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When things do not happen the way we (my wife & I) plan it, I just pray for strength and acceptance of His will and just think of the truth behind the cliche that, “everything happens for a reason.”

My mind has been quietly restless for the past few days,  thinking of so many things that I would like to do and achieve…want need  to :

1. Improve more as a person, as a family man, as a professional. Continuously share my worth to the ones I love and value.  Be an inspiration and somehow motivate others to do positive things.

2. I want my family to be free of any sickness if possible.  It weakens my entire being seeing my 4-year-old son with any illness especially his recent episodes of  now-controlled mild fever and signs of Upper respiratory tract infection.  With the daily news on the rising number of infected Filipinos with swine flu, and even those without history of travel get affected, I can’t help but to think of his condition.  My wife and I get deeply affected when Gabby’s sick.  He’s been healthy since he was born and for him to be healthier is always part of our nightly prayer. 

3.   Seek other means to attain stability.  It’s my ultimate dream to become stable – emotionally and financially.  It’s not that I am so disturbed with this but I just wish to wake up one morning without a single worry about anything.  Don’t you wish it too?  Financial stability means security.  And that goal remains to be attained.

4.  Think of options to achieve our goals. We want to work and eventually migrate overseas.  My wife has successfully registered herself as a nurse in California and currently waiting for an employer via her agency to be deployed to the US even with a working/non-immigrant visa.  Her dad in Missouri filed another petition under category of married sons/daughter of US citizen for the three of us through his lawyer but it would take years, I guess before it’ll be granted. It won’t impose any conflict since the petitions (from her soon-to-be-employer and my father-in-law) are of different categories. 

On my part, while waiting for those petitions to be granted, I am seeking  other opportunities to work abroad.  My job here offers good pay but isn’t enough to sustain us long-term.  I and my wife would like to maximize our potentials to earn and eventually save by working abroad.  However, despite the fact that we’re so goal-oriented, we still need to wait for that perfect timing and chances.    

5. Be patient.  It is a virtue as I constantly hear it from my friends. And I need patience most of the time.   


1.  Be happier.  I am not a dysphroric or gloomy person but I want myself and my family to be happier and to infect others with happiness too.

2.  Build our dream house one day.  I just hope it’ll be sooner than I think.  

3.  Help others by building a small foundation to help the less fortunate particularly street kids or the ones in orphanages or terminally-ill children in public hospitals. Also to extend help to those geriatrics in the rest homes without their families to remember them and to those who are in prisons.  This is one of our aspirations once we established ourselves financially. We’re never greedy and it’s best to share God’s blessings whenever possible.  

4. To travel and experience and enjoy the globe with my family.  I have never been to Europe and I’d like to breathe air in Paris, Venice, Rome, Spain, London and the rest of that part of the world before I die  (I’m only 32).

5.  Aspire for more things….

6CPhoto sourced from Almagnus

Life is what we make it. 

But what if we lack the sources to make our goal of painting our lives with vivid colors possible?  

I always seek guidance from our big Boss in Heaven.

Thy will be done. =)  

What are your aspirations and wishes?

Ofcourse, I also wish for world peace, seriously.



Yesterday, the world just lost one of its greatest music icons.

I arrived at my work place yesterday morning and I was clueless about the news.  I only heard about MJ’s demise from our nurse-reviewees while they’re googling the issue on-line trying to figure out the cause.   My world stopped for few seconds while I was trying to absorb what I heard.  Just like one of his songs, he’s gone too soon

I may not be a fan of him but I honestly admit that I like his music and literally grew up with his songs.  I may not understand his oddities eccentricities on how he lived his life but I cannot deny the fact that I am so impressed with how he moved people’s lives across all ages and colors.  

His music is timeless and influential.   Among the songs he recorded,  Heal the World  is one of those that rendered great social impact.  And for the countless chart topping hits he gave us,   I just can’t stop loving you  is one of my favorites.

And his rock with you song never fails to stimulate me.  


What’s your favorite Michael Jackson song?



My wife Tina and I and even our 4-year-old son Gabby like love  BREADTALK


We’re addicted to FLOSS, especially cheese floss!!!  We never tire eating it whenever we buy some from their store at the malls.  At one time, I tried hot chick and fire floss, and whew, it blew my tongue away! hot, hot, hot! But Breadtalk’s cheese floss is just fine.  Each floss costs PhP 60.

2  3 

Almost all of their breads and yummies are not only a delight to the palate but interestingly baked and labelled as well. The bread above that looks like a smiling alien is called JJ Baby (PhP 47) and the baked smiling heads below are called Mr. Beans.  Gabby personally picked JJ Baby with a thong and put it on my tray. He likes it for its chocolate filling. He likes it even more when he bites its parts bit by bit, LOL.

4  5 

And I just found out the other day that BREADTALK came out with this… img_bannerIt’s a photo contest wherein prizes include Air tickets for two to Tokyo, Japan (wow! we’ve never been there and it’s included in our must-visit place! …..sashimi, sushi, sashimi, sushi….LOL!)  and a Sony Digital Camera (Silver Cyber-shot © T300 Digital Camera (DSC-T300).  Promo runs June 01 to June 30, so if your from the Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea, Oman, Singapore or Bahrain, you still have few days left to join and upload your photos (yes, multiple entries are allowed!) with any of the new “Japan Travel blog buns” (for the Philippines they are the Berry Blossom, Mt. Fuji, Konichikuwa, Meat at Harajuku, and Fried Chicken Pan).

When Gabby and I went to Breadtalk in Gateway mall, it was only Fried Chicken Pan (PhP 54)  that was available, so we tried it sarap! and ofcourse took shots of  our preschooler…

             6   8

9   10


There will be one winner from each 8 participating countries who will each receive a Sony digicam. And from those 8 regional winners, they will select one overall winner to win trip to Tokyo for two.

Whether we win or not, more importantly are the oiishi  bonding moments I am sharing with my son.  But ofcourse, a prize is always welcome!  

For more of the mechanics, click this!



I always smile when I remember a news item on TV several months ago about an interview of a local government official who mispronounced  the word ‘hamburger’  as  ‘hamburJer’!  

Also noteworthy was how a TV advertisement of a burger joint that used  ‘pa-burger ka naman! burger! burger! burger! -phrase became a common by-word at most classrooms and offices.  These show that we don’t only like burgers, but for most of us, it’s part of our unhealthy lifestyle, OUCH! 

While everyone in the Metro went loco on an 10-year anniversary sale of a burger joint that rolled back the prices of their burgers to its original when they’ve started, specifically the burger pounder was sold yesterday for PhP 135 save  PhP 115 from its present price, and their regular burger for PhP 85 save PhP 90 from its present price. Good deal yeah?!  But the expected happened.  I read from one of the blog that I follow that one client had more than 30 orders of burger pounder and most customers had to wait for 2 hours before grabbing a bite at those delicious burgers. Imagine the chaos a sale can bring?  Pinoy pa!?, ang hilig natin mostly sa discount and sale!  Abroad, we’re guilty of going to outlet stores just to buy those out-of-season-clothes,shoes and stuffs that are on sale. 

So I digress. I didn’t queue on that burger store even if  I like ’em too,  but decided to have another bite-worthy chargrilled burgers… WHAM!  

Wham burger with cheese (PhP 113) is 1/3 pound all beef patty with ketchup, mustard, lettuce and tomato, absolutely chargrilled!


It wasn’t our first time to try Wham! burgers. We had dined at Wham! Shangri La before and enjoyed the same hot-off-the-grill burgers and their other yummies such as french fries and onion rings.  Let me tell you I like onion rings so much! Not that I crave for it daily but whenever we’d like to eat burgers, wherever, it should come with fries and onion rings and mayonnaise please! LOL.

Wham burger’s McCain Onion rings, PhP 59  and French fries PhP 50.


Do you like burgers?  Do you like it with mustard? mayonnaise? or just plain? Do you like it char-grilled or fried? I’m sorry but I’m not into eating burger steak. I don’t like burger patties and gravy with rice. Call me traditional or conventional but I like my burgers in between buns.  BTW, have you tasted WAGYU BURGER?  I have to bite on those WAGYU BURGER one of these days…Burp!



I know it isn’t healthy.  But what do you do if your own child tells you he wants it and he smiles to you his sweetest ?  Can you say no with a grin?  What if there’s also that kid-in-you who wants to taste a pinch from your child’s sweet pleasure?  Do you give in easily?

Life is short. And making the most out of our family bonding by giving in to the simplest request  of our son that he doesn’t ask all the time won’t hurt but can make him even the happiest for the moment. 

When we went to a mall last weekend, my son’s eyes were glued to a colorful cart that appeared as an irresistible magent to him.  He asked me and my wife if we can buy him cotton candy.  It’s only PhP 20 a piece and it’s  not everyday that he  gets to taste it, so we both agreed.  Then we saw the biggest smile on his face. 

While my wife and our 4-year-old son Gabby were waiting for their order to be given,  I was fascinated at the posted menu of flavors of those colorful cotton candies…


And look, you can have toppings on them too. How innovative! LOL.


Gabby opted to have SUPERMAN RASPBERRY without any toppings. 

We bought my son’s happiness for that moment for only PhP 20.   *:D

If you’re to pick your cotton candy, what flavor would it be?  Care for Spider pandan? LOL.



When it comes to dining out, my wife and I would often want something that we haven’t tried before, unless we’re not in the mood to be adventurous on food, we’ll just play it safe with some of our favorites.  Browsing the the net to scan reviews of food places is always helpful especially when we’re on a slightly tight budget.  After all, good food need not always to be pricey.

Some of our favorite comfort foods are sushi, sweet desserts such as cakes coupled with iced-cold beverages or coffee.  And all of these we found in one place called Bubble Tea – Tokyo Milk Tea Place. 

Bubble Tea, as of present has two branches at the Metro- one in SM Megamall and the other one that we’ve tried is located at SM The Block.   Bubble Tea offers a fusion of Japanese and Italian/continental dishes all  in one place.  Here’s a few peek of what we’ve tasted from Bubble Tea’s menu.


I liked this Bubble Salad Sushi (PhP 125).  Since my wife was already satiated from our lunch with another resto, she only tasted one and I ate all remaining 3 sushi, hehehe…sarap!   It has glutinous Japanese rice, slices of mango and crab with chopped cucumber pieces wrapped in nori and topped with mayonaise-like dressing and fish roe; it appeared and tasted like an improved version of California maki.


We were provided a huge cardboard menu by the friendly wait staff but we also went to the counter to check out other things to try.  Then our son Gabby pointed at his preferred cake at the counter so we ordered.  He’s a bit choosy when it comes to solid food so we usually give in to some of his requests.  He liked this Choco Royal (PhP 80).


The Bubble Tea’s Choco Royal’s filling has soft-melt-in-your-mouth consistency from different textured chocolates. Gabby’s happy with it, he almost finished the entire serving.  IMG_2409

Ofcourse, what’s a visit to Bubble Tea without sampling their Milk Tea or shakes.  They’re called Bubble tea referring not to the frothy beverages but to those chewy tapioca.  My wife ordered Taro Milk Tea (PhP 85) with extra egg pudding (Php 15) while I tried Choco Milk Tea (PhP 75) with extra egg pudding as well.  We both liked the Taro Milk Tea for being flavorful and I personally prefer it over what I’ve ordered since it has that Jasmine tea aroma that came in perfect blend with the egg pudding and tapioca; it was really refreshing and offered a twist from similar taro pudding and drinks that we’ve tried before.


Gabby looked excited to sip those two tall glasses of bubble milk teas..


Other than the varied choices of milk teas and different flavors of iced cold beverages, Bubble Tea’s menu also has Oishi pizza, some choices of pasta and Japanese rice bowls. The service was quick, the staff were courteous and friendly with ready smiles to their clients and didn’t forget to bid us good bye as we left their resto that weekend afternoon.


Bubble Tea  -Tokyo Milk Tea Place. G/F SM the Block, North EDSA, Q.C.



The role of a a father doesn’t stop at providing the domestic budget to the family but more importantly giving quality time by being with them at a place where they enjoy the most. 

Our four-year-old son Gabby is just like any other kids of his age.  He also likes going to arcades to play games and enjoy the rides.   Whenever we’re at a mall or grocery, or just dining somewhere, he’ll always ask if he can go to Timezone.  He’s doing good in his preschool, so giving in to his request almost every weekend or whenever I’m/we’re off from work, is far from spoiling him ofcourse.  My wife and I would only want Gabby to be always healthy, cheerful and happy.

Last Saturday, as we celebrate Father’s day, I brought my family to Glorietta and Greenbelt, 2 of our favorite malls and Gabby’s usual stroll places. We had a brunch buffet at Dad’s, Saisaki and Kamayan (see earlier post) and burned the calories we ingested by walking through the entire Ayala malls in Makati.  Ofcourse, our mall-hopping would not be complete without Gabby racing his car with Spongebob and other cartoon characters…

  1 2

Kids of his generation are so lucky to have Timezone and other amusement parks like Star City and Enchanted Kingdom, or fortunately for Gabby, he has travelled to few countries abroad – Auckland, New Zealand, Brunei and Hong Kong where he enjoyed similar fun places.  Unlike my growing up years, although I also had a happy childhood, we only had FIESTA CARNIVAL in Araneta Center Cubao before (now turned into Shopwise grocery) as our weekend destination apart from Luneta Park, LOL. 

To Gabby, Timezone is always happiness!  And look at Timezone Glorietta, they had expanded the play place to devote more space to fun, fun, fun… Being a kid-at-heart, I find this choo-choo train very inviting but it won’t accomodate my weight anymore! The figure doesn’t address my weight but my waistline, LOL…

3 4

But we’re thankful that our son is obedient and knows that there’s always limitation to everything.  We only spend PhP100 to PhP 150 everytime we’re at Timezone for Gabby to enjoy and nothing beyond that.  Tina and I would like to inculcate discipline and value of money to our kid without suppressing his “happiness”.

5 6

          IMG_2342   8   9   10

IMG_2340 IMG_2330

IMG_2346 IMG_2339

 Gabby can’t wait for another playtime at Timezone. =)


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