Before the world honors all moms on  Mother’s Day come May 09…

Before the entire Philippines vote for our new leaders on May 10 (so help us, God!) 

BEYOND TOXICITY will proudly celebrate its  3RD BIRTHDAY on May 08, 2010(applause, applause!)  :D

Yes, I’ve been posting about my FAMILY, FOOD and FUN since 2007.   And as I give my GRATITUDE to my valued bunch of readers, I am throwing a little blog contest with a simple token from my recent Tokyo trip. 

These 2 pairs of authentic Japanese chopsticks that I bought from Asakusa Shinto Shrine are all yours when you win!


I. The contest is open to all readers, bloggers and non-bloggers for as long as you follow this site.

II. Readers within the country and from the rest of the globe (naks, global! hehehe!) are invited to join if you have a mailing address within the Philippines (it can be your relatives’ if you’re from abroad) where I can send your prize via courier.

III. Participants should simply answer these 3 questions on the comment section below :

1. How do you spend your usual family bonding?

2. If you’ll have your last meal, what would it be and why?

3. What do you like best about this blog ? :P

(C’mmon, it’s my blog’s 3rd anniversary anyway, haha! :D But you don’t need to flatter me, LOL! Comments must be SINCERE; NO sugar-coating please!). :D

IV. The more entries, the better!  How do I pick the winner?  The most interesting comment wins!  I’ll post his/her name and comment on 08 May 2010 on this site’s BIG DAY! :)

V. This contest runs until 11:59PM May 04, 2010, Philippine time.

28 thoughts on “BLOG CONTEST 2010

  1. 1. When my Dad comes home from Saudi, we go out a lot. We shop for new clothes and groceries. We even try the fanciest and most expensive Restaurants around. We talk about school, his life there and our life here while he’s back there. When he’s not around, me, my brother, and my Mom, we ALWAYS eat together and talk about the happenings of the day. Before sleeping at night, we giggle and talk about my pamangkins and how cute they are. We reminisce about the years that passed us by too.

    2. Basta Rice with ulam, siguro Chicken Adobo. Staple food na ng mga Pilipino ang white rice. Simula bata hanggang pagtanda, rice pa rin ang hanap ng dilang Pinoy!

    3. Hmm, let’s see. Lately lang kasi nung napadpad ako dito. But I find your blog really interesting and readable. Parang hatak nya kahit anong age. Kasi Food, Family, and Fun nga. Lahat ng tao maaaring maka-relate dyan, diba?

    Goodluck to others! :)

  2. Sali ko (kunyari)

    1. Since we are mostly here in the states our family bonding time means a day-long eating, talking, then more eating, picture taking. My role would be making tea, brewing coffee, and cleaning up the trash later on :)

    2. I have no particular food in mind; siguro pwede pa spread na pang fiesta – all Pinoy buffet.

    3. I love pictures (duh!) and your posts are filled with them and accompanied with well prepared text. I love reading your documentation at how you navigate the world of having a young family, a career, and the joys of eating out.

    Congratulations again, doc.

  3. 1. Usual family bonding is done on weekends, and they start with a hearty breakfast for the kids, some household chores done together, and in the extra time, we put banig sa sala, and play whatever card games we think of, mostly UNO Wild Cards, Uno Stack-O, Master Mind. Pag bored na, we get to insert some DVDs over the player and start tiring our eyes. Of course may meryenda, we are super mababaw ang ligaya so ok na kami sa nilagang saging, nilagang mais, buttered loaf breads, or at times may konting spaghetti or pancit canton being the family’s favorite. And we share the same interest naman kasi ng mga kids – BOOKS, so we crowd in a room and I read to my two kiddos.

    2. If given the chance to eat my last favorite meal, it will be sweet and sour shrimps, crabs and pakbet. They are my super love. Ipagpapalit ko tong tatlong to sa kahit ano, wag lang sa pamilya ko. (LOL)

    3.The best ang blog na to because it speaks of family, it tells experiences of a doc juggling a family and a life very much worth living. The food, the trips, the daily experiences, not to mention the no-holds barred rants about resto(s) and their kapalpakan. It also features whatever good is worth blogging. And what I love most in this blog is that, the love for family comes first. Gabby and Tina, congratulations for having Doc Gelo! And doc, happy blogoversary!

  4. Trust the family man to make me feel all inadequate. hehe

    Sa unang tanong pa lang, tiyak na ang pagkatalo ko sa contest mo!

    1) I don’t usually hang out with the family for bonding or whatnot. The only time of the year when we are all together is during Noche Buena and Media Noche, as all of us are at work and get to the house at different times. I will rule out any time spent at the mall because that is not my idea of a bonding time, family or otherwise.

    2) Right now, I’m thinking of just one food item: Yellow Cab’s Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta, with extra helpings of shiitake mushrooms. But that is quite plain to be my final meal, so instead, I want my final meal to be the result of a Mushroom Battle between two Iron Chefs (I still favor the original Iron Chef Japan over the American version, though). Oh, and I want a large slice of NY Cheesecake with raspberry-amaretto sauce and choco-liqueur dressing for dessert.

    3) I love that you try to share your experiences to your wife and kid through this blog. The way you tell your travels or the food that you’re eating makes it feel like we are included in the dialog, that we are part of the journey. I also love your Tokyo series. I envy it.

    Congratulations in advance on your third blogaversary! Have fun reading (and pruning) the entries to your contest. :-)

  5. I remember my own contest blog docgelo…that’s when we “met.” :)

    Anyway, here are my answers:

    1. There are lots of bonding moments with my family. Minsan, magkasama-sama lang kami sa isang room (eg, my parent’s room), bonding na yun. Super kwento at tawanan to the max na yun. My brother and sister who are married and who are living in villages near us would even visit every now and then. But I guess that the best bonding times for us would be during meals and during our travels. Meals: Not only during special occasions, when we have parties or eat out, but also during regular meals (as in yung everyday meals), mealtimes are always bonding times. Since time immemorial, sabay sabay kami lahat kumakain, especially for dinner. This is a chance for us to make kwento, to laugh, and to tease each other. Hay, riot yan! Travel: Since we were kids, our parents “dragged” to many places in the Philippines (and abroad, when we were adults na). These times were great bonding moments because it was just us family, in a faraway land. I always love traveling with my family! And I am just plain lucky that I have a closely knit family…kaya di masyado mahirap ang bonding! he he!

    2. Hirap mag-isip ng last meal! Hmmmm… Siguro for me, I would have barbequed chicken or pork, salted egg, tomato with onion and bagoong, rice, ketchup (very important!at dapat UFC), and softdrinks! At dapat nakaserve sa banana leaves (parang binalot). Tapos magkakamay ako! Yay! Sarap ng last meal ko!

    3. The thing I love most about your blog is the emotion. Yes, it can be a good thing. I can feel that you are such a loving husband and father through your posts, and it’s such a rare thing! Your blog can be very uplifting too! At syempre, I love your posts on food and travel!

    Keep on blogging docgelo!

  6. Hi doc! Pwede tagalog? Haha! :P

    1. How do you spend your usual family bonding?

    –> Basta magkakasama kami eh bonding na yun. Usually nangyayari yun kapag kumakain and nanonood ng mga teleseryes haha. Jologs man eh sa teleserye kami nakakapag bonding haha. Ang nakakatawa pa samin eh sabay sabay na nga kami nanonood ng same show, pagka commercial eh pinag kwekwentuhan pa rin namin. Tapos pag sa food naman eh usually weekends nangyayari ito since complete kami pag weekends. Kaya nga pinagpapatayan ko dito sa office ang magkaron ng weekend offs eh hehe. Sa “labas” kami kumakain. Labas ng bahay! Hahaha! Para mas presko! Yung garage kasi namin eh pinaayos at ginawang sala slash entertainment area. Tapos tiles ang floor so medyo malamig. So habang kami eh nakaupo sa lapag eh kumakain kami at nanonood ng tv! Naglagay na rin kami ng TV para complete na din hehe ;)

    2. If you’ll have your last meal, what would it be and why?

    –> Grabe kaloka last meal kagad eh di pa nga kami masyado nakakapag moment ni the one hahaha! Hmmm last meal ko ay Jollibee chickenjoy, pinakbet na luto ni mama, sinaing (yung isda) ni papa, kanin, coke, chocolates, Greenwich hawaian pizza, Ambers pichi pichi, barbecue, kare kare na may alamang na luto ng kapatid ko. Ayan, yung iba gusto ko luto ng nanay, tatay at kapatid ko para hanggang sa huli eh luto pa din nila ang gusto ko. At syempre kailangan eh Greenwich pizza para may pabaon ng sarap ni Lloydie. Hahahahahha!

    3. What do you like best about this blog ? :P

    –> Yung pagiging father mo Doc kay Gabby at yung pagiging husband mo kay Tina. Feel na feel talaga namin yun! Yung pagiging totoo mo sa pag review. If di maganda ang service, sinasabi mo talaga. Walang pa kyeme. Gusto ko din yung mga pinupuntahan nyo for Gabby. Kasi 1st time ko magiging tita at si Aleksei yun diba. Eh wala naman ako idea sa mga kid friendly places kaya minsan eh nag che-check ako ng mga posts mo. Kaso medyo older si Gabby kay Aleksei kaya di ko pa sya madala sa mga kainan haha.

    Promise, eto talaga yung gusto ko. Yung shinare mo yung lovestory nyo ni Tina. Naku doc, hopeless romantic kasi ako kaya gustung-gusto ko nagbabasa ng mga ganyan, yung mga happly love stories, yung mga how did you meet her something. Hay. Alala ko pa yun doc ang story mo. Lovestory sa bus yiheee! Tapos gusto ko din kasi mga wedding stories kaya nga mega basa ako nung shinare mo yung sa inyo. Naks!

    Meron pa! Di ko lam if nacomment ko ba or hindi pero naiyak ako talaga ako sa post mo na “In your eyes” na song. Waaaah!

    Ayan doc, mahaba haba na ang comment ko!

    Advance happy birthday blog! :)

  7. sali ako :)

    1. family bonding– normally when we go to the province on weekend and my mom would cook so many food. parang fiesta to the max :0

    2. last meal–hmmm ang hirap naman. hindi ako pihikan sa food pero siguro 1 whole fried chicken, at rice. ako lang ang kakain ng manok ha. :p

    3. your blog — your blog is an open journal/ diary on family, food and travel. i better appreciate it more when you went to Japan and everyday you would write a letter to your wife and son on your day to day activities there. I really felt how you love and missed them a lot. cyempre i like your food blogs. i admire that your family loves to eat out together.

    advance happy anniversary doc, more power to your site :)

  8. 1. Every Friday and Saturday, Since yun ang week end dito sa Dubai.
    Friday we go to church service and then sa bahay lang nuod nang DVD, minsan sa Park (lahat na nga ata nang Park napuntahan na namin :), Swimming sa Jumierah Beach, at syempre ang pinaka paboritong lugar nang nag iisang anak namin si Sean sa Chucky Cheese, Kahit malayo dinadayo pa rin namin, kasi dito nag eenjoy si sean . Kakulitan nya yung daga dun hahaha. Basta weekend nag iisip kami ni Glennkung saan kami gagala minsan kapag tinatamad sa bahay lang bonding moment na namin yun. Since pareho kaming nagtatrabaho at yaya lang ang kasama nya everyday. Kaya kapag off namin binibigay namin kay Sean 100% nang oras namin.

    2. Naku Doc Gelo super duper owver ang pagkakahumaling ko sa Japanese food, Wala nang iba Udon, Maki, Sashimi, Sushi, gyoza, tempura, tonkatsu, miso, California rolls, Tepanyaki, wasabi atbp. Kaya nung nabasa ko ang Blog mo about FOOd in Tokyo, naglalaway ako sa mga pagkain mo araw araw. Hay naku Nag enjoy talaga ako kahit hindi ko natikman yung mga food na nasa picture, parang nakain ko na din kasi ang ganda at ang linaw nang kuha mo ah . At syempre may emosyun sa kwento mo eh..

    3. About your Family doc naiyak nga ako sa isang entry mo about kay Gabby yung namimiss nyo ni Tina ang baby Gabby kasi growing up na sya wala na yung chubby cheeks.. hay naalala ko si Sean 3 ½ years old na kasi sya parang ang bilis nang panahon kelangan nga talaga nang quality time sa pamilya. Yung Pagiibigan nyo ni Tina haay… Ang saya saya! Natalo ko nga lang kayu doc 3 years kayu dating (bf&gf) kami ni honey ko 5 years.. hahah Hay basta I love all your blogs, last week ko nga lang eto na discover noh, accidentally pa nag search lang ako nang talangkanin tapus nakita ko entry mo. Interesting binasa ko tapus isa pa tapus isa ulet hanggang sa hindi ko namalayan uwian na pala. Naku Doc natapus kung basahin lahat nang entry nyo in one whole day. Sobrang saya! At yun everyday routine ko na check ang bago sa site mo.. Take note nilagay ko na sya sa favorites.. Hehe

    Happy Birthday Blog…

  9. 1. Since pag weekdays busy kami sa work, so weekend ang aming family bonding. Pag Saturday evening, my mom cooks dinner. Since kapitbahay namin sila, kami ni hubz ay nangangapitbahay para makikain dun hehehe. Then pag Sunday naman, I usually bake. I bring it naman sa bahay nila mom para dun namin yun kainin. O di ba puro food. BOnding din namin ang pag punta ng church every Sunday. :)

    2. Pag last meal…hmmm….I want to make beef wellington. Napanood ko sa master chef the other day. Gusto ko sya i try gawin. Then yun ang kakainin namin as our last meal. Oh di ba…first time to make, then last time to eat. hehehe!

    3.What I like about your blog. I find your blog entertaining. Hindi boring. Believe me, everytime na mag bloghop ako, hindi ko nakakalimutan dalawin blog mo. Excited ako to read whats up here. So keep it up. Hoping one day, ma meet ko ikaw at ang family mo. :)

    Happy Anniv pala!

  10. wow! advance congratulations to you doc! ang ganda ng price. sali din ako pero sa may 3 na ako magpost. hahaha… i badly want this chopstick. kaya papabili pa rin ako niyan kahit di mananalo.

  11. Bonding – Close ang family namin so everyday is a family day for us. Sounds cliche no? But we really do bond a lot. In the morning we do joggings and aerobics together (BATAS yan samin for 8 years now), then paramihan kami sa pagkain ng breakfast! Luckily walang tumataba samin. Sa hapon or gabi, ballroom dancing naman. Yikes, pero mas magaling pa silang dancer sakin. Sa gabi, favorite namin yung manood ng tv series – CSI, PrisonBreak, etc..

    Food – sus tinatanong pa ba yan? Alam mo na kung ano. JELLYACE!

    Blog – aside from the good and HONEST reviews, i love how you open your family’s lives to your readers, hindi kasi madali ishare sa buong mundo yung activities nyo + may pictures pa.

    not a fan of chopstix Doc Gelo, pero sana uwian moko magnet from Japan (yung kagaya kay Tina)! nagrequest pa. hihi

    Happy 3rd year sa Beyond Toxicity! Ü

  12. 1. How do you spend your usual family bonding?
    -Usually when it comes to my family, spur of the moment travel trips are the best. We don’t openly admit it, but I have a feeling na lahat kami OC (Obsessive Compulsive) :P So we really tend to plan things out. As in REALLY plan the itinerary. I realized that looking back on all the trips we had, yung mga ‘biglaan’ yung memorable. Like a quick trip to Baguio over the weekend kasi malapit lang yung Nueva Ecija sa Baguio. Or a paid trip from Pharmaceutical companies to Cebu, Bohol etc, na we just say yes to kasi “sayang naman kasi libre”. HAHAHA!

    2. If you’ll have your last meal, what would it be and why?
    -Pag tinatanong ako nito, I always answer na I’d choose any chicken meal. Naimagine ko na sarili ko na pag nastuck sa isang isolated island tapos may genie tapos food lang yung pwedeng i-wish, I’ll say unlimited KFC Original chicken. =P Pero kung hindi fastfood, I would choose my Mama’s Kare Kare and Caldereta anytime. :)

    3. What do you like best about this blog ? :P
    -I love love love how family-centric your blog is. You seldom see that in other blogs. Most bloggers talk about their own adventures and misadventures but just a few really open up and share family stories. Come to think of it, most of the blogs that I follow have that certain theme going on. I love my family so so much, kaya I feel happy to know about other happy families and their adventures. :) Added points pa na you’re a physician. Sometimes I can imagine my dad(and mom) blogging about the same things if they only had one. :)

    Happy Anniversary Doc! :D:D:D Regards to the Fam! :)

  13. Hi Doc! Happy Blog Anniversary! Three years of writing! Wow!
    Of course I wouldn’t pass this opportunity to win! Here we go.

    1. I guess you’ll agree with me when I say that the best bonding moment is over food. The best times of my life are spent with good food with family and friends. There’s nothing like it, hindi ba? It doesn’t really matter where we are, from the sidewalk carinderia to fancy restaurants, basta may konting pagkain, umpisa na ng bonding at kwentuhan yan.

    2. Gusto kong last meal kape, dalandan juice, fried egg, bacon, yung tirang chicken pork adobo na pinirito, at fried rice na niluto dun sa pinag-prituhan ng tirang chicken pork adobo. Magulo ba? Bakit hindi? Eh pagka sarap sarap kaya nito. One of my comfort foods. Pag ganito handa ni misis palagi kong nasasabi right after ba pwede na akong mamatay.

    3. What I like best about this blog is your honest opinion about everything. Whether it’s about food or life in general, I enjoy the honesty and raw emotions you generously share with us. Because of that, even though I have yet to meet you in person, somehow parang kilala na kita. At si Tina. At lalo na si Gabby.

  14. Advance greetings on your blog’s 3rd anniversary! Time is moving so fast, your blog has grown along with you. Like your family.
    1. I only get to see my family when I visit them in the Philippines (or my sister in LA). We eat out just like most families and in my case, visit relatives in Davao. Our last bonding moment was spending time together in Gumasa last year. For now, our bonding is through Skype. In NYC, it’s all friends I go out with.
    2. Anything that has to do with tuna. Especially inihaw na panga. It reminds me of Davao a lot.
    3. Your blog is a big open window for us “outsiders” to peek into and see what goes on with you and your family. After a while, I don’t feel like an outside anymore.

  15. Hi, doc!

    Here are my answers:

    1. Ever since my brother entered the seminary in 1993, we would spend Sunday afternoons with him. We’d get sandwiches or pastries on the way over and have a sort of picnic. Now that he’s a priest with his own parish, we usually visit him after his last Mass most Sundays. It’s fun and it’s the one time in the week we can actually get the whole family together.

    2. My last meal would involve the following comfort foods: a gigantic bowl of mashed potatoes or macaroni and cheese (or both!), a Nutella milkshake, and hand-rolled chocolate truffles. :p

    3. What I like best about your blog are the mouthwatering pictures and your heartfelt moments with your family.

  16. hi doc!

    ui ang lapit pala ng blog anniv mo sa birthday ko at sa “elections” hehe

    1) I’m really lucky that my parents still love watching cartoons, name it and they know it. We are all working now so less time together and so our usual bonding time na lang is just watching funny cartoon or 3D movies and cartoon TV shows during Sundays. I love it when we’re laughing.

    2) My last meal would be Caesar salad + cream puffs. Both of these are match made in culinary heaven. Caesar salad to represent my colorful life on earth and cream puffs to remind my family of having a little sweet girl like me… (haha sweet girl daw… little oo pro sweet hnd…)

    3) I’m a fan of the your blog photos. Even if I don’t get to read the text, I can see the happy story in every Doc’s posts.


  17. hi, doc! Ü happy 3rd anniversary to Beyond Toxicity! here’s a shot to owning those fine chopsticks…

    1. Although family members seem to be busy with his own interests and activities and often not home, we keep our family bond strong by committing Sunday as the official family day. On Sundays, breakfast would only be served once everyone’s awake and gathered around the dining table. Attending the 9AM mass together in our parish would be the 2nd step in our routine. My favorite part is our own version of Iron Chef right before lunch. Family members take turns each Sunday to make lunch out of a “secret ingredient” only to be revealed the moment we get home from church. Not only is this unique family activity fun but also substantial in honing our creativity, our experimental abilities and, most importantly, our cooking skills. Come lunchtime, whatever the outcome of the “special dish” would be… everyone always seem to end up full and happy [or so I think] ÜÜÜ. 4PM is Magic Sing time. We would be singing [meryenda break included, of course] until it is time for dinner. This time, we partake in classic Pinoy family fare such as nilaga, caldereta, sinigang na hipon, and the works prepared by our trusty househelp. If our mood permits, we go on with the videoke session after dinner until it is time for us to retire to our beds.

    2. If I were to have my last meal, I would muster every inch of the glutton in me and save considerable space in my tummy for the following: a couple slices of Kagura’s modern special Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki topped with katsuo [bonito flakes], good ol’ Campbell’s tomato soup, seared tuna salad with vinaigrette, Kanin Club’s Sinigang ng Sinangag, Hen Lin siomai, garlic-butter shrimps from [the original] Dampa, Omakase’s tofu steak, Wan Chai’s shrimp cheongfan, my gradmother’s lechon paksiw, Sincerity fried chicken, a mug of A&W rootbeer, and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream. These would comprise my last meal as these dishes/food made such marks in my [foodie] life and were some of the several highlights of my regular weekend food-ventures.

    3. I am a blogger myself — and I write mostly about food. But what piqued my interest and made me follow this blog is the wonderful fact that a professional and father/husband vividly depicts life itself through his experiences of love, travels, food, family, random thoughts and whatnot and vicariously involves his readers in these journeys. Honesty in opinion which makes awesome reviews and the eye-catching photos are added bonuses.

    again, happy 3rd!!! more power to you, your family and your remarkable blog! Ü

  18. Eto na….

    1. Familia Bonding
    Videoke with full choreography!

    2. Last meal
    Crispy Pata from all my favorite restaurants- Krocodile Grille, Lola Idang’s, TYA Bar, Mozu, RJ Bulalohan and Cafe Laguna. Paired with Laing from Mesa, garlic rice from Myron’s and iced tea from Wendys. Dessert- Dark Chocolate Truffle cake from Max Brenner and Coffee Jelly from Mesa. To complete the meal, cap off with Moroccan Mint Tea Latte from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Solb.

    3. What I like about Beyond Toxicity
    Family bonding! Nothing beats super fun times with the super fun-loving family. Your blog makes me see the beauty of family life that I’m hoping to someday achieve.

    -Entry ends here-

  19. sali ako!!!! hahaha

    1. We usually bond over dinner. Not because of the food (haha), but mainly because that’s when everyone’s present. Eversince we were kids, our parents made it a point that we eat together. We talk about our day, share experiences, and sometimes get scolded too (haha). Now that we’ve all grown up, weekend dinners with the family mean so much to us now. *The family that eats together, stays together.* :)

    2. My last meal would consist of Jollibee spaghetti, california maki, kare-kare, fried chicken, tawilis, champorado, popcorn and coke. Haha

    3. I like your blog because it reminds me to enjoy different dishes. haha. Kasi i eat for the sake of eating. But with you, it’s like an art. naks! Haha

    happy blog anniversary!

  20. i have to say this – i am not a chopstick user. in short, di marunong gumamit ng chopsticks ha ha

    but i want to answer the questions, not necessarily joining.

    1. the usual family bonding happens when there are special occasions or events. and we are to be found in a restaurant, or in any eatery or eating house. it always end up with eating he he
    2. i would like my husband’s kare kare and bagoong (there has to be rice of course) because they taste heavenly. who would not want a delicious meal when he leaves the world? that is, if having your last meal is equivalent to leaving this world.
    3. the pictures especially the pics on foods. they are quality pics that make you salivate.

  21. hindi ako sasali sa contest, but i just wanna wish you happy 3rd anniv! :) may you have many more food to enjoy and posts to make! :)

    what i like most about this blog? i remember how much i am loved by parents and how much i love them back. i remember the times when my parents still lived here in manila and our lives were filled with food, adventures and love. i remember all these because of your family. :)

    thank you. :)

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