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petronas twin towers on waters

I took the theme this week literally. Apparently, the iconic symbol of Malaysia’s magnificence was reflected on the waters of the fountain at its foot when I took this shot on a whim. The towers were actually upside down fronting me; I just flipped the photo over et voila! They’re twins (plural) so I believe their reflections (plural) qualify for this week’s theme! Ho Ho Ho! 🙂

This is my entry to Weekly Photo Challenge : Reflections


  1. Nice, very cool! Love the lights on top of those towers.

    • thanks, gracie!

    • thank you, jennifer!

  2. Awesome! the fact that you turn it upside-down makes for an eye puzzle before your brain actually realizes the reflections! very creative! great shot!

    • thanks, les petits pas de juls!

  3. I say!! .- Marvellous photo – and great you saw it and flipped – I love it!!

    • thank you, mariane!

  4. Awesome shot! and because it’s on water, I salute you for that! You always make very nice shots of everything, especially FOOD!

    • thanks, sheng! 😉

    • thanks! 🙂

  5. Pretty impressive visual. Great shot… finally catching up. 🙂

    • thanks for those kind words! 🙂

  6. what I like is your header, the jeepney Cubao to Quiapo and sorbetes, brought back a lot of memories.

    • thanks, seeker! welcome to my site! my header was custom-made by a malaysian illustrator-blogger according to my specification as my blog is about family, food and fun! 😀 thank you again for the visit & for the compliments!

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