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How to apply for tourist visa to Argentina? That’s the first question that popped on my mind when I started planning my return-trip to South America.  It is noteworthy to mention that VOA or Visas on Arrival are not contemplated on Argentina’s migration regulations; hence, everyone who’s required a visa to enter Argentina must apply at the relevant Consular Office.

For UAE, the address of Embassy of Argentina in Abu Dhabi is as follow :

  • Villa #196,11th street, Al Karamah – Abu Dhabi

I opted to apply for a tourist visa on my own and did not entertain applying through a travel agency for 2 reasons : firstly, I want to prepare and submit everything personally, and to simply cut the cost of paying through a third party.

My Visa for Argentina : multiple entry, valid for 3 months. Muchas Gracias, Argentina!


If you’re a resident of UAE who’s required to apply for a tourist visa prior to traveling to Argentina, you can apply personally through the following step-by-step process :

1. Prepare requirements for Tourist Visa as follow :

  1. Completed Application form (Download the form from this link :, print the application form and fill it out by all-caps and with a pen. Remember do not staple any document as part of the requirements). The application form is written in Spanish, however fret not – there’s a separate page for instructions and guide on how to complete the form that you need to print as well.
  2. Two (2) current 4 x 4 cm photographs, facing the camera, printed in colour, on a white background. Be particular with the size of the photo. Bear in mind not to staple any document, hence, please use glue to attach the photo onto the application form (The consular staff did this for me at the time of submission). Follow instructions carefully!
  3. Original and 1 photocopy of passport that’s valid for at least 6 months at the time of arrival to Argentina, with at least 2 blank pages.
  4. All visa stamps on your passport from all of your trips must be scanned and photocopied. The scanned copies must be sent along with other requirements via email to the embassy. This, I believe will prove your travel history.
  5. Return tickets (As per the embassy’s advice on their website, they recommend not to purchase airline tickets yet unless visa has been granted. So you may visit any travel agency office and buy a “dummy return ticket”). You may be requested to present your valid and original return tickets as per required by the embassy.
  6. Reservation for your accommodation (Print out copies must bear your name and travel dates). The embassy has the right to request for your list of itinerary, however in my case, I was not asked to submit it. In case you’re invited by someone to Argentina, you need to present a letter of invitation.
  7. Travel Insurance with worldwide coverage.
  8. Proof of income (A 3-month-bank-statement with official stamp is required; you may be also asked to present your payslips, or last credit card statement as proof of capacity to support your travel).
  9. All documents above must be scanned and sent through email to the embassy as per their requirement. You need to bring original and photocopies of each of above mentioned requirements for submission and verification.
  10. Payment of consular fee. As of September 05, 2017 (at the time of my application), the cost of Tourist Visa Application for Argentina is 555 AED, for visa valid for 90 days.

2. Once you have prepared all the requirements above, you need to send an email to the embassy ( around 1 month before your travel date; request for an APPOINTMENT DATE OF APPLICATION, and inform them of your :

  • Name
  • Nationality
  • Intent/purpose to visit Argentina,
  • Travel date
  • Passport number
  • Mobile number.

3. You will be requested to send the scanned copies of all the requirements (particularly all the visa stamps on your passport as proof of travel history) through email to the embassy. Do not forget to bring photocopies too on the day of appointment.

4. The embassy will reply confirming the date and time of appointment of visa application. I have witnessed personally how strict they are in implementing rules, which is fare and just in my opinion, as I have seen a few applicants who came without confirmed appointment, and were consequently declined to be accommodated. Following instructions and rules is a must for everyone!

5.  As per my experience, I was required to submit all the requirements personally on the confirmed date of appointment, and after thorough checking of documents upon submission, a completed deposit slip for the Consular fee (Visa Application fee of 555AED) was handed to me by the consular staff who requested me to pay it at the Union National Bank branch located across Al Wanda Mall in Abu Dhabi. After paying the Visa Application fee, I went back to the embassy and waited for the release of my visa.

6. As of this writing, they grant same-day-stamping, hence, once found eligible to travel to Argentina, you will receive your passport with visa stamped on the same day.

***For updated procedure, please visit the official website of the Embassy of Argentina in Abu Dhabi and be guided accordingly.

Hope this simple steps and process that I followed religiously could help you attain your visa for Argentina as well.

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