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Today, May 8th, 2017 marks my 10th Anniversary in Blogging. Staying online for exactly a decade now despite the frustrations and disappointments at times, has never been easy. There had been a moment that I wished to quit and shut down everything. There’s a tug of war between feeding my passion and creativity, versus trying to justify the purpose. Nevertheless, the evolution that this site has taken from 2007 up to 2017 has been personally rewarding (You’ll never understand how satisfying it is to have an outlet of creativity and a virtual home at the same time, if you’re not into it yourself).

So, Happy 10th Birthday to Beyond Toxicity @! *confetti*

And massive THANK YOU to everyone who follows this blog, particularly those who tirelessly leave comments and queries on each posts! Thank you so much!

I’m extra grateful to our friends and sponsors who have been supportive throughout the years from Southeast Asia and the Middle East!

THANK YOU to Dusit Thani Dubai for hosting one of my blog’s anniversary celebrations this year! I feel so loved and blessed!

If you must know,

Dusit Thani Dubai has been a favourite

and one of the most preferred go-to-places in the UAE,

not only for accommodation but for the food department!

Their Friday Brunch is certainly a must-try! 

Here’s why :

  • Wide array of choices of dishes from 3 participating restaurants (Benjarong Royal Thai Cuisine, Pax Ristorante – the Italian restaurant, and Californian, the restaurant that offers continental food). It’s absolutely 3-in-1 Friday Brunch for the price of 1. 
  • Superb, polite, and efficient service.
  • Value for money!
  • Family friendly.

Here’s a quick rundown of what we devoured and feasted for my

10th Blogging Anniversary celebration!

Dusit Thani Dubai Friday Brunch
Who loves sushi? Raise your hands!
Dusit Thani Dubai Friday Brunch
Round 1! I can do this! LOL!
Dusit Thani Dubai Friday Brunch
Spicy Thai Salad, anyone?
Dusit Thani Dubai Friday Brunch
Super relaxed dining however too many cameras, we don’t know where to look. LOL! Dusit Thani Dubai Friday Brunch
Round 2! A beautiful plate of Peking Duck, Black Mussels, Lobster, Prawns and Crab.
Dusit Thani Dubai Friday Brunch
Class picture # 2 : Let’s smile because we’re happy guys! Yey!
Dusit Thani Dubai Friday Brunch
Round 3 : Happily struggling with satiety! Can’t resist not to eat more! Food’s fantastic!
Dusit Thani Dubai Friday Brunch
All were seriously contemplating what to have for dessert! LOL!
Dusit Thani Dubai Friday Brunch
Dessert department has traditional Arabic sweets and continental favourites.
Dusit Thani Dubai Friday Brunch
But all hands down to the best version of Red Velvet Cake ever – Dusit Thani Dubai!!!
Dusit Thani Dubai Friday Brunch
Super thankful to my good friends in the social media! We’re a force to reckon with! LOL!
Dusit Thani Dubai Friday Brunch
Sustainability is power! Thankful to Dusit Thani Dubai for being part of my journey!
Dusit Thani Dubai Friday Brunch
Thank you so much, Danelle of Dusit Thani Dubai! I couldn’t thank you enough!

Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated with me on this special event!

Check them out on Instagram and from there, find out links to their other social media :

Of course, please follow IG accounts of Dusit Thani Dubai :

For more details and reservations contact Dusit Thani Dubai via their website :

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  1. Yummy! I would love to have lunch at this place. All the food seems mouth-watering, Gelo!

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