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To say that living abroad and traveling provide me infinite opportunities to meet people from all walks of life, is an understatement. Indubitably, the benefits extend by becoming interactive, and eventually learning about a bit of their character, culture and identity. From random greetings to short conversation, encountering locals has never failed to promote making friends to building friendships around the world, out of common interests and fascination (in my case – traveling, photography and social media), and to a deeper meaning :  acceptance of differences and appreciation of diversity. To capture their portraits and document their expressions on photographs are a bonus that feeds my passion.

For those few who have been following this blog and for those who have seen it evolved through the decade (yes, this blog is celebrating its 10th year on 8th May 2017; thanks to you!), you must be familiar with these portraits that I took from various cities like Penang, Vatican, Nairobi, Bhaktapur, Chiang Mai, and Petra.

Travel Portraits by DocGelo

And after 3 years of living and working in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, I finally had a non-professional and non-profit portrait photoshoot with one of my Instagram followers who happens to be a model, a TV-ad actor and a presenter, Mr. Bilal BazarBashi (IG handle : @bilal_bazarbashi). Here are the 8 photographs from a set that I shot in less than 20 minutes.


***This non-profit, casual and non-professional portrait photoshoot was done with consent by the model, Mr. Bilal and it is not in any way intended for commercial purposes; neither to promote nor market any services by both parties (the author-photographer, DocGelo, and the model, Mr. Bilal).  All photographs on this article were taken using handheld Fuji XA2 (without tripod) only.  All photos that appeared on this blog article must not be use without permission from the author-photographer, DocGelo and model, Mr. Bilal. 


  1. amazing portraits Doc! Mgkakasundo tlga kayo ni Iah 😊 He’s a beautiful man. Mukha na xang babae sa gwapo nia. Favorite portraits ko would be the family in Thailand wearing coils in your book, ang galing ng narrative mo Doc. Nakakainspire tlga.Congrats on your 10th year! And thank you for inspiring newbies like us! 😊

    • docgelo docgelo

      thank you, Joanna!
      happy to know that you’ve read my humble book! thank you ha!

      yes, bilal is a pretty man!
      partida pa kasi walang make up at ayos yan; madaliang kodakan kasi kami in less than 20 mins done!

  2. Jojo Jojo

    Congratulations doc on your 10th year. Nice shot. Mahusay. Magaling. Keep it up. All the best. 👍😊👏

    • docgelo docgelo

      Thank you, Jojo!

    • docgelo docgelo

      Thanks, Jojo!

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