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I was fortunate and will remain forever grateful to have chances to live and work in predominantly Muslim countries, in Malaysia for 3 years, and in United Arab Emirates at present. Expectedly, it did not only give me opportunities to grow personally and professionally, more so, it widened my perception, and made me embrace diversities of people, religion, culture and even food.

While most people have developed an aversion to some Muslim countries, sorely equating them to places of danger and terrorism, I became an avid solo traveler to some of the world’s most fascinating destinations where Islam is the dominant religion. Other than Malaysia and UAE, I have been to Brunei Darussalam, Turkey, Jordan, Morocco, and to some extent where Islam is also being practiced -Singapore, India and to my home country, the Philippines. Soon, if everything falls into place, I hope to set foot in Iran and Oman.

Baptised and raised as a Catholic, I am a strong believer that danger could be imposed by anyone, and could happen in any place at any time, and not exclusively by Muslim people or in Muslim territories alone. Strengthened by my faith, my belief is also influenced by the cliche, take the risk or lose the chance. You’ll never know what a place or an experience will bring you, if you won’t let go of your fixated personal delusions.

Allow me to share 10 reasons and 21 photographs

that hopefully could inspire you to consider (or continue) 

traveling to Muslim countries without prejudice.

  1. Traveling to most Muslim countries is safe when you do not initially entertain fear and misperceptions. You cannot break stereotypes unless you experience and accept the truth. You become more scared if you create danger that doesn’t exist.
  2. Some of the world’s famous and iconic landmarks and must-visit heritage sites are found in Muslim countries. The Burj Khalifa or the world’s tallest man-made structure in Dubai, UAE, the magnificent Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the ancient city of Petra in Jordan, the visually stunning, Taj Mahal in India, and the inviting ruins of Persepolis in Iran to name a few.
  3. You’ll never experience the hospitality and warmth of our Muslim brothers and sisters if you will avoid traveling to their places, worse, if you limit interacting with them.
  4. There’s so much to learn from Islam, or at least be inspired by Muslim’s faith.  Also, history, and tapestry of culture and tradition will unfold right before your eyes.
  5. Awe-inspiring Arabesque and Persian architecture, Islamic patterns and designs, as well as incredibly beautiful and breathtaking landscapes are located in some Muslim countries.
  6. There’s absolute growth in personal understanding of cultural differences and similarities.
  7. Traveling without prejudice offers you to gain independence, freedom and self-reliance.
  8. Halal food is good! Traveling to Islamic countries could further your palate’s appreciation to various Halal-cuisine.
  9. Most places are not touristy or widely untraveled, hence you won’t expect overcrowding and noisy surroundings.
  10. Some of the travel memories and experiences could be life-changing.


Travel Photos from Muslim Countries
Iranian Mosque, in Jumeirah 1, Al Satwa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Travel Photos from Muslim Countries
The Treasury, in Petra, The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
Travel Photos from Muslim Countries
In North Africa : an impressive riad or courtyard in Fes, Kingdom of Morocco.
Travel Photos from Muslim Countries
The mosque, built in symmetry with the Royal guest house at both sides of Taj Mahal.Travel Photos from Muslim Countries
Camels and a local Emirati in Jumeirah Beach, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Travel Photos from Muslim Countries
Ancient Roman amphitheatre in Petra, Jordan.
Travel Photos from Muslim Countries
Antiques and other interesting souvenirs from Chefchaouen, Morocco.
Travel Photos from Muslim Countries
A Muslim in prayer inside Kapitan Keling Mosque, George Town, Penang, Malaysia.
Travel Photos from Muslim Countries
This is how inviting Chefchaouen in Northern Morocco looks like!
Travel Photos from Muslim Countries
Snowfall in Sultanahmet Camii or the Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey.
Travel Photos from Muslim Countries
Another random scene in the blue washed town of Chefchaouen, in Kingdom of Morocco.Travel Photos from Muslim Countries
Wau bulan or Moon kites : traditionally created by artisans in Kota Bahru, Kelantan.
Travel Photos from Muslim Countries
The Siq before The Treasury, Petra, Jordan.
Travel Photos from Muslim Countries
Colorful shoes from Old Medina of Fes, Kingdom of Morocco.
Travel Photos from Muslim Countries
Another glimpse to the Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey.
Travel Photos from Muslim Countries
Twilight at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
best of 2016 travel destinations
Taj Mahal: a magnificent blend of Persian, Islamic, and Indian architectural styles.
Travel Photos from Muslim Countries
Kasbah des Oudayas, 12th century castle at the edge of BouRegreg River, Rabat, Morocco.
Travel Photos from Muslim Countries
Aerial view of Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach in Dubai, UAE.
Travel Photos from Muslim Countries
Happy to travel to Petra, Jordan!
Travel Photos from Muslim Countries
I and some Muslim kids who visited the mosque inside Taj Mahal, Agra, India.


*Please note that this article DOES NOT in any way, persuade anyone to travel to areas of conflicts and at war.  All photos and insights that appear on this post are my own and are never influenced by anyone. 



  1. This post is so inspiring Doc! kaya nga when we traveled to Istanbul and India, we leave all our hesitations behind. Super worthy to visit such countries. Just like what you said, the iconic landmarks, hospitality of the locals and the best part would always be the experiences are indeed life-changing. We’re excited to see/hear your experiences in your next destination. Safe travels po.

    • docgelo docgelo

      Hi Joanna,
      Thank you so much, as always! 😊

  2. You have written some good reasons to go to these countries. Specially in current political circumstances people should go and experience the cultures that are stereotyped for wrong reasons. There is so much to discover, see and understand. So good job with this post and nice photos.
    And you are right, the halal food is great!

    • docgelo docgelo

      That’s sweet, Carlies!
      Thank you for your kind words.

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