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When things do not happen the way we (my wife & I) plan it, I just pray for strength and acceptance of His will and just think of the truth behind the cliche that, “everything happens for a reason.”

My mind has been quietly restless for the past few days,  thinking of so many things that I would like to do and achieve…want need  to :

1. Improve more as a person, as a family man, as a professional. Continuously share my worth to the ones I love and value.  Be an inspiration and somehow motivate others to do positive things.

2. I want my family to be free of any sickness if possible.  It weakens my entire being seeing my 4-year-old son with any illness especially his recent episodes of  now-controlled mild fever and signs of Upper respiratory tract infection.  With the daily news on the rising number of infected Filipinos with swine flu, and even those without history of travel get affected, I can’t help but to think of his condition.  My wife and I get deeply affected when Gabby’s sick.  He’s been healthy since he was born and for him to be healthier is always part of our nightly prayer. 

3.   Seek other means to attain stability.  It’s my ultimate dream to become stable – emotionally and financially.  It’s not that I am so disturbed with this but I just wish to wake up one morning without a single worry about anything.  Don’t you wish it too?  Financial stability means security.  And that goal remains to be attained.

4.  Think of options to achieve our goals. We want to work and eventually migrate overseas.  My wife has successfully registered herself as a nurse in California and currently waiting for an employer via her agency to be deployed to the US even with a working/non-immigrant visa.  Her dad in Missouri filed another petition under category of married sons/daughter of US citizen for the three of us through his lawyer but it would take years, I guess before it’ll be granted. It won’t impose any conflict since the petitions (from her soon-to-be-employer and my father-in-law) are of different categories. 

On my part, while waiting for those petitions to be granted, I am seeking  other opportunities to work abroad.  My job here offers good pay but isn’t enough to sustain us long-term.  I and my wife would like to maximize our potentials to earn and eventually save by working abroad.  However, despite the fact that we’re so goal-oriented, we still need to wait for that perfect timing and chances.    

5. Be patient.  It is a virtue as I constantly hear it from my friends. And I need patience most of the time.   


1.  Be happier.  I am not a dysphroric or gloomy person but I want myself and my family to be happier and to infect others with happiness too.

2.  Build our dream house one day.  I just hope it’ll be sooner than I think.  

3.  Help others by building a small foundation to help the less fortunate particularly street kids or the ones in orphanages or terminally-ill children in public hospitals. Also to extend help to those geriatrics in the rest homes without their families to remember them and to those who are in prisons.  This is one of our aspirations once we established ourselves financially. We’re never greedy and it’s best to share God’s blessings whenever possible.  

4. To travel and experience and enjoy the globe with my family.  I have never been to Europe and I’d like to breathe air in Paris, Venice, Rome, Spain, London and the rest of that part of the world before I die  (I’m only 32).

5.  Aspire for more things….

6CPhoto sourced from Almagnus

Life is what we make it. 

But what if we lack the sources to make our goal of painting our lives with vivid colors possible?  

I always seek guidance from our big Boss in Heaven.

Thy will be done. =)  

What are your aspirations and wishes?

Ofcourse, I also wish for world peace, seriously.



Yesterday, the world just lost one of its greatest music icons.

I arrived at my work place yesterday morning and I was clueless about the news.  I only heard about MJ’s demise from our nurse-reviewees while they’re googling the issue on-line trying to figure out the cause.   My world stopped for few seconds while I was trying to absorb what I heard.  Just like one of his songs, he’s gone too soon

I may not be a fan of him but I honestly admit that I like his music and literally grew up with his songs.  I may not understand his oddities eccentricities on how he lived his life but I cannot deny the fact that I am so impressed with how he moved people’s lives across all ages and colors.  

His music is timeless and influential.   Among the songs he recorded,  Heal the World  is one of those that rendered great social impact.  And for the countless chart topping hits he gave us,   I just can’t stop loving you  is one of my favorites.

And his rock with you song never fails to stimulate me.  


What’s your favorite Michael Jackson song?



My wife Tina and I and even our 4-year-old son Gabby like love  BREADTALK


We’re addicted to FLOSS, especially cheese floss!!!  We never tire eating it whenever we buy some from their store at the malls.  At one time, I tried hot chick and fire floss, and whew, it blew my tongue away! hot, hot, hot! But Breadtalk’s cheese floss is just fine.  Each floss costs PhP 60.

2  3 

Almost all of their breads and yummies are not only a delight to the palate but interestingly baked and labelled as well. The bread above that looks like a smiling alien is called JJ Baby (PhP 47) and the baked smiling heads below are called Mr. Beans.  Gabby personally picked JJ Baby with a thong and put it on my tray. He likes it for its chocolate filling. He likes it even more when he bites its parts bit by bit, LOL.

4  5 

And I just found out the other day that BREADTALK came out with this… img_bannerIt’s a photo contest wherein prizes include Air tickets for two to Tokyo, Japan (wow! we’ve never been there and it’s included in our must-visit place! …..sashimi, sushi, sashimi, sushi….LOL!)  and a Sony Digital Camera (Silver Cyber-shot © T300 Digital Camera (DSC-T300).  Promo runs June 01 to June 30, so if your from the Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea, Oman, Singapore or Bahrain, you still have few days left to join and upload your photos (yes, multiple entries are allowed!) with any of the new “Japan Travel blog buns” (for the Philippines they are the Berry Blossom, Mt. Fuji, Konichikuwa, Meat at Harajuku, and Fried Chicken Pan).

When Gabby and I went to Breadtalk in Gateway mall, it was only Fried Chicken Pan (PhP 54)  that was available, so we tried it sarap! and ofcourse took shots of  our preschooler…

             6   8

9   10


There will be one winner from each 8 participating countries who will each receive a Sony digicam. And from those 8 regional winners, they will select one overall winner to win trip to Tokyo for two.

Whether we win or not, more importantly are the oiishi  bonding moments I am sharing with my son.  But ofcourse, a prize is always welcome!  

For more of the mechanics, click this!



I always smile when I remember a news item on TV several months ago about an interview of a local government official who mispronounced  the word ‘hamburger’  as  ‘hamburJer’!  

Also noteworthy was how a TV advertisement of a burger joint that used  ‘pa-burger ka naman! burger! burger! burger! -phrase became a common by-word at most classrooms and offices.  These show that we don’t only like burgers, but for most of us, it’s part of our unhealthy lifestyle, OUCH! 

While everyone in the Metro went loco on an 10-year anniversary sale of a burger joint that rolled back the prices of their burgers to its original when they’ve started, specifically the burger pounder was sold yesterday for PhP 135 save  PhP 115 from its present price, and their regular burger for PhP 85 save PhP 90 from its present price. Good deal yeah?!  But the expected happened.  I read from one of the blog that I follow that one client had more than 30 orders of burger pounder and most customers had to wait for 2 hours before grabbing a bite at those delicious burgers. Imagine the chaos a sale can bring?  Pinoy pa!?, ang hilig natin mostly sa discount and sale!  Abroad, we’re guilty of going to outlet stores just to buy those out-of-season-clothes,shoes and stuffs that are on sale. 

So I digress. I didn’t queue on that burger store even if  I like ‘em too,  but decided to have another bite-worthy chargrilled burgers… WHAM!  

Wham burger with cheese (PhP 113) is 1/3 pound all beef patty with ketchup, mustard, lettuce and tomato, absolutely chargrilled!


It wasn’t our first time to try Wham! burgers. We had dined at Wham! Shangri La before and enjoyed the same hot-off-the-grill burgers and their other yummies such as french fries and onion rings.  Let me tell you I like onion rings so much! Not that I crave for it daily but whenever we’d like to eat burgers, wherever, it should come with fries and onion rings and mayonnaise please! LOL.

Wham burger’s McCain Onion rings, PhP 59  and French fries PhP 50.


Do you like burgers?  Do you like it with mustard? mayonnaise? or just plain? Do you like it char-grilled or fried? I’m sorry but I’m not into eating burger steak. I don’t like burger patties and gravy with rice. Call me traditional or conventional but I like my burgers in between buns.  BTW, have you tasted WAGYU BURGER?  I have to bite on those WAGYU BURGER one of these days…Burp!



I know it isn’t healthy.  But what do you do if your own child tells you he wants it and he smiles to you his sweetest ?  Can you say no with a grin?  What if there’s also that kid-in-you who wants to taste a pinch from your child’s sweet pleasure?  Do you give in easily?

Life is short. And making the most out of our family bonding by giving in to the simplest request  of our son that he doesn’t ask all the time won’t hurt but can make him even the happiest for the moment. 

When we went to a mall last weekend, my son’s eyes were glued to a colorful cart that appeared as an irresistible magent to him.  He asked me and my wife if we can buy him cotton candy.  It’s only PhP 20 a piece and it’s  not everyday that he  gets to taste it, so we both agreed.  Then we saw the biggest smile on his face. 

While my wife and our 4-year-old son Gabby were waiting for their order to be given,  I was fascinated at the posted menu of flavors of those colorful cotton candies…


And look, you can have toppings on them too. How innovative! LOL.


Gabby opted to have SUPERMAN RASPBERRY without any toppings. 

We bought my son’s happiness for that moment for only PhP 20.   *:D

If you’re to pick your cotton candy, what flavor would it be?  Care for Spider pandan? LOL.



When it comes to dining out, my wife and I would often want something that we haven’t tried before, unless we’re not in the mood to be adventurous on food, we’ll just play it safe with some of our favorites.  Browsing the the net to scan reviews of food places is always helpful especially when we’re on a slightly tight budget.  After all, good food need not always to be pricey.

Some of our favorite comfort foods are sushi, sweet desserts such as cakes coupled with iced-cold beverages or coffee.  And all of these we found in one place called Bubble Tea – Tokyo Milk Tea Place. 

Bubble Tea, as of present has two branches at the Metro- one in SM Megamall and the other one that we’ve tried is located at SM The Block.   Bubble Tea offers a fusion of Japanese and Italian/continental dishes all  in one place.  Here’s a few peek of what we’ve tasted from Bubble Tea’s menu.


I liked this Bubble Salad Sushi (PhP 125).  Since my wife was already satiated from our lunch with another resto, she only tasted one and I ate all remaining 3 sushi, hehehe…sarap!   It has glutinous Japanese rice, slices of mango and crab with chopped cucumber pieces wrapped in nori and topped with mayonaise-like dressing and fish roe; it appeared and tasted like an improved version of California maki.


We were provided a huge cardboard menu by the friendly wait staff but we also went to the counter to check out other things to try.  Then our son Gabby pointed at his preferred cake at the counter so we ordered.  He’s a bit choosy when it comes to solid food so we usually give in to some of his requests.  He liked this Choco Royal (PhP 80).


The Bubble Tea’s Choco Royal’s filling has soft-melt-in-your-mouth consistency from different textured chocolates. Gabby’s happy with it, he almost finished the entire serving.  IMG_2409

Ofcourse, what’s a visit to Bubble Tea without sampling their Milk Tea or shakes.  They’re called Bubble tea referring not to the frothy beverages but to those chewy tapioca.  My wife ordered Taro Milk Tea (PhP 85) with extra egg pudding (Php 15) while I tried Choco Milk Tea (PhP 75) with extra egg pudding as well.  We both liked the Taro Milk Tea for being flavorful and I personally prefer it over what I’ve ordered since it has that Jasmine tea aroma that came in perfect blend with the egg pudding and tapioca; it was really refreshing and offered a twist from similar taro pudding and drinks that we’ve tried before.


Gabby looked excited to sip those two tall glasses of bubble milk teas..


Other than the varied choices of milk teas and different flavors of iced cold beverages, Bubble Tea’s menu also has Oishi pizza, some choices of pasta and Japanese rice bowls. The service was quick, the staff were courteous and friendly with ready smiles to their clients and didn’t forget to bid us good bye as we left their resto that weekend afternoon.


Bubble Tea  -Tokyo Milk Tea Place. G/F SM the Block, North EDSA, Q.C.



The role of a a father doesn’t stop at providing the domestic budget to the family but more importantly giving quality time by being with them at a place where they enjoy the most. 

Our four-year-old son Gabby is just like any other kids of his age.  He also likes going to arcades to play games and enjoy the rides.   Whenever we’re at a mall or grocery, or just dining somewhere, he’ll always ask if he can go to Timezone.  He’s doing good in his preschool, so giving in to his request almost every weekend or whenever I’m/we’re off from work, is far from spoiling him ofcourse.  My wife and I would only want Gabby to be always healthy, cheerful and happy.

Last Saturday, as we celebrate Father’s day, I brought my family to Glorietta and Greenbelt, 2 of our favorite malls and Gabby’s usual stroll places. We had a brunch buffet at Dad’s, Saisaki and Kamayan (see earlier post) and burned the calories we ingested by walking through the entire Ayala malls in Makati.  Ofcourse, our mall-hopping would not be complete without Gabby racing his car with Spongebob and other cartoon characters…

  1 2

Kids of his generation are so lucky to have Timezone and other amusement parks like Star City and Enchanted Kingdom, or fortunately for Gabby, he has travelled to few countries abroad – Auckland, New Zealand, Brunei and Hong Kong where he enjoyed similar fun places.  Unlike my growing up years, although I also had a happy childhood, we only had FIESTA CARNIVAL in Araneta Center Cubao before (now turned into Shopwise grocery) as our weekend destination apart from Luneta Park, LOL. 

To Gabby, Timezone is always happiness!  And look at Timezone Glorietta, they had expanded the play place to devote more space to fun, fun, fun… Being a kid-at-heart, I find this choo-choo train very inviting but it won’t accomodate my weight anymore! The figure doesn’t address my weight but my waistline, LOL…

3 4

But we’re thankful that our son is obedient and knows that there’s always limitation to everything.  We only spend PhP100 to PhP 150 everytime we’re at Timezone for Gabby to enjoy and nothing beyond that.  Tina and I would like to inculcate discipline and value of money to our kid without suppressing his “happiness”.

5 6

          IMG_2342   8   9   10

IMG_2340 IMG_2330

IMG_2346 IMG_2339

 Gabby can’t wait for another playtime at Timezone. =)


MALL RATS (part two)

After a nice recharging and relaxing Saturday afternoon in Makati, we wrongly decided to spend the following day-Father’s Day at SM North EDSA.   Why in the world there of all places?  Honestly, we don’t have other reasons but curiosity of that newly built SKY GARDEN and SKY DOME with the freshly renovated SM City Annex.  

I had an overdose of that mall in Quezon City when I was in Med school. Every after platings (or quizzes in layman’s) and exams, my classmates and I usually go there to unwind (for the lack of better word).   It’s a luxury for medical students at that time (I don’t know now) to have a break inside a mall to have coffee, or watch movies or simply to stroll around after an exhausting duty or examination.  I had my four years of med school frequenting SM City North EDSA and I think I had enough of it, even after I saw the changes they’ve done with it, for improvement, to be at par (admit or deny it) with the Ayala malls that are so eco-friendly and our favorites but sadly, all that we saw in SM City didn’t meet my expectations. 

Blogosphere, here’s the new SM City North EDSA Sky Dome and Sky Garden


If you haven’t seen it for whatever reason (you’re not missing the world, don’t worry, LOL), it’s a multipurpose theater  on top of a carpark  (do you like that?!)  fronting EDSA and North Avenue (with all the emitted pollution from vehicles in those highways),  what’s weird uncommon with it is the presence of a man-made hill with walk way designed after an unfamiliar pattern somewhat like UFO (?) LOL,  with fountains, man-made stream and few art whatever.  To be frank with what I feel about it, instead of providing cool green environment, it was rather warmer and humid despite the effort of being an eco-friendly SM mall.  Ang init, sobra! and I cannot imagine when storm comes, how will the Sky garden and Sky Dome tolerate the pours?  I hope they anticipated flood control in those new “attractions”.  I’m sorry but I’m not really into it.  I don’t get the idea of having a garden on top of a car park in the middle of polluted EDSA.  Ang init, talaga!  Perhaps if they have airconditioned it, I will think otherwise.

IMG_2382  IMG_2384

 There are few opened establishments such as coffee shops and ice cream parlors along the covered trail of the Sky Garden but these shops are so small with minimal seating capacity except for very few restaurants there.  Starbucks Coffee (right) at the Sky Garden is yet to be finished and a promising resto called Persian Grill (left) has the same status.  These two food places are located in the man-made stream at the Sky Garden that looks like this… IMG_2385

What ALMOST impressed me was the renovation of the SM City Annex… If you’re familiar with how it looked few decades ago, look how it changed…

IMG_2386  IMG_2387

The renovation of the SM City Annex was close to my taste had it not have heavy-looking stairs and escalators.  I got dizzy by just looking at them. 


Perhaps it’s just my preference and bias with Glorietta, Greenbelt, TriNoma and Shangri La malls.  But it also proves that NOT all HUGE are GREAT.


MALL RATS (part one)

We’re bias with Ayala malls (other than Shangri La mall in Mandaluyong City – we love it there too!), Glorietta and Greenbelt to be specific.  We also frequent TriNoma (less the crowd) and also like Bonifacio High Street (less the humidity) and Serendra.  We preferred them over other malls in the Metro for some reasons. 

I don’t know about you but it’s very important for us for a mall to have clean toilets even if these are pay lounges or pay comfort rooms.  Toilets though public should provide utmost comfort with adequate essentials (hence they are called comfort rooms, right?). It troubles us when we experience comfort rooms that are unsightly and poorly kept by the mall management.  We don’t mind paying PhP 10 per pax for the use of such amenities if you can be comfortable with your needs.  Have you been to the public toilet of Serendra that is so spick and span with centralized air conditioning complete with a mini-landscaping of greens at its center?  It’s really wow for a public place, similar to well-maintained 5-star-hotel toilets.

The other thing that invites us to frequent a mall other than comfortable toilets is when a shopping complex is eco-friendly.  I personally like the way Ayala malls management value nature.   Those lush greens and trees in Greenbelt Park that embrace the Chapel of Sto Niño de Paz  is always a relaxing sight that will deviate you temporarily from the hassles of the urban living.

IMG_2354  2 

3  IMG_2358

Whenever we’re in Makati to spend a weekend, we rarely forget to drop by at Sto Niño de Paz chapel in Greenbelt.  We like the simplicity of the domed chapel amidst the man-made waters with lots of kois swimming with some feathered animals.



IMG_2360  IMG_2361

When commercialism communes with nature and God Himself effortlessly, what more can you ask  for?  It’s  almost surreal.

Can you blame us why we like it here?



Warning : This post contains gastronomically stimulating photos and you may want to have a glass of water with you while you view. Enjoy…

I celebrated Father’s day with my wife, Tina and our son, Gabby for two consecutive days at two different venues.  Needless to say, I’ve got the happiest stomach last weekend!

After Gabby and I got sick of mild viral infection last week, this year’s Daddy’s day out had more meaning by being thankful that we both regained our health as if nothing happened.  It’s but logical to enjoy the weekend and savor another family bonding moment.  We attended anticipated mass last Saturday afternoon at Greenbelt Chapel  (that I’m posting after this entry) after our hearty lunch in Glorietta 3.   Amidst the countless restaurants in Makati, there’s one spot where Gabby loves kani tempura  the best… yes, our 4-year-old son already prefers crab tempura better than hotdogs and burgers!  So we usually have buffet brunch or dinner at one of the affordable buffets in the Metro, where else but…



That’s my first platter of sushi, tempura and few slices of sashimi from Saisaki.  Dad’s Ultimate Buffet includes Saisaki and Kamayan that offer Japanese and Pinoy food spreads respectively (and continental for Dad’s).  We always have these blue plates which also mean cross-over buffet or access to those 3 buffet sections. 

And just after finding our table at Saisaki, the manager on duty  (ispooting na ispooting in tux, LOL) asked us if we would like our Ebi tempura to be served at our table (so as to avoid stampede at the buffet spread-JOKE!), he got my approval ofcourse!  I was too weak to resist, LOL.


Then I walked through the open kitchen where I found my favorite Japanese soup Sukiyaki  (I’m not a fan of miso soup, sorry), while  Gabby opted for the thick and creamy seafood chowder from Kamayan.   Take your pick…

  IMG_2292   IMG_2310 

Surprisingly,  SAISAKI was having a theme of SUSHI IN THE CITY (a delicious spoof of sex and the city series) so the spread of sushi and sashimi improved a lot better since we last dined there few months back.  The yummies were presented more stimulating to the palate and to eyes.  If you like these Japanese starters, feast your eyes on this spread… (I repeat : these plates were at spread, not on our table, LOL)

 2  3

There’s an art in every roll…

5  4 

It’s advisable to call and make a reservation for table/s  or at least to be early before the doors open at 11AM for lunch or at 6PM for dinner buffet.  We were just on time for lunch last Saturday and I’ve clicked my cam on those gastronomic delights.  Those tamago rolls (egg)  are one of my favorites, with California maki and other sushi. The tuna and salmon sashimi were just right at every slice, without that fishy after taste, they were really perfect for soyed wasabi! 

6  7

By mere posting this I’m craving again for those yummy sushi!   Tina had her own preference, this was her plate… 8

I like that shredded crab sticks with Japanese sticky rice and generous slice of ripe mango wrapped in nori;  my wife shared it to me and it was really sarap!

Now if you don’t fancy those sushi and sashimi, I can’t blame you but you should know you’re missing the world, LOL, anyway, you might be interested with the other spread most especially the desserts…

Before those delightful sweets, let me show you the plate I didn’t finish… well, almost. I just stuffed and hid the few slices of left-overs with tissue papers and used chopsticks … This was my carnivorous-protein-rich platter from Dad’s and Kamayan… While on the right was my surprised gift from Enervon prime adult milk given by a promo lady.

IMG_2316  IMG_2295

The roasted pig’s skin was crispy as expected. I also enjoyed the salty sweet ham from Dad’s but I was surprised that the staff in the carving station put 3 slices of ham on my plate when I only asked for one. I didn’t notice it because my eyes were glued to the other dishes, LOL.   So I failed to eat them all, sayang.  The roast beef was not that tender. I asked for 2 slices from the medium well-done part but still it didn’t pass my expectation. But the Lengua from Dad’s is always a winner for me.  The slices were far from having gum-consistency and the mushroom gravy was also perfect.  Tina also had ceasars salad from this spread which she shared with me. It’s healthy to eat fruits and veggies in between during buffet dining…

IMG_2284  IMG_2283

There’s so much more food in Kamayan but we only had few bites of bibingka with muscovado and puto-bumbong…

IMG_2286  IMG_2289

On with those desserts :  This was Gabby’s plate after he munched on those kani tempura.


His mom got those for him from these plates at the buffet…

10  11 

Tina and Gabby got scoops of ice cream in strawberry, mocha and chocolate flavors.  The scoops were also bottomless however we only had these cups and tasted other favorite sweet treats…


While Gabby was enjoying these bite-sized cakes and pastries, I got some fibrous fruits from Saisaki and Tina had Buco-pandan from Kamayan…

IMG_2322  12

When I paid the bill, I asked the manager to validate my DAD’S  HAPPY DINER card (which they hand in to customers after dining) and by doing so, we’ve completed 10 required signatures thus we’re already given one FREE BUFFET on our next visit (Mon-Thurs) before August 19.  Count few weeks and we’re off to Dad’s again, LOL.

After each buffet in Makati, whether it’s on Dad’s Saisaki Kamayan or in hotels (we’ve tried Dusit Thani and Shangri La’s Circles Events Cafe, you may want to hit my search engine here to view those posts) we always try to roam the entire Makati shopping district, LOL, to burn those calories and cholesterol we ingested.   So after that “ultimate” lunch, we strolled Landmark, Glorietta and Greenbelt which I’ll post next…




Ultimate Buffet costs PhP 590 for adults, half price for kids.



We went to Greenbelt in Makati last Saturday and one of the shops my wife Tina, our son Gabby and I explored was Powerbooks at G4.  We went around, shelves after shelves, scanned books, browsed other reading materials and just didn’t mind the ticking of the clock. 

Our 4-year-old son Gabby held our hands and pulled us toward his interests- what else but children’s books, ofcourse.  How can you say no to your own child’s request especially on a day before Father’s day?  So Tina & I eagerly gave in to Gabby’s and sat down in the carpeted floor at the upper level of Powerbooks just as what other readers were doing there (there were also some couch and seats too nice for comfortable reading).  


We didn’t buy any for him because he has a number of preschool and activity books at home.  Most of his books, other than from his school, were mostly sent by his grandparents from California and Missouri or given as gifts by his godparents. 

After few minutes of fun for him, we further explored other shelves for good stuffs.  I liked few paperback titles but I don’t think I can find time to read them now.  And for the nth time, there it was again!  I browsed this coffee-table book that I long to own.   This hard-bound book is affodable at almost PhP 2,000 a copy but I resist the temptation to buy it every time I see on bookstores for I know it’ll be sweetest to receive it as a gift, do you agree?  (paging friends who would like to surprise me with present/s, ehem…)  

If you have the copy already, it must have been a joy for you to scan it regularly. I can only sigh burp with envy, LOL.  






Noong nag-celebrate kami ng Mother’s day noong May 10, tinanong ako ng anak kong mag-lilimang taong gulang kung may Father’s day din daw ba.  Ang sagot ko, meron syempre, tuwing ika-3 linggo ng Hunyo. Tinanong ulit nya nanay nya, at ang sabi nya - “Mommy, eh mayroon po bang “Bata day” ? Kasi sabi ni Tatay-doc mayroong Father’s day eh…” At ang sagot ni Tina kay Gabby, “Anak, araw-araw eh “Bata day!”

It all started few weeks after we came back from our brief honeymoon in Bangkok.  Gabby was our honeymoon baby, believe it or not.  My life changed for a whole lot better.  I became more responsible.  I have been living my life not for myself alone but for my own family since then.

It was January of 2004 when my wife Tina immediately went back to her job as an Operating Room nurse at a public tertiary hospital in Quezon City after our honeymoon.  But she avoided the mayo and operating tables  and only worked in PACU/Post Anesthesia Care Unit  a.k.a.  RR/Recovery room for we knew she was already positive and few months later, she gave me these proofs of my commitment to her and to Gabby. 


Then even without a digicam yet, we documented every smiles and milestones month after month….30 00137365253676870gab740211_970506733l14874632817255l15217272963981lg2DSC06205IMG_3716IMG_3658IMG_1069

I may not be a good son but I’m trying to be the best dad to my own kid Gabby.  I and my wife only wish our son to grow up as God-fearing, smart, healthy and happy boy as he is.  He’ll be forever our baby.

I love them both sobra, they’re my life —->DSC06226

Happy father’s day to all tatay in the world. =)



On Sunday, June 21, we get to celebrate Fathers’ day.  Before I post something to celebrate my own fatherhood,  I’d like to greet my own dad a “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY”.  And tell him these words – Despite the hassles that come with life itself, and inspite we’re living in different roofs now, our family remains intact through these years.  You never left Mommy, you never laid hands on her not even once, neither on us- your sons.  Though the four of us grew up with Mommy alone since you were sweating it off in Saudi all through out our wonder years, you never abandoned us.  And now that we’re all grown up now and two of us are already fathers too, we might not be expressive on this especially me, but you should  know we’re grateful of all your sacrifices and efforts to raise us whole.  I may not repay you emotionally or in any way in my entire lifetime, I know that whatever we have become is because of you and mom’s parenthood. Thank you. 

To my brother who’s a dad to my nephew and niece, you’re not only an experienced private pilot but a good family man as well. Happy Father’s day! Keep it up with the kids.  

And to my fathers-in-law - my wife’s Papa in Missouri and her Daddy in California, I salute you both for raising and rearing a daughter like her and we’ll be forever thankful of your support to our family life.  Thank you so much and Happy Father’s day to both of you.

And to all daddies, tatay, ama, papa, papi in the whole universe, be happy on our day on Sunday and be thankful for our families for the rest of our days.  Cheers to all of us, and here’s one for all the dads…     

An only child
Alone and wild
A cabinet makers son
His hands were meant
For different work
And his heart was known
To none –
He left his home
And went his lone
And solitary way
And he gave to me
A gift I know I never
Can repay

A quiet man of music
Denied a simpler fate
He tried to be a soldier once
But his music wouldnt wait
He earned his love
Through discipline
A thundering, velvet hand
His gentle means of sculpting souls
Took me years to understand.

The leader of the band is tired
And his eyes are growing old
But his blood runs through
My instrument
And his song is in my soul –
My life has been a poor attempt
To imitate the man
Im just a living legacy
To the leader of the band.

My brothers lives were
For they heard another call
One went to chicago
And the other to st. paul
And Im in colorado
When Im not in some hotel
Living out this life Ive chose
And come to know so well.

I thank you for the music
And your stories of the road
I thank you for the freedom
When it came my time to go –
I thank you for the kindness
And the times when you got tough
And, pap, I dont think i
Said i love you near enough –

The leader of the band is tired
And his eyes are growing old
But his blood runs through
My instrument
And his song is in my soul –
My life has been a poor attempt
To imitate the man
Im just a living legacy
To the leader of the band
I am the living legacy
To the leader of the band.



I have mild fever since last night and an itchy throat.  Yes, even doctors get sick; we’re also humans like you,  you know (ala Manny Pacquiao, LOL).  I’m not worried (defensively),  it isn’t swine flu since I don’t have exposure to someone with recent travel, neither I have been exposed to someone with it.   I attribute it to sudden weather changes (as I was exposed to drizzle 2 days ago), fatigue from work, stress and anxiety from financial obligations (my son’s recent enrolment fees and school needs, monthly domestic bills, daily expenses) and my paranoia of that swine flu viral scare (blame the remarkably increasing infected rates from the Philippines alone – it rose to 311 and counting!).  Just thinking about it torments me.  

After self-assessment of my signs and symptoms, looks like it’s bacterial, not viral.  And so I prescribed myself an antibiotic to be taken for 10 days (gone are the days of 7-day-antibacterial therapy because of microbial resistance), paracetamol every 4 hours (RTC / round-the-clock for fever), ascorbic acid and multivitamins,  a mucolytic, and lots of fluids and adequate rest. (Rest ba ‘ka mo? Am i supposed to be sleeping and curling up in bed rather than plurking?)  And so I declare today as my official rest day.  I’ll detach myself temporarily from worries and will try my best to get well soon. 

Thank God I haven’t been anorexic yet.  I continue to crave for something that pleases my palate and my stomach. I tried to munch some fruits last night - a piece of banana and a bowl of iced avocados with evaporated milk prepared by my wife.  Few hours before bedtime, I wanted to sip a soothing hot soup but it was too late for my wife to cook so I just had this…  


It may have artificial flavor enhancers from monosodium glutamate (which we usually try to avoid) and salt; ofcourse I won’t argue with you that there’s no artificial substitute for the nutritional value of stock from sinigang or nilaga,  but these instant noodles offer quick relief of hot soup craving with no cooking at all.  Just add hot water and voila… it’s even a “lifesaver” for some.   This crab instant bean thread  could have tasted much better if I’m feeling well.  Nonetheless,  I finished the entire cup, one little sip at a time. 


Now, I have to sign off for a while to doze off.




hawaiian host macadamia,

cadbury roses,

cadbury fruits and nuts,

cadbury dairy milk,


ferrero rocher,

van houten

nestle butterfinger,


milkyway midnight,





3 musketeers,

hershey almond,

hershey’s special dark,


kitkat chunky white,

nestle crunch,

reese’s crispy crunchy bar,

ritter sport,




cloud 9,


what’s my all time peborit ?


chocnut is happiness!

And you ?



I’d like to be a chef or at least enrol in a crash course in culinary arts  around  five to ten years from now  (OK, I know  it’s ridiculous to announce it too soon but I’m still preoccupied with something else, LOL).  What drives me into this?  I’m always fascinated with the following :

#1.  efforts exerted by a cook or chef  in preparation and cooking processes.

#2.  art of plating a dish.

#3.  gastronomic stimuli, palatal pleasures and different tastes.

#4.  eating/dining/enjoying food/ science of nutrition – whatever you call it.

Let me enumerate the things I can miraculously do in front of a stove – fry whatever, boil water (is it considered cooking?), boil egg in water, boil rice (that’s too much boiling steps right? LOL),  spaghetti, sinigang or meat/shrimp/beef in sour stock, and nasi goreng which I learned from a local TV show during one of my days off. 

My interest on learning how to cook in the near future (read : I’m not really ready now) was greatly influenced by my wife.   She likes cooking but can’t afford to do it on a daily basis. She also loves to watch FOOD NETWORK  and introduced me and our 4-year-old son Gabby (who also dreams of becoming a chef, perhaps we can be classmates)  to IRON CHEF AMERICA.  Do you watch that show on cable ?

Based upon the Japanese cult sensation, Iron Chef America carries on the legend of Kitchen Stadium and the famed “secret ingredient.” Each week, world-class chefs battle the legendary Iron Chefs of America: Bobby Flay, Mario Batali, Masaharu Morimoto and Cat Cora. Alton Brown serves as Commentator and Mark Dacascos is Chairman.

I only catch it whenever my wife’s  in control of the boob tube.  And the last delayed episode that was shown here  was the battle between Iron Chef Mario Batali and challenger Chef Jamie Oliver, “the Naked Chef” (his own cooking show is called as such for the title refers to his cooking without preservatives and processed food; nothing about nudity, sorry ladies).  The defender won over 3 criteria : TASTE, PLATING, ORIGINALITY ( Batali scored 50 vs  Jamie’s 47 ).   I was  inspired with the episode thus I asked my wife to cook for me, LOL. 

A plate of buttered tilapia fillet and veggies (on a cucumber boat), with mango salsa (chopped green mango, tomatoes, onions, cucumber)  and a cup of boiled rice topped with shredded green mango twith bagoong.

That was my plate prepared and cooked by Tina, my lovely wife yesterday;  appetizing, isn’t it?  Frankly, she doesn’t cook and present our plates this way on a daily basis.   She hardly even cook as I’ve mentioned and far from being EXCLUSIVE domestic goddess  but I’m not complaining because she’s a working mom.  She does the kitchen work whenever possible, mostly during her days off – and since last weekend was a long one, it’s so nice of  her to give in to my request and the result of her efforts was much appreciated.



Few hours ago, my wife Tina and I craved for something before we doze off.  And what did we chow ?


We love this loaf.  It’s one of our comfort foods.  We like this Italian bread seasoned with olive oil and herbs.  We had Anchor butter as spread and glasses of iced cold water, hehehe… although I wished we had mugs of capuccino or any hot venti from Starbucks Coffee to go with it.  The pack has 4 loaves, we only consumed 2 and refrigerated the remaining loaves for our afternoon snack today.


What’s your usual midnight craving?


DOCGELO’S MEDICAL DOSE :  To pig out before sleeping may be harmful (OK, we absolutely know we’re guilty but we don’t eat midnight snacks religiously, LOL).  Except for diabetics, it is advisable to eat dinner 6 hours before going to bed, as to give ample time for the last meal to be digested and absorbed completely (as these processes may take 6 to 8 hours post prandial) in order to avoid taxing the gastrointestinal tract including the pancreas.  This is the rationale behind the AFTER 6 DIET.  (I highly suggest before anyone follows any fad diet, a consult from MD is essential ofcourse to learn what’s best for your system.)  FYI, most causes of death in sleep have been attributed to rupture of pancreas (which is exocrine gland that secrete digestive juices and at the same time endocrine gland that secretes hormones such as insulin, glucagon, somatostatin and polypeptides) when it’s severely taxed after dinner and binge drinking.

One of my blogger friends (thanks, BertN)  asked me a querry that required me to add this :  I’d like to advise the common laymen to avoid reclining or being in supine position immediately after eating regardless of the meal and time in order to prevent reflux of gastric acid to the esophagus that might lead to its irritation/inflammation causing esophagitis. This happens usually to alcoholics of to anyone with emesis or vomiting.  It is healthier NOT to be in supine position until 30 minutes (to 1 to 3 hours when ingested food and drinks are still in stomach) after eating.  But I am sometimes guilty of this too, as I usually enjoy my bed after eating on our bed tray - I call it personally as SWINE REFLEX, LOL.



When I visited my parents’ home in Pasig City this afternoon, where my 3 brothers and our father are staying, less our mom who’s in UAE now for work,  I waited for my brother to borrow his treasured memorabilia for me to feature them here, I’m glad he granted my simple request.  

My youngest brother JC will be 24 years old this year, exactly a day before my 33rd birthday this September.

After enrolling 2 different courses at 2 universities back in 2003 within one week, he dropped all those to finally enroll Tourism at CEU (Centro Escolar University) in Manila. Biniro ko pa sya noon, sabi ko “Gusto mo bang maging turista JC?”   Honestly, we didn’t expect he’ll be serious enough to finish that course and find a profession out of  it at that time, but wow, he proved us all wrong! 

He was only 21 years old when he had his OJT (on the job training) at Magsaysay Shipping in Manila as a requirement of his course.  He’s done with his OJT few months before he walked down the aisle of Manila Hotel for their batch’s graduation.  Few days after his graduation, he was absorbed and went on training under the same company and gained his seaman’s book.  By the third week of July 2 years ago, he’s off to Europe to join COSTA ATLANTICA CRUISE  as one of its crew.   

It was amazing, really awesome experience for him.  I’m so proud of him.  Although he started with uncertainties,  he went far from what I’ve imagined.  At an early age, he was already earning foreign currency with Euros as tips.  Best of all, among our many relatives from a huge clan in Calumpang, Marikina, probably he’s the only first to see most of Europe.  He’s the first in our family and the only one to date to secure a Schengen visa (needed to be in Austria, Germany, Belgium,  Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Luxemburg, Norway, Portugal , Spain, Sweden , The Netherlands).  

JC only stayed and worked with the cruise ship for 5 months and came home to be with our ailing maternal grandmother December of 2007.  It was a wise decision for him not to finish his 8-month-contract with Costa Atlantica and be with our Lola 3 months before she passed away.

Nevertheless his thankless job, as he put it, made him experienced some of the nicest places in Europe and the diverse cultures of their passengers who are some of the world’s rich and famous. 

As I’ve featured few posts ago (browse page below) the fridge magnets that my wife and I collected from few of our travel abroad, here are my brother’s irreplaceable memorabilia…

JC joined Costa Atlantica July 2007 via Amsterdam…


Then the cruise ship went from one country to another… I failed to ask my brother the order of his docks to this places when I borrowed his fridge magnets for a little pictorial session =). so this is in random order…



Trolls from Norway…4

He rode the cable cars of Santorini when he got this…


I’m sorry but thought Finland is only best with mobile phones, LOL until I saw his photos and this…  6    7

He mentioned he’s been to Tenerife, Vigo and Barcelona and got these…



Then he celebrated his 22nd birthday that year amidst the sphinx and pyramids of…


They also sailed to Turkey…11


He also experienced the islands of Eastern Caribbean Seas- St. Lucia, Dominica and…



He got the next fridge magnet from a country whose white flag contains the island map on its entirety with 2 olive branches as a symbol of peace… 16

Gibraltar is an independent British overseas territory…17

And his flight back to Manila on December 2007 was via the airport that I long to see before I die (lol)…


Isn’t that a worthwhile trip?

The moment we fetched him from the airport the day he arrived from that overseas job, he’d only wish for us to go with him to even one to few of those countries one day as tourists and not him as a cabin crew anymore. Wishes do come true, right?  So we  continue to dream… (long sigh! =)

He worked as a Starbucks Coffee barista here for a year after his Costa Atlantica stint and now he has been working with a 5-star-hotel-group of companies based in Makati City.  He aims to gain new experience locally before he explore the world again.

It’s nice to collect photos, fridge magnets and whatnot, but more importantly we cherish the memories that come with it.



Our son’s preschool teachers had scheduled their one-hour orientation today since it’s a national holiday for the celebration of Philippines’ Independence Day, so even working parents like us could attend.  After our meeting with them, my wife Tina, our son Gabby and I went to TIENDESITAS  in Ugong near Ortigas Center, Pasig City for our lunch thus we became part of this scene…


Tiendesitas, organized and developed by the same people behind Greenhills Shopping Center, is a shopping haven that only promotes nothing but Philippine-made products. It’s comparable to Jatuchak in Bangkok, Thailand but only a smaller scale since Jatuchak weekend market is one of the largest in the world. We’ve also been there back in January of 2004 for our honeymoon and we saw it’s really humongous with countless stalls to choose from.

Since it’s an open-air-food-court-fiesta-type- dining in Tiendesitas, we sorted out our meals from 3 different food stalls.  

CRAM OMELETTE, PhP 140 from Casita Bibingka has generous crab meat per serving with rich taste.


CASITA BIBINGKA is one of the many choices at the Food Village of Tiendesitas that offers affordable Pinoy dishes.


We also had ADOBONG PUSIT, PhP 130, delicious with those tender squid in that authentic adobo flavored sauce however we found it a bit oily for us.   


I was craving for lechon (roasted pig) for the past few days now and my gastronomic yearning was met when we saw this…2009-junlechonIt was a delight for me to see JUN2 CEBU LECHON that offers native roast pork, LOL.  I ordered 25 grams of that sumptuous Pinoy pork dish, PhP 175.   It was delicious sans gravy or sauce.  It’s roasted skin, though cholesterol-rich, was crispiest and crunchiest.  It’s meat was so tasty from various herbs and spices and saltiness filling that the pig had while roasting made it distinctly delicious from other LECHON across the country.  Lechon Cebu was noted by US Chef Anthony Bourdain no less as the most delicious in the entire planet besting roasted pigs from Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Bali and other places; was even documented not only in Bourdain’s No Reservations cable TV cooking travel show but in Time magazine as well.



After our lunch, we went from stall to stalls in Tiendesitas and before heading home, Tina and I grabbed a bite at Vigan’s EMPANADA from MAC’S DELI VIGAN EMPANADA and OKOY.   Each Vigan empanada made and fried in front of you is sold at PhP 40 each or PhP 110 for 3 empanada.  What makes Vigan Empanada different ?  It has crunchy fried wrapper and one whole egg in veggies-filling,  perfectly dipped in Ilocos native vinegar or sukang-Iloko.  2009-viganempanadaAlthough there’s a better version of Vigan empanada in Glorietta foodcourt and nothing beats the taste of the original Vigan empanada cooked and sold by the manangs in front of the church and plaza in Vigan, we found Mac’s deli Vigan empanada not that bad to satisfy one’s craving.


Patronizing Filipino products and eating Pinoy foods are just simple measures to hold on to our roots.  It’s nice to eat Pinoy dishes especially on holiday - Araw ng Kalayaan pa!.. =)


Tiendesitas Frontera Verde which is subdivided into small market villages is located at…





Sa lahat ng mga Pinoy saan man sa mundo, maligayang ika-111 araw po ng kalayaan! 


Ano man ang saloobin natin sa mga nangyayari sa bansa - sa kasalukuyang politika, problema sa kalusugan, edukasyon, kahirapan, polusyon at korapsyon, marapat pa din nating ipagbunyi at ikarangal na tayo ay binubuklod ng ating bansa at pagka-Pilipino. 

Hindi man Pebrero at Araw ng EDSA….

Mabuhay po ang lahat ng Pinoy na gumagawa ng kabutihan na inspirasyon sa karamihan! Pagpalain nawa po tayo ng Maykapal.



Right after I’ve deleted my photos in my digicam accidentally (see post below), I knew better and learned my lesson well. We walked from Greenbelt to Glorietta in Makati and had an afternoon snack that helped me somehow to forget my negligence.  We had some doughnuts from Krispy Kreme. It helped me move on, LOL.


I had Classic Peanut Butter and Striped Cream doughnut and paired it with Cappucino.  My wife Tina had New York Cheesecake doughnut which for me was irritatingly sweet, sorry. 


IMG_2057Gabby had his favorite Strawberry chiller which he generously shared with his mom, and ate Chocolate Custard Glazed doughnut.


Do you like doughnuts? 

Me? Depends on my mood, LOL.

And yesterday’s afternoon called for a sweet nothing.



I would like to apologize to myself and I hope I’ll accept it, LOL….

Today, we went to my son’s favorite stroll place, Ayala malls in Makati and had late lunch at around 1:20 PM at JOHN and YOKO, a restaurant in Greenbelt 5 that claims to be a fusion of the East and the West (having named after John Lennon and Yoko Ono).  It’s a Japanese resto with a twist – say one of their dishes is called JAPAELLA for example.  

I was so excited to bring my wife Tina and son Gabby there for us to compare its difference from its sister-company, SUMO SAM which we’ve tried several times.   It was already past lunch time but the place was still packed, just a proof that food and service must be really good.  And one of my virtual friends,  Anne had strong recommendation for John and Yoko so there was no hesitation for us to try it.

When we’re guided to our seats by the waitress clad in gray collared uniform and a micro-mini skirt wearing high-heeled boots (whew!) and saw the ambience of purple and orange cozy lights despite the congestion of diners, we’re excited to order.

I chose my Sumo-sam favorite- Seafood omelet (which John and Yoko also has),  Tina had Beef Wagyu rice and Gabby had Kani Nori Tempura.  For our drinks, we had botomless iced teas in red (calamansi), green (lime) and blue (dalandan). 

Then just before our orders were served, I already took nice shots of the plate, chopsticks and table napkin marked with the restaurant’s name and logo.  Ofcourse I also had pictures of our meal for blog posting then enjoyed the late lunch. 

And did we like the food? Yes! Sarap.  Though a little pricey just like Sumo-Sam, and we had to wait for about 20 minutes and the wait staffs were not that smiley, appeared to me they got attitude -I don’t know, still we enjoyed what we ate. Yummy!

We walked through the entire Greenbelt malls, literally – from G5, G3, G2 and G1… also took photos of the lush greens amidst the malls and a chapel in a man-made lagoon… and suddenly the inevitable thing happened!



I was negligent not to click PROTECT on our digicam immediately after taking those shots.

To REGRET was the very FUTILE thing to do now. 

It was such a lesson learned . 

A thing charged to experience.

One for the books.

——————> C’mmon, blame me now.   I am guilty as charged. =(



He’s the handsomest, most obedient and smart soon-to-be-Kinder pupil bar none!  He even ranked 3rd out of 51 students of 2 sections last February during their school’s declamation contest.  My wife Tina and I are so proud of him ofcourse.


And now…


He finished Nursery a couple of months ago and will attend Kinder this Monday, June 15th.  That’s our four-year-old son Gabby, too excited to go back to school as we went shopping for his school supplies in Glorietta 5 in Makati, where else but from…


I myself grew up with NBS.  Every beginning of a school year, this has been “the place to be”  for most Pinoy students and their parents!  And for our very own preschooler, his teacher gave us a list of things needed for his entire academic year last week when we enrolled him. We only got a chance to buy those school supplies this afternoon. Parents are instructed to label all school supplies of their child with the student’s name for these will be submitted to their school on their first day of attendance for safekeeping, in order for every student to just come to school with baon and nothing else.  Imagine those kids carrying trolley bags which are actually bigger that them!  How do you expect them to grow normally without stunting?  We thought our son’s school rule was too nice for comfort and wish we had the same to follow  two and half decades ago when we started schooling…


Do you miss schooling?

A decade after finishing my post-graduate studies and being licensed, I do.



I digress from political issues. 

Allow me to show you some kiddie stuffs that we’re fond of collecting…

Our family loves traveling. Who doesn’t?  But we’ve only traveled a few countries so far, we haven’t explored the rest of the globe yet;  life is short, and there are so much to see and experience and eat and whatnot.  Except for my youngest brother who worked as a crew in Costa Atlantica that got him into 30 countries across Europe, no one in our huge clan has explored that part of the universe yet.   I promise to make a post about his 5-month-cruise-work/trip soon.   For now, settle for our few fun collectibles from our own travels and some pasalubong…    


Yes, we collect fridge magnets  from most places we’ve been to.  Do you?  It’s fun,  it never misses to unleash the kid in me, try it some time, LOL.  Just a caution : it’s habit-forming!  

Fridge magnets from our travel tell stories, or at least remind us of  good memories.  I just regret  not to start this “hobby” earlier when we went to California and Las Vegas years ago.  We’ve been to LA, San Pedro, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, Malibu, 17-mile-drive, Carmel, San Francisco, Yosemite, Fresno and San Diego in California for more than 2 weeks, and explored the themed hotels in Las Vegas Strip for 3 days (stayed in MGM and the then Stardust).   Man, those were the days of glory! 

When I married my wife back in 2004, we to Bangkok, Thailand via Lufthansa in a package tour for our honeymoon. We stayed in Amarri Watergate Hotel for a couple of days and we also forgot to buy fridge magnets!  We’ve been to one of the biggest weekend markets in the world – Jatuchak in Bangkok but all we bought were T-shirts, slippers and no fridge magnet.  We have to go back there one day not only to buy what we collect but to enjoy more of Thailand.  

Moving on…

IMG_2205This place has pure gold-24-hour-air-conditioned mosques. They have a water village where natives are living in air-conditioned-electricity-supplied houses on stilts in a river! Amazing! Trees are abundant in the city so despite the tropical weather, there are lots of sources of oxygen (and oil, and gold, and oil, and gold, LOL).  Other than the mosques that we toured, we liked the Royal Regalia Museum where treasures of the sultanate of Brunei are enthralled including the golden (yes, another golden!) chariot that was used in Royal Parades.  We’ve been to Empire Hotel in Brunei, but only as part of the city tour package we availed at the hotel, how I wished we can afford a room in the “golden” hotel.  We flew via Royal Brunei Airlines where foods were overflowing for the rest of the flight from Manila-to-Brunei-(had an overnight and a half-day city tour there)-to Bisbane,Australia-to our final destination then here…IMG_2215We’ve been to Auckland, New Zealand for 7 week-vacation back in 2005.  We visited our relatives there who are now in Melbourne, Australia.  It’s good that few of the friends and distant relatives we met stayed there met in NZ; it’s nice to keep in touch with someone living where New Year always comes earliest.

Auckland or the City of Sails wasn’t that bad, we love it there! Peace- the abstract thing that can’t be easily found somewhere else, was all over the city.   We initially thought that NZ was so primitive with only cows and sheeps, but we’re so wrong. It was one of the British colonies just like Oz so it’s more urbanized than we thought.  However, malls and other establishments usually close at FIVE PM except on Thursdays – Kiwi’s night out until NINE PM.  Entertainment was not that adequate with only 4 channels on our cousins’ plasma TV.   But Mother Nature is at her best at NZ.  Entrance to Botanical garden was free.  Museum’s fee was so minimal.  Culture of Maoris remained to be intact.  The weather was fantastic!  I love it.  Given a chance, we’ll explore it again. I want to go to its capital – Wellington via long train ride from Downtown Auckland.   I also wanted to go to the southernmost area of NZ – Invercargill where the weather is always single digit in Celsius, LOL.  I just love cool weather. I rather go layered dressing than sweat my exocrine glands off.  IMG_2207Hong Kong… Been there twice -1993 and 2006 and if I have the means, I’ll go back there, bring my family as soon as tomorrow, LOL. 

I like Repulse Bay, The Tram to Victoria Peak, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum and the Chinese restaurants (in sidestreets), night market shopping, cable cars in Ocean Park etc…IMG_2201We spent our New Year of 2007 in HK Disneyland.  It was whole lot of fun.  That Donald Duck fridge magnet on the right was a pasalubong from my sister-in-law after they got back from HK recently.  Talking about pasalubong, here are some….IMG_2211Given by a friend of sixteen long years and counting, these are two wooden lady-fridge magnets in their national costumes from BAHRAIN.  Our friend, Rob , who works as a paramedic-nurse at an oil rig in the middle of nowhere in K.S.A. gave me those.

My brother next to me (as I’m the eldest of 4 men) is a private pilot to a local businessman. Being an aviator, he’s usually sent to US for flight simulator trainings at least once a year. He had been to Missouri twice (where my dad-in-law is) and to Orlando, Florida once where he got me this…IMG_2204

My parents love traveling too. My mom, who recently flew to UAE to continue her work, celebrated her last year’s birthday with my dad in Macau, they got me a huge Starbucks Coffee -Macau mug and this…IMG_2209They also have been to Vietnam for a job-related trip of 10 days but weren’t able to brought home some you know what..

My folks and my youngest brother have been to this part of the US  for a tour about 2 years ago…  


Then locally, we used to go to Enchanted Kingdom for a weekend at the outdoor carnival there that’s close to  only 1/8 of the lot area of Disneyland in Anaheim. Nonetheless, it’s good enough to while away time and transiently forget hassles of daily living.  IMG_2216And since we’re into this,  my wife and I decided to have custom-made fridge magnets from PAPEMELROTI for our son’s baptismal giveaways…IMG_2217


I hope to add more fridge magnets to our collection…

I’ll feature my brother’s European tour collection soon.

My wife started her snow globe collection.. those will be for another post…

What do you collect other than memories?



It’s hard to admit to the www that politics sucks in my country.  Agree ?  Sorry, but I can’t stand it anymore.  I had enough.  Those political TV commercials as premature campaign strategies, those brouhaha about government’s achievements in Philippine economy kuno despite the prevalence of beggars and hungry mouths in slums and streets and everywhere, with lack of provision of free health benefits and education issues, I just don’t get it! 


Perhaps ALL we need now is  divine intervention. TONS of IT, OH PLEASE LORD.  


I’ve stated this before, I’ll state it again- in as much as I want to maintain my blog as apolitical, I am just like you with low resistance to social stress. Imagine with only few months before the deadline of filing of candidacy for 2010 elections, when most of us see spark of HOPE that remains to be HOPE until supply lasts, LOL,  the Philippine congress is up to its ass (again for the nth time without fatigue) to pass CON-ASS. 



End of my statement.

Care to comment my dear virtual friends ?



I woke up early today but before getting ready to go to work, I checked my inbox and got tons of these…



tons meaning I got 38 emails of these two ad-posters from the akomismo web page which, ugh, I signed up with a few weeks ago. So for those of you who asked me more than a couple of times via email and facebook of where to get these dog tags, here’s the answer to that redundant querry, kids.  But don’t panic yet, read the email that came with these…

On June 12, 2009, the AKO MISMO dog tags will be made available to the public for the very first time. The dog tags will be sold at P40 each;  the proceeds of which will go to our beneficiary charity partners and to the socio-civic activities which we will be mounting nationwide.  It is such an important event for us that we declared it the AKO MISMO DOG TAG DAY which will be  held at the Bonifacio Global City Open Field in Taguig City.  

The event will start at 2pm when we start selling the dog tags to the public.  The dog tag will be your entrance ticket to the events of the day.

From 2PM onwards,  you have the opportunity to mill around and check out the eleven charity booths we have set up, as well as other activity ! booths.

The charity booths will be distributing information about their respective causes and each of them will carry AKO MISMO T-shirts and lanyards specifically designed for the charity.  People who wish to support a particular charity should simply make a purchase there and proceeds will go towards their charity of choice. Our beneficiary charity partners are Caritas Manila, UN Stand up Against Poverty, World Vision, Dynamic Teen Company, ERDA, UP PGH Cancer Institute Foundation, Gawad Kalinga, Cutis Laxa Benefit, PNP Badge of Honor Foundation, PLDT Smart Foundation and DDB Cares.  

The venue will also have fun interactive booths: Henna Tattooing, Face Painting, Ako Kiss Mo booth, as well as photo and video booths.  There will  be food and beverage booths courtesy of McDonald’s and Pep! si.  ;

From 5 to 7PM, school bands and some up and coming professional bands will perform, interspersed with videos of the different charities and live sharing from their reps. 

From 7 to 9PM, the main concert will take place featuring the hottest bands in the country: Bamboo, Pupil, The Dawn, Kamikaze, Kjwan, and Up Dharma Down. Ely will open with his hit song Sala but with lyrics specially written for  Ako Mismo. There will be a special number with all the bands performing together  to pay tribute to the late Philippine music icon Francis Magalona . 

All registered members of Ako Mismo attending the event will get a chance to win one of five Lenovo laptops and other gadgets being given away that day.  Those who have not registered yet can do so at the Ako Mismo booth. The raffle tickets are also available here. It will a have a portion that will be marked by each of the activity booths. Raffle winners who have at least three marks on their form (meaning they participated in three activities) will get limited edition premium dog tags. 
The venue can accommodate 20,000 people at most. Please do come early as the gates will be closed once the venue is full. 

Food and non-alcoholic drinks will be sold inside the venue, so there will be no food or drinks allowed upon entrance. For security reasons, people will be frisked at the entrance to check against illegal drugs and dangerous weapons. 

We look forward to your participation at the AKO MISMO DOG TAG DAY.  Thank you for your continued support.




Yogurt is such a hit nowadays here in Manila since most Pinoys are already conscious of healthy living.  Well for me and my wife Tina, we just like to enjoy it so we’ve tried two of the many available brands here  (RED MANGO  and YOH-GURT-FROZ) and we can’t help but to compare it with ice cream.  

Considering its nutritional value with lesser calories and fats and its taste ofcourse, usually served with fresh fruits and/or nuts, we certainly like yogurt.  But I can’t imagine a world without ICE CREAM!  It’s one of my comfort food.  There’s always that kid-in-me who craves for ice cream every now and then. Who cares if it’s summer or rainy days? Ice cream for me is always in season.  Although I already avoided eating dirty ice cream (sold by street vendors) after watching a TV documentary on how it’s prepared and done, I settled for the commercially available sorbetes.

I also like ice cream cakes.  I grew up having few of my birthday cakes were ice cream cakes bought by my parents from Magnolia Ice Cream House in Aurora Blvd in Quezon City.  Just a few months ago, we tried FIVE COWS  in TriNoma that serves frozen desserts such as ice cream and ice cream cakes.  We also liked it.  View my previous post about it –>HERE

The last time we’re in Greenbelt 3 in Makati, we tried GELATONE, a small restaurant that serves GELATO, or Italian ice cream. Gelatone has so many flavors and variety of gelato dishes to choose from. I just failed to bring a cam that time. So what makes gelato different from ice cream? I heard it’s the lack of air - gelato has less air, or none at all, compared to ice cream. 

Yogurt, gelato, or ice cream, I like them all and can’t have one over the other.  All of them are delectable!   

Yesterday, I and my son Gabby walked to the far end of our street  where a  convenience store is (what else but 711) to buy what else but ice cream.  I was sure of what to buy. 

Since we’ve tasted all of the 3 flavors already (Hazelnut Brownie, Chocolate Truffles and Berry Strawbery), we have singled out our favorite. All of those 3 Selecta Gold ice cream flavors are decadent, but we like Berry Strawberry so much. Perhaps we had so much of chocolates (we usually got tons lots of them sent by my in laws from the US and it takes us few months to consume them all unless we give some to our siblings, nieces and nephews which we do actually) that we deviated our preference to something fruity and creamier….



With generous amounts of strawberries and richness of its cream, I’d say it’s just perfect for my palate, for the lack of a better word to describe it.   We finished the tub in two seating.


So what’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?

I have to stop blogging this, I’m craving for another scoop. 

Now, please excuse me, I need to indulge….


For more info on ice cream and other frozen desserts, click this–> SOURCE



We went to Landmark and TriNoma malls in Quezon City last Friday afternoon for our almost-weekly grocery shopping.   We had to grab a bite of something before pushing carts to grocery shelves, we decided to dine at SBARRO.

We like eating at Sbarro,  it’s one of our favorites since they have wide variety of choices of great Italian dishes.  Few  notable problems with Sbarro are the long queue when you order and its usual lack of tables despite an adequate space for most of their branches if not all, are always cramped by customers;  at least it’s apparent that they really serve good food. 

My wife Tina, 4-year-old son Gabby and I shared two different slices of pizza and two plates of pasta.  


One of Sbarro’s specialties are their stuffed pizza.  We had another bite at this Stuffed Supreme Pizza, PhP 147 a slice / PhP 1176 whole.


Look how stuffed this Stuffed Supreme pizza is… Hand me the fork and knife please…

IMG_1840The other slice we had was New York Style Cheese Pizza, PhP 79 a slice/ PhP 474 whole.  It’s being plain with only generous cheese toppings made it a good match with any tomato-based pasta. I like it!


We also had two types of pasta – one that was cream-based and the one with lots of lycopene.

Sbarro’s MEAT LASAGNA with MEAT SAUCE, PhP 211.


BAKED ZITI , PhP 174 whole / PhP 96 half.  ++ with exta white sauce. 


We also had RASPBERRY ICED TEA with these Italian fastfood yummies… Sarap!


SBARRO  Fresh Italian Cooking.  Level 2 TriNoma mall, North EDSA, Quezon City.



I’ve been to a paradise  in the middle of a busy city.  Here’s a peek to this secret garden…

I’m always fascinated with lush greens.  It’s always healthy to commune with nature.  Fresh air, bright colors of flowers, such a sight to behold. 


This Japanese bridge is amazing, I want it badly that I am considering it to be a part of our garden once we build our own Nirvana in the near future (wishful thinking!).


Who can resist the beauty of  CATTLEYA?  All worries will be transiently washed off by simply admiring its colors and variety.  A perfect gift for the woman we adore.  But my wife is an exception, LOL.  Although she appreciates flowers too, she prefers a new dining experience somewhere rather than spending thousands of pesos for a  pot or a bouquet.  2

It was a delight to see KIAPO (Pistia stratiotes) also known as water cabbage or water lettuce. It is where the name of Quiapo, one of the busiest areas in Manila was derived from.  


Orchids ?- they grow lots of them in this place.   I cannot choose which from these purple varieties really stands out.IMG_1898




 Or immaculate white orchids perhaps…



Or these yellow dainties…


Then there were other blooms from the garden like these delicate GERBERAS.






Who says BONSAI making and HERBAL MEDICINE can’t be one ?  Care for LAGUNDI BONSAI ?

FYI,  LAGUNDI (Vitex negundo) is one of the ten herbal medicines approved by the Philippine Department of Health and is used as a bronchodilator, or once taken in tablets (or tea) can dilate airways in conditions like asthma, colds, flu as study showed Lagundi leaves have anti-histamine and leukotriene-releasing properties.  (Read : Histamine & Leukotriene are vasodilators or agents that dilate blood vessels leading to allergic/inflammatory reactionsIMG_1882

Other bonsai that I’ve seen…


Above on the left is a garden dish of bamboo made into bonsai. Even the tallest grass was made to grow small, amazing isn’t it?   I’d always like bamboo… and horsetail plant too…


This garden in the city has lots to offer beside lush greens and colorful blooms… Check this garden baby elephant statues… Don’t they look cute to match the concrete japanese bridge?


Or this wide-mouthed fish on a pond (with elephant toes above it)… IMG_1905

What else did I see in this place?  Horticulture at its best!



Mums, mums, and more mums…


This garden also has nursery for cultivation of herbs and some medicinal pants…


One lazy Saturday afternoon, I became bored with my notebook so I decided to get a dose of fresh air from a place that is a 10-minute-away from where we live…Everything that my cam captured are for sale in this place.  The garden is located at the corner of EDSA and Quezon Avenue….   IMG_1914

Best of all, a walk through it is absolutely FREE.   How good can it get?



What can be more comforting during cold rainy weather than a warm bowl of congee with boiled egg served homemade by your love one, naks!    These were what my wife Tina prepared for me and our son Gabby the other day as our late afternoon snack.  Other than that irresistable rice porridge topped with crispy fried wonton wrappers and browned garlic, she also prepared and deep-fried vegetable rolls  a.k.a. pritong lumpia  with sour dip made of vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, chopped onions and salt and pepper.  IMG_1731

A couple of hours after savoring this hearty snack, Tina served the dish I fondly call “Killing-Me-Softly” LOL.  IMG_1693The plate had pieces of deep-fried pigskin, a.k.a. crunchy chicharon or pork cracklings, and few chunks of deep-fried pork knuckle and pork leg a.k.a. as crispy pata.  She prepared it herself.  I know it isn’t healthy, and to say that it’s fatty is such an understatement, but what can I do?  Resistance is futile, LOL.  I was weak to say no!  It’s crunchy and cripsy and we don’t eat it daily anyway, LOL. We only eat it once in a blue moon (defensive!).

I just wish I had taken a lipid-lowering agent or could have ran a mile after that fatty dinner.  Eating vegetables and fiber-rich diet can also wash off excess cholesterol from the systems.

Another hit during rainy season, at least for us Pinoys, other than hot soups are champorado or chocolate porridge, with tuyo or fried fish and milk, freshly oven-baked pan de sal and a cup of coffee.

What are your cravings during “bed”-weather ?



Life is damn short and sweet.   Do you agree?

As I maximize time to enjoy it, I found myself torn between two kinds of yogurt, LOL. 

If you’re frequenting this site then you have probably viewed this post —->CLICK THIS!  

And just the other day, my wife Tina and I enjoyed  YOH-GURT FROZ  at Tomas Morato, Quezon City.  

Do you like fruits in yogurt?   Blueberries, slices of mango and kiwi perhaps ?


The plain yogurt of Yoh-gurt froz was thick and frozen.  It took more than a minute of air exposure before it began to melt.  We just stared at it for a moment, scrutinized its edge over the rival brand that we’ve also tried and delighted with the experience (twice and counting).  


Although Yoh-gurt froz has a little space for its diners,  and they use frozen fruit toppings, which according to my wife are better for it lessens the moisture compared to the fresher fruit toppings of other yogurt brands, I say I will not say no to it at any season – summer or not!  Refreshingly healthy!





It’s always a feel-good to try taste new things, most especially something different to delight my palate. 

This afternoon, after our hearty lunch at Zensho Japanese buffet, my wife Tina and I walked a few steps within the area to buy those famous Lord Stow’s egg tarts…


It was not our first to try its kind, but its brand. We had tasted egg tarts from other local bakeries in malls and Chinese-made egg tarts in a street in Hong Kong.  But Lord Stow’s egg tarts are Portugese having originated from Macau.  IMG_1813

We bought a box of six pieces for PhP 210 (PhP 35 per piece) and brought it home as one of the two pasalubongs  for our 4-year-old son, Gabby (the other one was a happy meal from McDonald’s that comes with a toy).  The moment he saw what’s inside that box, Gabby commented, “Creme brulee?”  As Lord Stow’s egg tarts look like creme brulee or our Filipino version, leche flan. 


The recipe belonged to the late Andrew Stow, an English man who lived, worked and got married in Macau. About two decades ago, he open Lord Stow’s bakery in Macau with his wife and introduced those egg tarts.  Eventually, it became well-known across neighboring countries for its delicious puffs and milky filling. In 1997, franchising throughout Asia made it more popular that lead to “Egg tart frenzy”.  (source —> CLICK!)


The box states that those egg tarts are best eaten within 6 hours after purchase.  So as soon as arriving home, we immediately grabbed our bites to those English puffs as if we didn’t had buffet for lunch.   

Lord Stow’s egg tarts can really sky rocket you to the moon and back! LOL. It’s creamy delicious fillings in puffs are deliciously different from the ones we’ve tried before.  Their shop isn’t only a bakery but also offers other delectable treats such as sandwiches, cookies, other yummy bread such as focaccia which Tina and I also like, coffee and other must-try goodies.



Despite the weather today, my wife Tina and I braved the rains just to give in to our gastronomic craving – Japanese food buffet! .  We usually pass by this restaurant at Tomas Morato in Quezon City on our way home but  it took us some time to finally try dining at Zensho and today’s lunch was just perfect.


Zensho’s lunch buffet is available from Mon. to Sun. at 11AM to 2:30pm for only PhP 485 ++ per pax.  What’s good with it, unlike the other buffet, the orders are served ala carte, even if you avail of the eat-all-you-want, so the yummy japanese foods can be enjoyed fresh and hot.   

We were guided to our table by the kimono-clad wait staff as Tina already made reservation few hours ago.  It’s a weekday so we expect that the place won’t be packed as much as we see it during weekends.  But we were wrong.  We arrived at 11AM with only few tables at Zensho occupied, but as clock ticked to lunch time, no table was left without diners.


Japanese dining isn’t complete without hot tea. To maximize our dining pleasure as we might be satiated early with sweetened beverages and to improve peristalsis and digestion, we spared the drinks except for Zensho’s house tea. Talk about the art of buffet eating according to the book of docgelo, LOL.


The first of our orders from the buffet menu was EBI KAKIAGE TEMPURA or mixed chopped shrimps and sliced vegetables.  The tempura breading was just right, deep-fried to perfection.


From the Nabemono (鍋物, なべ物, nabe cooking pot + mono things, stuff, kinds) page in Zensho’s menu, I never missed to order SUKIYAKI.  My favorite Japanese soup made up of beef slices, tofu, noodles, vegetables flavored with dashi (cooking stocks)  shoyu (soy sauce), sugar and Japanese wine for that authentic Japanese food taste!  Zensho’s version of Sukiyaki has the basic tender beef slices and that sweet and salty taste.


What’s a Japanese buffet without SASHIMI (刺身)? 

As late as High School, I remember then that I’m clueless with the difference between sashimi and sushi besides their spelling, LOL.  I can’t blame my parents who brought us not to these types of food places but to fastfood joints like McDonald’s, Jollibee, Goldilocks and to a favorite Filipino restaurant before - that UlamNilad in Cubao.  Now, I know better, LOL.  

Sashimi ofcourse is sliced fresh raw seafoods while sushi  is made of rice topped with ingredients such as seafood usually served rolled inside or around  nori  (dried and pressed layer sheets of seaweed or algae ) is called makizushi (巻き).


SUSHISarap with WASABI (Japanese horseradish).!


We also tried tons of beef dishes – SUKIYAKI STEAK and BEEF TERIYAKI.

Sukiyaki steak (left) was so delicious made of thinly sliced striploin.  Beef Teriyaki (right) was equally pleasing to the palate with sauteed beef  in Zensho’s teriyaki sauce.


Two of Zensho’s house specialties were also notable as they were served identical – these were the OYSTER MOTOYAKI and PACIFIC SPECIAL.  Both were indistinct except for their basic ingredients. Oyster Motoyaki is made of baked oyster and Pacific Special consists of other seafoods.   Both can be eaten as appetizer, but I can’t deny the fact that they’re also best with Jap rice.



They’re such a delight not only to the tongue but to the eyes as well. Look how Zensho served its house specialties… At the right end was our choice from the YAKIMESHI menu (japanese style fried rice cooked in the misono table with chopped vegetables, egg and seasoning) we chose a small bowl of SEAFOOD RICE.  It was delightful!


PACIFIC SPECIAL equally looked and tasted buttery like OYSTER MOTOYAKI but it has other seafoods.  Yummy too!


YASAI KANI SALAD, anyone ?  Those strips of artificial crab, tobiko (とびこ) or fish roe, cucumber and sweetest mango really made my day!




EBI TEMPURA  also made our lunch complete. I can eat any shrimp dish daily, LOL.



Burp !  Till our next digestive feast. Thanks for visiting.



There’s always a kid-in-me that I easily like  magical, colorful and anything that pleases.  Blame my four-year-old son or perhaps it’s just really me.

I stumble upon this website that contains artworks of dream-like states.  I like it so much that I am sharing some of my favorites from the site —> ALMAGNUS.COM 

Let me know if you like them too.




After our dinner the other night,  my wife Tina and I decided to have another DVD marathon of Prison Break Season 4 episodes until wee hours of the morning since we’re both off from work the following day.  Just like Lost, Grey’s Anatomy and E.R., we have lots of catching up to do with Prison Break. 

Our excitement to finally continue watching the series was heightened last week when I learned from my usual blog-hopping that that Season 4 finale showed the main character’s death.  Oh yes, Michael Scofield died and my wife is currently grieving for his passing.  She was affected and felt she lost a love one too, LOL.   FYI,  Wentworth Miller who portayed Scofield is one of my wife’s eye-candy.  I rest my case.

Its plot revolves on the saga of two brothers – Michael Scofield, a genius structural engineer who intentionally went all the way to rescue his elder brother played by Dominic Purcell who was wrongly imprisoned and was put to death row at the Fox River State Penitentiary, Chicago.


In prison, they encountered other inmates – Sucre, T-bag, C-Note, “Tweener”, correctional officer named Brad Bellick, and the prison doctor Sara Tancredi who fell in love with Michael Scofield.

1854From its first season to its last, we usually spend weekends, or days-off to engage in DVD marathon.  The story has tons of twists and turns. From getting into jail to jail break to being in jail again, a lot of scenarios happened in between the seemingly viscious cycle. It was never boring. There may be loopholes but excitement always builds up when a plan is busted or when they succeeded.

Until its season finale, every scene was gripping.  I was already half-awake but could not put myself to sleep completely without seeing its ending.  Michael Scofield and his team had to claim “the company’s black book-SYCLLA” for the government allegedly, in exchage of their immunity from captivity.  They had executed the plan and did the unthinkable. But in the middle of it all, the lead character’s nose was grossly bleeding  every episode just to point out that he has a hypothalamic hematoma which required surgery.  It was done delayed.  Next scenes showed- their mother, unknown to the brothers to be still alive, has something to do with the Scylla.

It was already four in the morning and we’re already experiencing natural sedation.  We decided to stop the DVD to get some sleep.  We still have 6 episodes to follow and haven’t seen the finale where Michael allegedly died. In my own quest to end my wife’s skepticism,  I surfed the Prison Break official website and scanned the recaps of episodes that can be found in this SOURCE.

It is where I read this :

“Sara calls to Michael that it’s time to go… but the Michael she’s speaking to is a child. Her child, Michael Jr. She says it’s time to go see Daddy. They arrive at a cemetery, where they meet up with Linc, Sucre and Mahone. Michael Jr. puts flowers on a headstone… while Linc leaves an origami crane. Everyone pays their respects. As they leave, we see the inscription on the headstone:

Michael J. Scofield
September 8, 1974 – November 4, 2005
Husband, Father, Brother, Uncle, Friend
“Be the change you want to see in the world.”


——————————————————————————————————>Do you watch PRISON BREAK ?



One of the TV series that my wife and I are fond of watching on DVD is LOST of which the main plot revolves on the lives of survivors of plane crash stranded in a mysterious island.  LOST is a drama series with lots of twists in between. I don’t know with you, but we found it engaging.  The various characters are interesting – the lead played by Matthew Fox is a doctor, who became so close with Evangeline Lily’s who’s an ex con…


Do you watch LOST? 

We became a bit busy and LOST in watching it, we still need to find time to catch the seasons we’ve missed.


Following a drama behind the story of plane crash survivors unfold on a mysterious island can while away time.  But it’s far different from watching actual news on TV or via the www that a huge jet that braved the thunderous storm disappeared in its flight.  It’s scary when it happens on real life.

I was in brief moment of silence after I woke up this morning learning that  the news already confirmed  the missing Air France jet carrying 228 people crashed at sea.  Air France flight 447 from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Paris,France disappeared in the middle of Atlantic Ocean last Monday.

photo by AFP

Unfortunately, 3 days after the tragedy, no bodies were recovered, no signs of life was noted as they searched the spot where only floating debris were seen.  The black box of the aircraft is still to be found, until then the cause of this catastrophic incident is unclear.  

Real life tragedy is never entertaining.

Regardless of your religion, let’s pray for the grieving families for them to find strength in facing this awful fatal event.



I was extremely surprised seeing its size as I came home from work last night… IMG_1685Its size was overwhelming!

Its fragrance was pleasantly overpowering it lorded our entire space.2I only saw its fraction as my wife and our housemaid already sliced it into half… Imagine its entirety!

3Its sweet fruity scent emanated from its starchy and fibrous flesh.


Do you like jackfruit ?

Well, we do,  especially if it’s huge and sweet.  Best of all, it was given to us for free!



What dishes of jackfruit do you like?  What about the seeds, do you cook and/or eat them too?


It can be roasted just like chestnuts or simply eaten after few minutes of boiling.

Well, my wife Tina prepared a common merienda as our dessert last night : turon with langka.


Turon is a Filipino dessert made of banana and jackfruit wrapped in an eggroll wrapper.

With its multivatimins, antioxidants, potassium and fibers, I call it POWER TURON!



She has been my constant companion at  home (my wife has her own) and previously even at work.  I just recently stopped being with her at work as my personal secretary for my own comfort.  It was so liberating when my wife Tina agreed with our relationship provided that we won’t have scandalous videos  We maintained our sweetness; we have been more than good friends for about 3 years now, thank Heavens she’s still functional, reliable and ever loyal.  She may not be on top of her class, a cheaper alternative of her kind, but I love her so much that I even wanted  her  to become prettier and more attractive that I brought her to this -> CLICK! about 2 years ago.





Friends,  I’d like you to meet the superstar of my virtual life…  LOL.

I can’t thank her enough for life has never been better (and busy!).




To kept her from being boring silver, I had her styled with wrap from G MASK with a POP ART design of that very thin film that became her second skin for about 2 years now.  Her skin should lasts for 5 to 7 years.  It has been her protection from scratches, moist and fluid spills, sweat and whatnot. 

Lovely isn’t she?   LOL.


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anong petsa na?

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TOKYO 2010



"Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship." (Buddha)



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