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kids in chiang mai

I don’t usually make New Year’s Resolution for I believe changes may be done regardless of the season. But as for my love for traveling and being a photo-enthusiast, I wish to experience and discover and explore more places that I’ve never been to.

This photo was taken on my recent travel to Chiang Mai; my very first solo backpacking-budget trip.

My Chiang Mai Blog Series soon on this site.

This is my entry to  Weekly Photo Challenge : Resolved


  1. I love that…solo backpacking-budget trip.

  2. I love that…solo backpacking-budget trip

    • thanks, jill! wish you follow the blog series soon! 😀

  3. what’s your top 5 dream destinations?

    • hi maria! it changes over time and 5 would be a small number, lol.
      not necessarily this year of course, but included in my bucket list are
      paris, rome, venice, agra, kathmandu abroad.
      batanes, bohol, palawan, bacolod, and mindanao (for local tribes) back home.
      but then again, these are just DREAM destinations; how blessed are you as you’ve set foot in some if not all of these places and what’s best, you’re generous to share the experience!

  4. I have yet to do that backpacking trip doc gelo! Still gathering my wits and confidence to do that even on a local trip. Happy New Year to you and your family.

    • hi gracious! i’ve learned so much from that trip and have a ton to share! wish you stay tuned!
      have a healthier and happier new year! 😀

  5. Very nice photo. budget bacpacking trips are the best. 🙂

    • thanks, myra! wish you stay tuned too on the blog series soon! 😀

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