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With its magnificent dome furnished in gold, set at a height higher than St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, expansive and immensely stunning marble floor of various colors from sunrise yellow to sunset red, the Grand Atrium alone of Emirates Palace in United Arab Emirates’ capital city, Abu Dhabi is a sight to behold!

The gold and gorgeous dome ceiling of Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi.

“Welcome to the lifestyle of the rich and famous, Kuya!”  casually uttered by my youngest brother, JC, who’s been based in Abu Dhabi for some years now, while he’s driving and entering the impressive Emirates Palace. He drove me & Marky around the most remarkably beautiful and truly unforgettable places in Abu Dhabi. Before we trooped to the awe-inspiring, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque at sunset, the two accompanied me and shared at least the lobby of the distinctively known, second seven-star hotel in the world, next to Burj Al Arab in Dubai!

Beneath that  golden arabesque dome is an expansive marble floor.

Together with my cousins and her family who are also living and working in Abu Dhabi, Marky treated my brother on his birthday last year in one of the Emirates Palace suites and was upgraded for FREE with cake and butlers to the high-level-suites at whopping rate fit for Emirati royalty and dignitaries.

As JC  was parking his car, my eyes were delighted at the sight of Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Benz, Audi and other vehicles that spell luxury at the hotel’s car park.

Definitely not our ride, hahaha!

The facade of Emirates Palace and its entire exteriors highlight the majestic Arabic architecture that perfectly blends with its manicured garden and fantastic fountain. Elegant interiors features interesting traditional decors from colossal chandeliers, gold domes and lavish fixtures.

The reception.

Run out of gold? Don’t worry! Seriously, one of the most fascinating corners of the incredibly luxurious, Emirates Palace is its Gold-To-Go-Gold-ATM machine that dispenses gold for cash.

Gold ATM, anyone?

We went down to its basement to take a peek at the breathtaking view of the marina.

When visiting the Emirates Palace, forget about wearing Bermuda shorts and flip-flops, reserve that ensemble for the beach.  A once-in-a-lifetime visit dictates proper attire, not necessarily formal, but casual and something appropriate to the place.

Even the washrooms (toilets in other countries or in the country where I came from, CR! Hehehe!)  in Emirates Palace were not overlooked. Sophistication and luxury at its best!


Right across Emirates Palace, one can appreciate the wonderfully-built, Etihad Towers.

The slick and gorgeous, Etihad Towers.

I never thought I’d set foot in UAE, much more in Emirates Palace; I’m very grateful to my relatives who invited me to Abu Dhabi. Despite the fact that at present, I’m so financially limited to afford such luxurious accomodation and probably would not consider checking in as it’s not included in my priority list (not unless Emirates Palace invites me! *wishful thinking*), witnessing the glory and grandeur of this 7-star-hotel in Abu Dhabi is certainly one of the memories I’ll cherish for as long as I live.

Doc Gelo in the palace! 🙂

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    • you’re welcome!
      thank you for reading my blog. 🙂

  1. Very lucky to have a chance to visit the wonderful Emirates Palace.

    • Thanks to JC, Marky, Tintin, Rob & Kelly for inviting me to Abu Dhabi 🙂

  2. Magnificent palace indeed! makalaglag pa…nga! grabe bongacious hehehe, stunning photos!

    • nabitin at natawa ako sa “pa…nga”
      kayo talaga, walang kupas!

      thank you!

  3. the opulence is palpable. so far i’m impressed with this desert oasis of a city that you have been featuring.

    • thank you! 😀

      i myself, am impressed and grateful with all experiences and sights here.
      please stay tuned as i can’t wait to continue to share more of my uae stories and photos

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