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“A cloud does not know why it moves in just such a direction and in such a speed…It feels an impulsion…this is the place to go now. But the sky knows the reasons and the patterns behind the clouds, and you will know, too, when you lift yourself high enough to see beyond the horizons.” ~Richard Bach 

*The photos were taken from the tiny porch of our 10th floor appartment in Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia overlooking George Town in Penang Island. I frequently look at the sky immediately after arriving home from work and wait for dusk. There I see abundance of priceless blessings!


    • thanks! such great words! i am humbled. :)

  1. These are such beautiful images! It somehow makes me feel at home, as I used to have a similar view, except in Japan. Beautiful! && Very relaxing images!

    • thank you, adrianenicole! i really appreciate that!
      thanks for dropping by.

  2. nice shots Doc. sarap nga tumingin sa ulap yun nga lang nakakangalay hahaha.

    happy weekend :)

    • haha! :) swerte kami, di na kami titingala at mangagalay sa pagtingin sa ulap mula sa bahay. ngunit kung hanggang kailan, di natin alam. 😉

      thanks, marian! have a blessed new week!

    • gael!!!!! musta na?

      glad you found that quote inspiring too!
      it’s the phrase that best describes the moment.

  3. i realized this morning on our way back to manila that daybreak is as beautiful as these sunsets!

    happy monday docgelo! :)

    • i miss sunrise and sunset in manila. :(

  4. Tessie Tessie

    Looking at all this view from our porch and enjoying the sea breeze, makes me relaxed and forget all worries.
    It’s really beautiful watching GOD’s creations. Very inspiring location.
    But until when???????

    • let’s count the days, mother? hahaha! 😀

  5. PM PM

    loved how the sky changes in each photo :)

  6. You have a fantastic view when you open your eyes in the morning and before you close them at night. Don’t rave about it to your landlord or he’ll increase your rent LOL.

    • haha! we’re lucky to rent our unit from a very nice and generous landlord.

      the lease goes for RM950 (PhP 13,300) monthly;fully furnished (3 air con units, 2 bedrooms, 2 toilets, 1 storage room, a little kitchen with hood, and a tiny laundry area) excluding utilities. ayos na din. you don’t get that view (like manila bay’s) on that price in manila.

  7. oh from a fellow skywatcher, i say these are spectacular. amazing how you can have this sightline when you’re in your balcony. i can imagine you enjoying the sky and the cloudsccape while having coffee. you don’t need to even leave your home to have this view. inggit.

    • spectacular? geez, thanks!
      you’ve been skywatching the globe, maria. now that’s one to be envious of! 😛

  8. Afiqah Azman Afiqah Azman

    Love clouds. It soothes the soul. hehe.

    • totally agree, afiqah!
      thanks for swing back here. 😉

  9. What a lovely view from your porch! Kung ganyan ang view sa labas ng bahay ko, di na po ako papasok. Magba-blog na lang ako nang magba-blog lol!

    • tumpak, ms. N! …kung pwede nga lang mag blog na lang maghapon at tumungaga sa balkonahe maghapon! ….ngunit kailangan maghanap-buhay. hay, buhay! :)

  10. Ganda naman! Buti ka pa may view na ganyan! Pader ang nakikita ko tumingin ako sa labas ng bintana ko! lol!

    • Pader ang nakikita ko kapag tumitingin ako sa labas ng bintana ko! lol!

      • hahaha! thanks, man for dropping by!
        isa kang idolo sa pagkuha ng larawan!

  11. mordsith mordsith

    this is why i dream of flying. :)

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