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CHILDREN, SAY 741,176,323.20 PESOS!

And so I heard, a solitary soul won the grand lotto jackpot in Pinas. 

I have never imagined myself winning such luck! But just in case,  probably I will :

  1. Buy a lot somewhere in Tagaytay and build our dream house with wonderful garden and minimalist oriental interiors.
  2. Buy a couple of cars but not the luxurious ones.
  3. Help my immediate and extended family financially.
  4. Invest on anything about food; either build our own resto from scratch or franchise Jollibee and McDonald’s or other fast foods and fine dining food places we like.
  5. Donate sincerely / anonymously to charity : institutions like public hospitals, orphanages, home for the ageds here.
  6. Establish our very own foundation for the needy and generate jobs.
  7. TRAVEL. TRAVEL. TRAVEL the globe! I want to explore Europe and Latin America, Australia, go back to Tokyo, New Zealand, Bangkok and other parts of Asia with my family.
  8. And the list goes on… That will be all for now. I’ll update this soon…

And you? What will you do if you become mucho dinero?



Before my wife raises her eyebrow, I’m talking about food.  

Japanese food, baby. :)

When I was in Tokyo last summer, I had an affair with one of my favorite soups.  I savored it then more frequently than I can imagine.  The most authentic and the best Sukiyaki set that I’ve ever tasted was from a restaurant that I missed out to recall located in Yurakucho.

Other than its thinly marbled and juicy beef slices submerged in very tasteful broth, I liked it so much because I had it for free.  My Japanese acquaintances treated me for lunch and didn’t ask me to pay Y1000 (PhP 500) for that set.

Then again, there were days in Gotanda that I settled for its cheaper yet satiating version from Yoshinoya, Y500 (PhP 250).

Whenever my wife, our kid and I dine out in Japanese restaurants back home, I never fail to sample Sukiyaki of course.

From Umu at Dusit Thani Manila, the best Sukiyaki in town, in my opinion.

From Omakase at Il Terrazo (and Libis), Quezon City


From Zensho, Tomas Morato, Quezon City …

Enough with my drooling for Sukiyaki.

Last Saturday, my 2 housemate-friends brought me to SAKAE SUSHI to sample Japanese yummies from its branch at Plaza Gurney, Gurney Drive, Penang.

Ambience is  casual dining, non-intimidating.

 The most interesting part in this food place is the mini conveyor belt where you can simply grab your sushi cravings from.


Everything looks oishi!

Prices at Ringgit (RM1=PhP 14)…

We got some red plates…

Delicious sushi covered with generous serving of roe with cucumber slices and soft shelled crab filling. Sarap!

As I browsed their menu, I knew what I wanted.

If Sukiyaki won my heart over Miso soup, my favorite Temaki is Soft Shelled Crab!  It’s the best, I tell you!

Another goody from the conveyor belt : Soft Shelled Crab (can’t get enough!) with cheesy chili sauce on vermicelli.

Tempura Ramen for doc Ronnie…

doc Alvin chose to enjoy Chicken Katsu Don + Mochi balls…

But his ultimately divine dessert was chocolate and vanilla ice cream waffle called Chocholate Yaki…

You might thought I’d leave Sakae Sushi without sampling their Sukiyaki ?  Hell, no! hehehe.. :D

Sweet and salty. It wasn’t the best for me, but was good enough to satisfy my craving.

Sakae Sushi got branches all over Penang and 2 in Pinas too!

Tina loves  Japanese also, so does Gabby. He likes Kani and Ebi tempura. 

Bottom line of this post, it made me hungry and yes, I’m eager to bring my family to Japanese restaurants here in Penang.

We’ve got to wait until the 11th of December for that much awaited  reunion.

Till then.

Burp! :)



Dear Gabby,

Yesterday after work, 2 of my housemates-colleagues and I went to the Island with no plans in mind but to de-stress. We ate dinner at one of our default fast foods here, what else but KFC (wala kasing Jollibee e!) then after I dunked my fork and knife at those chunky crispy Original-recipe chix, we roamed around the newly opened (the launch was like 2 days ago) 1st Avenue Mall in Georgetown, Pulau Pinang.

It reminded me of Gateway and Glorietta where we used to stroll like mall-rats before I went here.  The smell of newly painted interiors wafted as we enter 1st Avenue; its strong air conditioning was such a welcoming stimulus amidst the Pinas-like humidity of Penang.

A lot of stores and shops are still yet to open. Nonetheless, the Parkson Department Store, similar to Rustan’s back home has an on-going sale that will end tomorrow, Sunday but will have another Mega Sale on December according to the sale staff.

I bought an extra pillow (my 6th actually)  for you to use here as you and your mom arrive at exactly 13 days from now (countdown never stops!)

I promise, I’ll take you there at 1st Avenue on your first Monday here. *naka-ready na ang itineraries, anak!*

I want you and your mom to view a piece of Pulau Pinang at dusk from the 1st Avenue Mall’s Level 8 viewing deck called Cloud 8…

Anyone will have a different impression of Penang when viewed from the top…

I did not take pictures inside the mall as there’s nothing new to me.

I have to admit that malls in Pinas are so much better and bigger (Miss ko na din Greenbelt, Trinoma and Bonifacio High Street-Serendra) than what we have here in this part of Malaysia nevertheless, their edge over the rest of the malls there are the massive “buy-me-take-me-home” discounts ranging from 50 to as huge as 70 –80% off! Saya dito, Anak kung may extra budget nga lang sana lagi, hehehe..

So, it’s a date at 1st Avenue on December 13.  See you & your mom here on December 11th.

I love you, Gabby!

-Tatay-doc. :D



It means “thank you” in Bahasa Melayu.

Maraming Salamat to my friends online who never fail to amuse me with their comments and religious follow.

With or without the win in any of these two blog awards nominations for this year, I take pride in being one of your blog buddies. :)

Beyond Toxicity is one of the 29 finalists of 2010 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards due December 16, 2010 at Teatrino, Promenade, Greenhills San Juan City.

Docgelo has also an entry in 2010 PEBA International Photo Contest, also due December 16.

Beyond Toxicity is nominated as Best Personal Blog in 2010 Philippine Blog Awards, for 2 years in a row (last year’s PBA Finalist under Family and Living Category); due December 12, 2010 at Carlos P Romulo Theater, RCBC Plaza, Makati.

Good luck to my fellow nominated bloggers!

Saya-saya! :D



To the woman who makes my heart beat purposely and the one who makes my days meaningful,

‘Ney, you know how Gabby and I love you dearly; cliche it may sound but our lives aren’t complete without you.  You and Gabby are my greatest blessings!  

Sorry for all my shortcomings and thank you for all the love and understanding you’ve been giving me for almost 7 years (+3 years prior to our marriage) and counting.  

Happy Birthday to the woman who rules my universe! :D  ILOVEYOU+Gabby so much!

I’ll see you and Gabby here in Penang in 18 days! :D 

Sundan na natin si Gabby?!!! :D



Do you believe in signs?

I’m not superstitious but I know there’s truth to things that are being governed by forces of nature.

Last night, 7 of my friends and colleagues and I enjoyed our Saturday afternoon at Queensbay Mall in the Island (yes, it has been our usual place where we spend our lazy weekend to unwind).  We watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows; which for a movie-goer like me who hasn’t read its book version fell a little less in terms of visuals compared to the other parts of the series. Can’t blame the production people for apparently, the story and the movie should be dark to begin with.  Nonetheless, I’m still looking forward how it’ll end on its final part next year.

After the movie at around 8:30PM, we had quick bites for our dinner then headed to the bus stop. There we saw huge number of High School students who came in their respective bas sekolah (school buses) already geared and dressed for the Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010. I personally thought that these kids and their schools were both crazy in choosing to spend the night at the vicinity of the mall where starting line is and wait for 7AM. (Whole-Bridge 42K run starts 2AM).  But I was wrong.

docRonnie and I registered for the PIBM and  thought of going to the Island (by bus, ferry and bus again) from our place at around 5AM to reach the starting line before 7AM.

There were more than 23,500 runners from 13 years old and up who enlisted to join.

4 days ago, we claimed our marathon’s pack that came with the registration fee of RM15 (PhP 210) that includes an official Fun Run T-shirt, runner’s guide book and some freebies from their sponsors (liniment and gel in sachets, 30% discount coupon from New Balance shoes etc) in a non-woven bag. 

 I even bought a new pair of Nike shoes.

But did we run?


Why ?

I guess, some things are really not meant to be.

These are the few signs…

1. We initially intended to participate the 10K competitive race (despite my lack of practice in jogging and being a supposedly first-time runner) but Ronnie and I were late in the registration.  Because we only go to Queensbay mostly on weekends or when we’re off at work, the only open division when we paid our registration fee was the 10K FUN RUN, nevertheless, we decided to join.

2. When I woke up at 4 this morning and knocked at docRonnie’s door to wake him up, it was raining. It’s unhealthy to run and sweat in the rain, is it not ?

Inspite of the rain, we got up, geared up for the event and hit the streets to the bus stop; thinking that it might not be raining at the route of the race.

3. We were at the bus stop at exactly 5:30AM.  We’ve waited until after an hour but to no avail. There was no sight of buses going to Penang Sentral/jetty except for the private company buses.

Teksi (taxi cabs) are scarce here in Penang unless you’re at the terminal or you phone them for a fare not less than RM12 (PhP 168).

We could have earlier thought  to spend the night before the run in a hotel at Georgetown or somewhere nearby the race’s starting line.

At 6:30AM, my mosquito-bitten thighs and legs succumbed to docRonnie’s suggestion that we go home and continue our Sunday rest.

I hit the shower again and had my first marathon in my dreams. :D





sublime : red velvet cupcake from coffee bean & tea leaf, queensbay mall, pulau pinang

I’ve started the week with a heavy heart — My son got sick of a certain viral infection manifested with intermittent fever, some episodes of vomiting and loose bowel movement, eventually I felt so helpless but faith really works wonders!

There’s a lot to be thankful for but more importantly, Gabby’s health and joy are already restored.

22 days to go and he and his mom will join me here in Penang for our holiday break.

I’ll go home with them a day after Christmas to peek at a lot of things that I’ve missed about Manila; will welcome New Year at home and will be back to work place at the start of 2011.

For now, allow me to wish everyone an advance Merry Christmas and a Blessed 2011!

Happy weekend po! :)



I never felt so helpless in my 34 years of existence until the past 48 hours.

While my 6-year-old son was having episodes of vomiting after meals, loose bowel movements on top of intermittent fever ranging from 38′C to 40′C + and was complaining that his head hurts, I was only on skype to monitor him.  How pathetic was that?

I feel so sorry that I am not beside him to assess what’s wrong with him; was not there to give him medicine, was physically absent to feed him and cannot personally bring him to hospital for laboratory check up, neither I can even comfort him to say the least. :(

My wife, Tina who was with Gabby the whole time he was sick, had difficulty in dealing with the situation alone despite being a nurse herself.  We both broke down to tears while we’re on skype;  my experience was more painful, worse I felt futile because I cannot do anything but pray.

As early as Monday afternoon, she brought our son to a private hospital where blood tests revealed lymphocytosis (an elevated volume of specific white blood cells) which could mean presence viral infection; thankfully his platelet count was within normal count ruling out Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever.

With prayers, love and support from family members, relatives, friends and even anonymous blog and facebook buddies and intake of  prescribed antipyretic and increase volume of fluids and much needed rest, Gabby’s feeling better now. Update : he became febrile again this Thursday morning and will be brought back to the hospital for follow up consult and repeat blood tests.

In those moments, I know I was only helpless but certainly not hopeless for I know God is with us.

I wish I will have the means next year to bring my family here in Penang not only for  a vacation  but for them to stay with me here for good as I continue with my work.  This will all happen if Tina can find work here after I have applied dependent/calling visas for the 2 of them and only if we can afford sending Gabby to an International School here.

My wife and I can only wish and plan things out for the best, but still, we’re both submissive to His will.




Last month, we temporarily left our work desks, classrooms and conference rooms as we attended to our medical university-college’s annual Strategic Meeting…

The venue was impressive; we spent 3D2N at The Regency, Jerai Hill Resort on top of the hills of Gunung Jerai in Penang.

We’re literally cloud-kissed when we’re there; ang ginaw all through out our stay and we heard that the climate is consistent all through out the year.

We’re assigned to different villas, around 3 – 4 per room.  I was with 3 other Pinoy colleagues.

Just like our very own Summer Capital, Baguio City, “no-air-conditioning” needed here…

The rooms were equipped with essentials we need; however our toilet’s water heater failed 2x, one of us had to report it to the concierge; it was fixed immediately.

Team building games, bonding activities, motivational talks lorded our first day…

No, I didn’t sing or did an intermission number, ha ha! :D  I just helped out people of our Library department present our collective suggestions and recommendations…

Dinner time …

The buffet spread had nothing to rave about.  To be honest, it made me missed more the hotel dishes back home…Nonetheless, tummies were filled and warmed after a long and tiring day and hey, I’m not complaining for it’s free! :)

There were singing, dancing for two nights every after dinner. No colors, races, religions kept us away from enjoying those nights.

My Filipino colleagues family in Penang : Doctors All! So proud to be working with all of these brilliant medical educators.

Admittedly, the entire activity was so tiring exhausting but I honestly appreciate the efforts (and the massive expenses!) of the company just to seek improvements not only on individual’s work performances but more so in bringing all of us together to gear toward its common goals and vision.

On a lighter note, I brought home 2 prizes, a nice rice cooker with steamer and a 30cm-Meyer non-stick frying cookware from being awarded 2x as one those staffs who had early accomplished the form of “getting to know my colleagues” (we’re instructed to interact and get the names, age, bday, birthplace, marital status, # of kids and hobbies from each other–and attendees were close to 180+!)  :D



“Megamind is the world’s greatest super villain, and the least successful. Trying over and over to take over Metro City only to foiled time after time by Metro Man, the world’s greatest cape hero.” -sourced via

Dear Gabby,

Yesterday, 2 of my friends here in Penang and I watched the 3D cartoon movie MEGAMIND at Queensbay Mall.

It’s a fun-action-comedy-flick with a bit matured theme on winning, good vs evil, courage and friendship and a lot more.

I thought of you and your mom the whole time I was watching it.  I know you’ll like it too, I’m not just sure about Tina if she’ll agree because it’s in 3D here. You know how your mom gets dizzy with those 3D glasses on.

In other words anak, miss ko na naman kayo. :(

Anyway,  in TWENTY SIX DAYS we’ll be reunited again after 4 months of being physically away from you as you and your mom have your 2-week-break here in my workplace.

We’ll watch NARNIA here and I promise to take you around the island and more when you arrive here.

Can’t wait for that day, Gabby.

For now, give your mom a long embrace and sweet kisses for me.

Iloveyou+Tina. :D




Dear Tina,

You know that Friday used to be my favorite day of the week for obvious reason until I felt a bit depressed and fatigued this late afternoon.

Oh yeah, it’s all about work but I am not complaining.

Nonetheless, I’m still thankful.

end of story.


Dear Gabby,

These are the photos that I took this morning when we went to Georgetown, Penang.

It simply blew me away, son. :D

Funny, that a simple street scene can make someone’s day happy.


Tatay-doc  :D

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

Penang Island, see you tomorrow… :D



Being away from our families and friends by working abroad isn’t easy; it’s tougher than you can imagine.  Inspite of our constant communication with them via Skype, phone calls, SMS and emails, we still long for their presence.

Honestly, there are times when I shed tears particularly when I’m alone in my room, or even just after Skype with my wife+our kid simply because I miss them so.  But then again, everything gets OK when I remind myself of the purpose of being here in Penang. I also keep in mind that I am still lucky to be with Filipino colleagues who became my friends. Believe it or not, they have been keeping my sanity intact, LOL! :D  Seriously, they keep me company; they’ve become my  family here in Penang. :)

Enough with the drama.

A couple of days ago, we feasted over dinner some pizza and pasta from Pizza Hut, Prangin Mall, Georgetown.

And chocolate molten cake for our sweet ending…

The dinner was by one of my good friends and housemate, docAlvin as his post-birthday treat.

Salamat, Alvin, nabusog kami sobra! :)

the hungry pack : (R-L) docRonnie, docAlvin, docJhoram, docJacinta, docAnna & me.

Then today, I’d like to greet another good friend and colleague, docAnna a very happy birthday!

*applause, applause*

We’ll wait for your fettucine alfredo for lunch, OK? sarap ng libreng breakfast ng fettucini alfredo!


jejejeje :D




I certainly know that being a non-smoker and a very occasional alcoholic drinker doesn’t give me enough license to pig-out every now and then. And as a medical practitioner and a lecturer at that, I completely understand those long term consequences -health wise.  But what can I do?  Resistance is as they say, futile when the opportunity presents itself. :D

Most of my housemates here in Penang follow a diet/gym regimen (we live in a penthouse where ground floor has swimming pool, gym and sauna); one of them doesn’t eat rice but only oatmeal on most of his meals. Admittedly, unlike them, I am stubborn to start a healthier lifestyle. Yes, you can accuse me of not practicing what I preach but at least I am happy.  There’s nothing to be alarmed of as of this moment anyway. *bad defense*

Don’t get me wrong, I also eat veggies particularly those dishes that my friends cook at home. I walk with them a few meters daily to and fro bus stops; we stroll several hours in malls on weekends so I am not actually that couch potato. But whenever we find time to go out after work or more frequently during weekends and holidays, we cannot avoid eating what we’d like to eat.

Here are few of those yummies my friends and I savored last week…

Six-cheese-pizza from Pizza Hut, Prangin Mall, Georgetown, Penang; who doesn’t like pizza?

Nando’s Mild Peri-peri chicken from Sunway Carnival Mall...sarap! :D

The first and last time I got to sample Nando’s 24-hour-marinated peri chicken was back in 2005 when we had a 7-week-vacation in Auckland, New Zealand.  Its taste is truly remarkable to the palate….

Spaghetti topped with ebi tempura from Pizza Hut, Prangin Mall, Georgetown…

Eggs Ben with fresh salad from the CBTL, Queensbay Mall… an all-day-breakfast treat served with Cafe Americano…

and Cantonense Kway Teow mixed with beehon from our favorite Pinoy-Malaysian owned food kiosk at the foodcourt of Queensbay Mall…It was my cheapest meal last week at RM 5.90 (PhP 82.60) but the most delightful!

Can you blame me for being a foodie ? :D

Senang Makan (Happy eating!) from Penang!





Dear boredom and homesickness,

I hate you both.

I’m sick and tired of entertaining you.


-docgelo. :D

FYI, long weekend in Penang started last Thursday night for Hindus’ Deepavali or Festivities of Lights was celebrated yesterday, Friday. Of course, our work resumes Monday so it follows I need not to spoil the 3-day-break.

Initially, my friends and I planned to go to Singapore and explore the Lion City via train from Penang;  don’t ask me why but it didn’t push through. :(

Then one of us suggested to just stay within Malaysia and experience the island of Langkawi; too bad all ferry trips and hotel accomodations were fully booked. :(

Worst,  3 of my housemates were all out –two of them went home to Manila; one of them chose to spend his birthday alone in an undisclosed place for the duration of our break, and the other one came home late at past 1AM 2 days ago after he attended a medical mission facilitated by our company.

Needless to say, I was absolutely bound to be home alone last Thursday evening.

After 6 years of being with my wife+kid  physically every single night and day before I became an expat, it dawned on me that I find it difficult to be alone.  Perhaps, I may be able to tolerate such in due time.

So after work last Thursday, I decided to go straight to Penang Island; went  to Queensbay Mall (the largest and the most welcoming mall in Penang) and did little shopping…

  • bought some non-Halal supplies : ham, bacon and Spam lite for baon next week
  • a baseball cap from GAP winked at me so I gave in. :)
  • A 360-thread count King-sized bed sheet set in black from AKEMIuchi on sale with 70% discount
  • 2 shirts on sale from a certain boutique
  • and of course, phone calls to Tina and Gabby comforted my lonely evening.
  • I also bought something to remind me of my most favorite holiday…

The kid in me kicks in and I put him beside my other pillows…

Now, Santa and Woody serve as my company whenever Tina+Gabby end call in Skype. :D

Friday came and docRonnie (my housemate who came home late from Med Mission) and I went again to where else but Queensbay Mall. With our backpacks & laptops in tow, we spent the entire afternoon at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

Two more colleagues came to join us–docJhoram & docAnna.

Before I savored CBTL’s Cafe Americano, chicken pie and yogurt parfait, I thought of resuming my old forgotten on-and-off habit of reading paperbacks.  So I went to the basement of the mall and at a bookstore called Popular, I purchased Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol.

After reading Angels and Demons and Da Vinci Code long before they were shown on screen, it’s only now that I am following again Robert Langdon’s adventures.

It’s Saturday and we’re here again at the same coffee shop of our favorite mall, doing the same thing we did yesterday but certainly I am neither bored nor that homesicked.

I’d like to think it’s only mind over matter, is it not?




If you must know, my brother next to the eldest (that’s me!) is a licensed aviator. He earned his degree in BS Aviation Major in Flying more than a decade ago from Air Link International Aviation School in Pasay City.

While I was still engrossed with studying Med school, he was already working as a flight instructor and eventually became a private pilot of a remarkable company locally  for years now.

His profession calls for yearly training in the US; sometimes, he spends a week or two in Missouri, more often in Orlando, Florida.

Here are some of his photos taken from his on-going flight simulation training in SIMCOM, Orlando, Florida…

He’s there since October 25th and will be home few more days from now; making him to miss his daughter’s 9th birthday celebration tomorrow. Oh well, father-duty calls!

Upgrading his status from co-pilot to pilot in command of Jetstream 4100, so proud to state he got 99% in his final written exam however he still has to ace also his oral exam this weekend and his checkride before the new week starts. I’m definite that you’ll pass it in no time, Capt.! :)

And wow, look at his American breakfast… a luxury for someone like me who rushes to work every morning :(

More than excellence in his craft, he’s the best father to my nephew and niece and a dutiful husband to his loving wife.

Congratz, Captain Mike!

Pasalubong ko ha. he he… :D

As for me, my one and only pilot is none other than…

tina, fly me to the moon! =) i miss you and gabby so much!

Happy weekend, everyone! :D



It has been one of my goals to continue to seek personal and professional growth.  And being one of the ACMS’ Meducationists who aspire to be the best in the world in 2015 in many fields beyond medical education, that dream has been more than promising.


“A synergy of three important elements… medicine, education and professionalism.  A meducationist teaches and guides its students to reach a higher level of medical discovery, to adopt attitudes worthy of a new medical science generation.”

Who would not take pride in working and growing with an institution where passion and excellence thrive harmoniously?

“Our teaching staff are trained practitioners recruited from renowned medical and training institutions globally.  We have the best brains in our advisory council. Currently, we have lecturers from India, Pakistan, Myanmar, The Philippines,and Britain.” ~Dato’ Dr. Zainuddin Wazir, ACMS’ executive chairman and a renowned cardiothoracic surgeon via New Strait Times, Saturday July 24, 2010, p27.

Other than establishing remarkable international medical and educational facilities, ACMS gives utmost importance to its community by giving back and providing aid in a caring and generous way.

“Our approach to education is to work “from rural to urban” which is why we started off in a small town before expanding to big cities around the country and eventually making our presence felt on the global front.

We want to improve the quality of life of the village folk by giving their children the opportunity to change their economic status.

Community services are also a vital component of our curricula in creating awareness amongst students that good communication with society is equally important.”

~Dato’ Dr. Zainuddin Wazir, ACMS’ executive chairman and a renowned cardiothoracic surgeon via StarSpecial, Thursday September 16, 2010

ACMS is ready to conquer the world and I with the rest of my Filipino colleagues who join hands with multi-diversed staff are just as proud and excited to be part of it.


ALLIANZE COLLEGE of MEDICAL SCIENCES  (ACMS) located at Waziria Medical Square, Lorong Bertam 1, Jalan Bertam 2, 13200 Kepala Batas, Penang, Malaysia.

To my valued readers,  if you know someone who’s interested in studying

  • Doctor of Medicine (with twinning programmes with Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia/UKM, Universitas Sumatera Utara/USU, National University of College Cork/UCC, Ireland, or National University of Ireland, Galway/NUIG).
  • Certificate in Pre-Medical Studies
  • Diploma in Medical Sciences
  • Diploma in Physiotherapy
  • Diploma in Pharmacy
  • Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology
  • and by 2010, ACMS will open more medical and allied and professional courses.

Terima Kasih from Penang, Malaysia / Maraming Salamat mula sa Manila! :D

*All photos on this post were sourced from ACMS newspaper clippings : New Straits Times, StarSpecial.



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