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2017 may have been a challenging year for me in all aspects – personally, professionally and financially however, looking back, there are more events and experiences and learnings and people-encounters that I have to be thankful for!

In retrospect, I may have been to lesser cities and towns this year than the past, and my days, weeks and months may have filled with ups and downs, nevertheless, I’m still immensely grateful for everything!

This blog has been repositories of my stories, travels, victories and defeats. And at the end of the day, at the end of this year, I would like to share with you again the events that are worth celebrating!

  • 15 flights, 13 cities, 5 countries, 2 continents and countless memorable travel experiences.
  • Included in The Ultimate Top 100 of Travel Instagram Accounts by IndieTraveller.
  • 1 sponsored 15-minute-aerial-tour of Dubai from Fly High Dubai.
  • Sponsored 2-night-staycation from Jumeira Rotana Hotel, Dubai.
  • Sponsored 3-night-stay in Patios de San Telmo Hotel, Buenos Aires.
  • Sponsored 3-night-stay in Hotel La Cantera, El Calafate, Patagonia, Argentina.
  • Sponsored 3-night-stay in Home Hotel Buenos Aires.
  • 10th year in Blogging Celebrations sponsored by Dusit Thani Dubai and Lemongrass UAE.
  • 5 Travel photographs featured on sale in Dubai-based, Monda Gallery.
  • My photo of Vakil Mosque in Shiraz, Iran printed on London-based magazine, Suitcase Mag.
  • My travel buddy, @gelothebear featured in an article by USA-based, Travel + Leisure.
  • My photograph of Fujairah Grand Mosque featured solo in @PassionPassport on IG.
  • 93,000 Likes for a single photo of mine featured by @Dubai on their IG gallery.
  • 10,600 and counting ORGANIC followers on Instagram (@iamdocgelo).
  • Wrote a travel-article for Illustrado Go online and printed magazine in UAE.
  • Featured as 1 of 4 Travel Instagrammers on Illustrado magazine.
  • Nominated as 1 of 3 Finalists in The Filipino Times’ Awards 2017 New Media Personality.
  • Featured travel photos on travel-themed Instagram galleries – @worldnomads and @culturetrip.
  • Interviewed for opinion in 3 issues printed on one of the daily broadsheets in UAE, Khaleej Times.
  • Consistently featured photos on Dubai-based travel IG accounts.
  • And of course, I was able to go home and spend time with my son and family.

And this is my 2017 documented on photos!

1. Traveled to Shiraz, Fars Province, Southern IRAN!
docgelo iran
IRAN by docgelo
IRAN by docgelo
IRAN by docgelo
IRAN by docgelo2. Traveled to Yerevan, Lake Sevan and Tatev, ARMENIA!
armenia by
armenia by
armenia by
armenia by docgelo.comarmenia by docgelo.com3. Traveled to Buenos Aires, El Calafate, El Chalten, Patagonia, ARGENTINA!
BA24. Traveled to Lake Sebu in South Cotabato, Legazpi City in Bicol, PHILIPPINES!
DSCF62305. Traveled to Hanoi and Halong Bay, VIETNAM!
V16. Viewed Dubai via sponsored aerial tour from Fly High Dubai!
27. Celebrated 10th YEAR IN BLOGGING with blogger-friends in 2 separate parties compliments of DUSIT THANI DUBAI and LEMONGRASS UAE! Massive thanks to Danelle Ruth & Xavier respectively.
10th year in blogging
I am inspired by those people who value me. Thank you so much!


8. Five of my travel photos are featured on sale at UAE based, Monda Gallery!
docgelo on monda gallery
Link to Monda Gallery here :

Angelo Santos

9. Featured and printed on London-based Travel and Lifestyle Mag, Suitcase Magazine! 
docgelo on suitcasemag july 2017
My photo of Vakil Mosque taken from Shiraz, Iran printed on Suitcase Magazine, London.


10. Travel Buddy @gelothebear was featured in US-based magazine, Travel + Leisure.
Link here :


11. Featured on one of the most well-followed travel-themed Instagram gallery, @PassionPassport !

12. Featured and most-liked photos on Instagram of @Dubai with 93K likes, 49K likes and 71K likes.

Burj Al Arab, Jumierah beach hotel & Madinat Jumierah #weekend 📷:@iamdocgelo

A post shared by Dubai (@dubai) on

It’s Thursday, Enjoy the weekend. 📷:@iamdocgelo

A post shared by Dubai (@dubai) on

Burj Al Arab Hotel #Dubai 📷:@iamdocgelo

A post shared by Dubai (@dubai) on

13. My IG gallery reached 10,500+ ORGANIC followers! Yey! Thank you so much!
2017 year ender of docgelo.com14. Nominated and 1 of 3 Finalists in 2017 The Filipino Times’ New Media Personality. 

International Blogging recognition in Dubai 2017, and in Malaysia 2013 and 2012.


15. Wrote a travel-themed article for Illustrado Go Magazine in UAE with my own travel photos.
docgelo on illustrado go
Link to featured article here : 

Budget Travel UAE: Where can AED3,000 or less take you?

16. Featured on Illustrago Magazine as 1 of 4 Filipino Travel Instagrammers.
docgelo illustrado go travel photos
Link to featured article here :

Illustragrammers: Hannah Magsayo, Benj Ramos, Gelo Santos and Michael Emlano

17. Featured photo on @WorldNomads on Instagram last March 2017.

18. Featured photo on @CultureTrip on Instagram last October 2017.

19. Short interviews and quotes on one of the daily broadsheets in UAE, Khaleej Times! Special thanks to Filipino journalist, Angel Tesorero for the articles that featured my opinions.

20. Included in The Ultimate Top 100 of Travel Instagram Accounts by IndieTraveller.

top 100 IG travel accounts.

Link to article here :

The Ultimate Top 100 of Travel Instagram Accounts


21. Best of all, I was able to go home this year and spend time with my FAMILY.
NOTHING could ever replace the love of and my love for my own family!

  • Thank you very much to everyone who has been following my blog since it went live in 2007!
  • Thank you so much to those who have been understanding and supportive of me throughout the years!
  • Thank you very much to those few friends and relatives who have been helping me to go through my days through through good times and bad.
  • Maraming salamat po sa anak ko, sa mga magulang at kapatid ko na nakakaunawa at nagmamahal sa akin! Mawawala ang blog kong ito balang-araw, mawawala ang mga larawan, mawawala ako pero ang mga alaala at pagmamahal, hindi maglalaho. Naks! 
  • Maligayang Pasko po sa lahat at Manigong Bagong Taon! (Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!)

Follow my adventures in Instagram : @iamdocgelo and @gelothebear!


  1. Cheers to the coming year. Here’s to more fulfilling adventures and peaceful days ahead!

    Keep doing your thing Doc!

    • docgelo docgelo

      Thank you so much, Maria! You’re one of the few religious readers of this humble site since 2007! God bless!

      Have a happy holidays too!

  2. What an amazing 2017! Happy new year, doc, and have an even more adventure-filled 2018!

    • docgelo docgelo

      Thank you so much!

  3. Wow! What a year doc! Argentinaaaaaaaaaaaa is so beautiful!!!
    Congrats on your achievements Doc! Continue to inspire people and capture stunning shots! Fan aco ng IG mo tlga!!! <3

    Cheers to more travels and adventures in 2018!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Doc!

    • docgelo docgelo

      Thank you so much, Riz!
      And the year isn’t over yet.
      Merry Christmas! More travels in 2018 to us! Hehe

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