his pants seemed shouting for a much needed alteration…


I’m very particular on ties & how ties are tied. I mean unless something calls for casual dressing, I think neck ties should be properly chosen and tied. (FYI, I so like affordable silk neck ties of Marks & Spencer, Tie line/Merger & have a collection of them. I stick to the basic solid colors & striped & conservative. My knees are weak in sight of neck ties!).

These past few months, I’ve been looking at some local celebrities’ mode of dressing. Being seen on TV or print gives them a kick to dress up appropriately without being an eye-sore. It annoys me to see someone on TV with poorly chosen neck tie & appreciates someone who can carry this accessory effortless.

With due respect to Esquire’s picks Prince Charles & President Obama, here’s my OWN LOCAL list…

I like ABS-CBN & DZMM broadcasters Ted Failon & Henry Omaga-Diaz. Their styles are just simple, classic, safe & proper. They should give their co-anchor in TV Patrol World & colleague Julius Babao a seminar on how to choose a nice neck tie & how to wear it proudly.

anchor-ted-failon anchor-henry-omaga-diaz

Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila president & United Opposition speaker Atty. Adel Tamano appears to be very particular on being seen well publicly. Similar with Senator Ping Lacson’s style choice. His hair is always kempt, his suits & ties carefuly chosen at all times. Disregarding politics & social issues, these two also made it to my list…

1_405872171l 02280420lacson

I’d also like to single out Erik Santos among the young ones who keeps a dress code worthy of citation.

dsc-7099 erik_santos-cdlite

As I know it, 2 things are not sold in any boutiques & those are breeding & style.



It’s on the news that some of Havaianas for kids are pulled out from the market because of its toxic content. They found out that some of those flip flops contained lead which is hazardous and can cause poisoning that leads to anemia. Why are these outrageously expensive slippers contained poison? Something is wrong here! It makes me skeptical to buy a new pair soon.

FYI, Lead attaches to red blood cells once in the circulation & exerts toxicity LEADing to anemia. Several decades ago, it was an active component of paints. Anything with it is considered hazardous & is banned or withdrawn from the market. Toddlers who are in their oral stage of development are most at risk to develop lead poisoning when they accidentally ingested chipped-off paints or anything with lead.

Summer is now in Manila & most of us are heading to the shores soon. And ofcourse other than SPF 15, a pair of slippers is an essential to hit the beach. Surely, the sales of havaianas may be affected with this news especially for parents who are always on-guard with the safety of their kids. Sad. But probably we have to settle for those styles which are lead-free. But how do we know? Can anyone explain? Anyhow, my tsinelas at home is still comfy & I’m NOT eating it anyway so I’m lead-free, lol…




The morning after Gabby’s win from his declamation contest, Tina, Gabby & I went Eastwood City, Serendra & Bonifacio High Street just to have another weekend of family bonding.

We went to Something Fishy in Eastwood to avail of their buffet breakfast. It wasn’t our first time to dine there but after today, I’m not sure if it’ll be our last.



I & Tina are very picky on food taste & service. Both of us are very particular on courtesy and smiles from waiters & resto staff. It makes dining a better experience if all of the crew is as pleasant as the food they serve. The service crew & staff of Something Fishy Grill & Bar did not offer a smile or welcoming gestures except for their security guard who also serves as their door man. IMO, the food on the buffet table of Something fishy was not that impressive. It’s just too plain for me & ordinary or something like “you-only-get-your-money’s-worth” kind of thing. It’s perhaps one of the cheapest eat-all-you-want-breakfast at PhP 114 per pax, exclusive of drinks, inclusive of charges, offered from 12MN till 10AM. We gave it a second shot after our rush buffet breakfast there a couple of weeks ago thinking that there might be changes on the menu list or at least a little improvement. We were disappointed because we were wishful thinkers hoping there would be new addition to their buffet menu list, but there was none. There was NO corn cereals, bacon, ham, fresh fruits, fish fillet, longanisa, tocino, pan de sal & other Pinoy breakfast favorites. Although I admit there are many food choices offered at their breakfast buffet, the taste is just mediocre for me. The fried eggs contained NO salt at all or at least there should have been a salt & pepper at the tables, the daing na bangus was less salty as well, the beef tapa was too oily, the palabok (or was it pancit malabon) was too bland. The price is ofcourse affordable but it should not discount the taste or the food quality. I believe there is always room for improvement & I just wish this establishment will consider doing this.



Moving on from a not-so-impressive dining experience, we walked around Eastwood City & made Gabby pose for some photos before goint to Serendra…



Then at around 7:30AM we were in Boni High Street already. Since most of the shops there open at 11AM, we took a stroll, read the Sunday broadsheets (FYI, I read Manila Bulletin, PDI, Phil. Star every Sunday AM), did some people-watching, just enjoyed the morning….


Tina took this photo while I was scanning the papers & Gabby was busy with his gameboy…


care for some green telephones? these tubes conduct sounds from end to end…


The fountain that looks like something from outer space. I so like it. Neat and edgy !



Bonifacio High Street also has these unusual but creative & playful stuffs, something for kids and the kids at heart…



Wish we have puppy(ies) to walk here. We both wanted a PUG, but aren’t sure if we can maintain it.








If God wills it one day, Tina & I with our kid(s) will have our own place in Tagaytay or wherever, definitely we’ll find a space for this trellis…




We found a store that sells toys, mostly collectible items & I just love these YODA icon and bubble heads…



These are sold in this store…


Our bonding is not complete without getting a dose of caffeine from wherelse but Starbucks Coffee…

img_4116 img_4110 img_4117 img_4119 img_4123 img_4113

We allowed Gabby to stroll alone, even tested him of what he’ll do when we leave him. We left him walking ahead of us in Serendra & we hid from him. When he found out that we’re out of sight, he quickly ran back towards where we were. What a reflex from a 4-year-old kid. Tina & I were glad to see he did not cry nor panic given the situation.


This is one of Ramon Orlina’s glass sculpture masterpieces which serves as a fountain & Serendra’s public attraction…




We tried CUPCAKES by Sonja in Serendra for the first time & liked it !!! The place, though small, is attractive with retro interiors in pastel colors. The cupcakes are good as they look. But again there were no smiles or kind gestures from the staff. I feel sorry for them because they’re not as pleasant as their work place & work gears…









Tina had the PEPPERMINT PATTY cupcake, PhP 68 (the one with pink whip, the base was tasty but the cream whip was too sweet), Gabby had the VANILLA SUNSHINE cupcake, PhP 55 (the one with a powder blue whip), & I had the PISTACHIO BERRIES & CREAM, PhP 85 (the one with white whip & green cupcake with thin slices of strawberries in between); we all agreed it’s the BEST among the 3, so yummy, flavorful & not to sweet… I did not expect cupcakes can be this yummy!


img_4156 img_4158 img_4157 img_4160 img_4151



The fridge of Cupcakes by Sonja is so hip in its light blue color…


They bake their cupcakes just before store’s opening and flavor it with these sweet treats…


And just before going home, we went to a public toilet in Serendra right across where Cupcakes is located & Tina can’t resist but to document how Ayala management keeps everything at its best. Even restrooms are posh, similar to toilets of premium hotels, fully airconditioned, clean, well-maintained with supplies of tissues & liquid soap with sensors, even had a landscaping of some greens at the center…



All in all, we ended the 2nd month of the year grateful to the Lord for everything & we’re happy & hopeful to start the month of March. =)



Was this photoshop or what ? I found this article on the net stating that viewers (including myself) of the 81st Oscars Awards few days ago missed out seeing nipple slip (again) from Beyonce Knowles’ sexy red costume during her awesome Broadway number with Hugh Jackman. Here’s the censored photo :


And the video of their production number…

FYI, This was not the first time that Beyonce had the same peek-a-boo on-stage. Seems like a favorite show act, Ms. Knowles? Kidding, I know it’s always an accident, lol.



This one’s a revelation. I admit to watching teleseryes (TV series) of ABS-CBN with Tina & Gabby on primetime and for the first time will confess that I found myself with crocodile tears on an episode of May Bukas Pa. Call me jologs or even sentimental fool, but I really think that the simple story of the child Santino communicating with “BRO” seems like effective means of reminding adults like me, moreso the kids watching that keeping a personal relationship with the Lord is a priority of our existence and only He is always present with us amidst trials and triumphs.

This is the main plot of the series sourced from :
When he was just a baby, Santino (Zaijan Jaranilla) was abandoned by his mother in a monastery. Santino was raised by the caring priests Father Anthony (Jaime Fabregas), Father Jose (Dominic Ochoa), and Father Ringo (Lito Pimentel). As a young boy, Santino will find a friend in a mysterious person named “Bro” who will help him change the lives of the people in their town. May Bukas Pa is a story that is set to open the eyes of viewers that there will always be hope amidst trials and difficulties. Miracles don’t just fall from heaven but comes to those who keep their faith.


For a little cynical-judgmental-sometimes sarcastic-sinner like me, crying over a movie or a TV series is so unusual & rare except if it’s really something that moved me. Tonight’s episode of May Bukas Pa was really a tear-jerker, particularly the scene when Santino is being fetched by 2 social workers from the priests who adopted & raised him. The priests agreed on the turnover of custody for there was no legal adoption between them & Santino’s unknown parents. I’m no avid fan of Dominic Ochoa & Lito Pimentel (who are playing priests & fatherly to Santino) but these 2 actors were really effective in that scene. I myself was surprised with how I reacted with that episode. Perhaps I imagined myself in the same situation. I am a dad to my 4-year-old son Gabby & I guess it’s difficult for parents seeing their child being taken away. It’s a dysphoric moment even if it’ll be for the child’s betterment. As Shakespeare put it, “Parting is such a sweet sorrow.” It’s just so heart-breaking.



It has been 23 years since the world witnessed the efforts of Filipinos that exceeded great expectations.
I was only 9 years old then when resistance to power was demonstrated by nonviolent revolution in a national highway known as EDSA. I can vividly recall how we received the news from our place in Pasig, that EDSA was already filled with millions of people longing to embrace democracy & change.

These moments were really glorious… It made us all proud to be Pinoys.




But more than 2 decades after,
everything has evolved.
For the better?
LOL !!!
Now that’s a JOKE!

Where have all the flowers gone?

I think all of those kodak moments was put to waste.

Where are we heading next?
Uncertainties make me so sick, really.
I despise politics in my country.
Give me reasons to embrace it.



What in the world is happening to people?
Is this a sign of Armageddon?
My, Oh my…



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