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30 March 2014, Sunday, Dubai, UAE.  Upon knowing that the sandcastles are still installed in Jumeirah Beach, a public beach right in front of the upscale shopping and dining center, The Walk-at-JBR, and right across the Jumeirah Beach Residences, I decided to go for my second visit (I missed them when I went there a month ago). Excitement ran through my spine like a boy who first receives his first toy. I hurriedly left our flat in Deira at around 8:30AM, hopped on the Dubai Metro to Dubai Marina Station. The train ride took almost an hour along the stretch of Sheikh Zayed Road. And because I was eager to capture what I’d fancy, I walked my way instead of taking a 5-minute-10-dirham-taxi-cab-ride from the train station to the beach. I didn’t regret it.

As I reached the Jumeirah Beach, I made sure to stroll its almost 2 kilometer stretch (or is it longer?) just to make sure that I wouldn’t missed those sandcastles this time. Before I laid my eyes on them, I had my fortune of having my camera flirted with two camels! I took a few shots on a whim.
Infectious smile, isn’t it?

Although I’m not a beach boy myself, we Filipinos who come from 7,107 islands have absolute high standards when it comes to beaches. The world knows the Philippine archipelago has tremendous beautiful beaches and pristine coastlines but Jumeirah Beach doesn’t disappoint. Fine and powdery sand, crystal clear waters; it reminds me of Boracay island less the towering skyline at this side of Dubai.

I came prepared this time with my slippers in my bag; I changed my footwear into flip-flops at the beach itself.  After I soaked my feet in the water and walked barefooted at the shores, I came back to the two men in charge of the camels and asked of the rates. With no intention to ride it yet (I reserve camel riding when I try Dubai Safari in coming months), I was told it’s 50 dirhams per pax per camel ride and 25 dirhams per pax per photo with the camel. Ouch! Too steep for me! I simply enjoyed taking snapshots with permission. The best things in life are still free! 😀

Walking with the two camels brought me to this part of Jumeirah Beach. A water park for kiddos!
Safety comes first. The water park for kids is properly built with enclosure. Very good!

A few more steps, I saw something the older ones would be interested in.

Crazy ramps for anything with wheels? Hehehe! 🙂

Alas! The most architecturally impressive shower rooms I’ve ever seen…

Then I continued following the camels…


They led me to the reason of my visit to Jumeirah Beach.


Incredibly stunning sandcastles! Like a kid, I was in awe! Nevermind the scorching heat of the noon-time sun.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I heard these sandcastles were installed at Jumeirah Beach as early as February this year. I came to Dubai last February 23rd and visited Jumeirah Beach on my first week. However, I didn’t wander as far as I did on my second visit; I didn’t go to the areas in between Hilton and Sofitel Jumeirah Hotels before, where these whimsical work of arts are!

And to celebrate the Dubai’s triumph of winning the bid for Expo 2020, they created a sand sculpture that represents the iconic skyscrapers of Dubai, with the tallest man-made structure in the world, the Burj Khalifa at the center, including the most efficient railway system I’ve ever experienced, the Dubai Metro. Ahhhhmazing! Fantastic!!!

These sandcastles are a work of genius! Brilliant works of art!

I only wished I went there with my son, Gabby who’s in the Philippines. Gabby, this post is for you, anak! I love you!




  1. WOW, amazingly beautiful.

  2. WOW pretty stunning sand castles, truly works of art. i must ask i thought it’s not allowed to show skin in the arab world, i see one lady in bikini in public. is that okay? is it because she’s a foreigner? i mean caucasian? if an asian visitor or expat does that will that be okay too?

    • Your comment made me realize I only posted photos with less skin, actually, I have more photos of beach goers who spent their Sunday at Jumeirah Beach.

      Dubai is an open city; it’s a multicultural and cosmopolitan city. At any rate, the people, regardless of race came in beach-appropriate attires.

  3. I’ve never been to Dubai but heard so much about it, and your pictures look gorgeous! Found you on expat-blog in the Malaysia blog directory, thought I’d pop by and say hello!

    • hi there ming, thanks for visiting my humble blog.
      I’m now in Dubai, and already missing my memorable 3 years in penang, Malaysia.

  4. Zohaib Zohaib

    Really you should be a photographer, very beautiful and clear pics !

  5. saju saju

    How much they charge for camel ride ?

    is there any contact person name and no available to contact

    • docgelo docgelo

      Hi Saju,

      In Jumeirah Beach that time, they charge 50 AED I think.
      No, I don’t have contact details.

  6. Angel Glass Angel Glass

    I will be there in July. I want to go to the beach even if it’s just quickly in the morning to see it. I’m assuming it’s too hot for people and so they don’t have the camels at the beach right now?

    • docgelo docgelo

      Hi Angel,
      It’s hot here in Dubai until last week of August. Weather soars up to 50 plus degrees Celsius. Unbearable. But everthere is airconditioned inside. Jumeirah Beach? You may visit anytime but for summer, I suggest either too early or late in the afternoon.

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