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Located about 90 minute-drive from either the Emirate of Dubai, or the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Jebel Hafeet -the second highest peak in UAE is one of the favourite tourist destinations in the inland city of Al Ain (within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi). The mountain straddles the borders of neighbouring Oman, hence each observation deck on way to the top offers a unique sweeping panoramic view of the city of Al Ain and some parts of Oman.

With elevation of 4,098 feet, Jebel Hafeet or literally means, “empty mountain” has a hotel and radar station en route to its top. The uphill and winding Jebel Hafeet Mountain road leads to an open-air cafeteria and a massive parking lot, bounded by Jebel Hafeet’s observation deck. On the way down, visitors shouldn’t miss to drop by and unwind at another well-developed tourist attraction called, the Green Mubazarrah, where visitors can hold picnics, even grill food and lay down on the bermuda grass all day long. There’s a running water in between roads and playground within Green Mubazarrah that’s said to be coming from hot springs that lead to streams and lakes. If you don’t fancy bringing food for picnic, fret not as you could always buy from few famous fast-food joints that built their trucks inside Green Mubazzarah where you can buy burgers, fried chicken or fries.

What’s best with Jebel Hafeet and Green Mubazarrah, there’s no entrance fee, so everyone is free to enjoy the place and the view! It’s one of the perfect weekend destination this winter!

How to commute to Al Ain? “The easiest way to reach Al Ain is by bus or minibus from Abu Dhabi (140 km) and Dubai (100 km). Buses depart hourly from Abu Dhabi bus station, arriving at Al Ain bus staion. It takes 2 hr (Dh25 from Abu Dhabi with X90. Buses are clean with air-conditioning and stop halfway for 10 min,” -sourced from Al Ain Wikitravel.

Below are few photos that I took when my cousin, Ingrid and Prakash drove me from Dubai to Al Ain, up to Jebel Hafeet and down to Green Mubazzarah! We also went to a mall for lunch, and ended the day at Al Ain Museum (must-visit for only 3-dirham-entrance fee). Thanks, Ingrid & Prakash! 

Enjoy the images!
DocGelo-Jebel Hafeet
With @gelothebear, Ingrid and Prakash at Jebel Hafeet, Ail Ain, AUH, UAE.

Have you been to Jebel Hafeet? Share your experiences on the comment thread below.


  1. Ingrid Villanueva-Saladar Ingrid Villanueva-Saladar

    Amazing photos as usual, as Prakash said..”You really have an eye for photography!” We will go to Wadi Adventure and Al Ain Zoo next time…we should let JC, Marky, Richard and Glenn to have the adventure with us.

    Till next time…continue to inspire other people with your photos!

    • docgelo docgelo

      Wow, exciting! Thanks, cuz! You know I wouldn’t be there if you didn’t tour me around! Maraming salamat talaga! Super enjoyed that day in Al Ain!

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