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Satisfying my passion while earning some money is good enough. But to receive appreciation & recognition from others especially from the new people I work with is definitely another story. For some, it might be a petty thing but for me it’s INCOMPARABLE  PLEASURE.
It’s nearly satisfying Maslow’s peak of pyramid…
Not all employers are like my new bosses. Probably because they are from the WEST. They take efforts in spending time with us to make sure that we will improve for the better. I can see from their smiles and the way they interact with us that they are really GOOD-HEARTED PEOPLE.  Sincerity comes from within.
I TAKE PRIDE of being a part of RACHELL ALLEN REVIEWERS USA KALAW MANILA branch as one of their newest NCLEX /CGFNS review instructor for Medical-Surgical Nursing.
My boss and I share in the passion of improving other people’s lives and help them fulfill their dreams (at least with my bit contributions)  ….
Below is the VERY FIRST email I received from the owner of the franchise.
Congratulations and Thank You for your first day of lectures at Rachell Allen-TM Kalaw.
Below are some comments made by Miss MJ from the students.
We are so thankful having you on board.
If there is anything you ever need or wish to speak to me about, my door is always open.
God Bless,
Michael Ross
Michael Ross
5th Floor T.M. Kalaw Center Building
T.M. Kalaw Street, Manila
Philippines 1000
Tel: (632) 567-1783
Fax: (632) 636-5569

Good Morning Mr. Ross,

You can send a congratulatory e-mail :) to Dr. Angelo at

And for your awareness, i asked the students from April 24 batch for a
feedback/survey form and dr. Angelo got an
outstanding feedback from
the class.

Moreover, the students commented that:

1. The visual aids are good and understandable and his lecture pointed
out important concept.

2.Informative, excellent lectures, Mastery of the subject.

3.Lectures are organize.

The only negative point was that he talked too fast.

The 2-Sunday seminar, was really a big help for everyone especially to
our 3 new lecturers. No doubt, Dr. Angelo, learned a lot from it. And
good thing is, he is now applying what he has learned from the training.

I am looking forward to Ms. gina and Dr. mark and will make sure to
keep getting feedback from the class to ensure that we go beyond their
expectations in helping them to pass the test.




Thank you Lord for another blessing…
I got this email an hour ago confirming the status of my application to Rachell Allen Reviewers,USA KALAW MANILA branch.
Dear Dr. Santos:

Thank you so much for your time last April 9, Wednesday for the Teaching Demo.

I am glad to inform you that you were considered to be a part-time NCLEX Lecturer here in T.M. Kalaw Branch under M.Ross Philippine Corporation

May we request to submit your availability starting 21st April until 6th May. So, I can give you schedule for the next batch of review which will be on April 24.

Furthermore, the lectures that will be assigned are base on the topic that you are confident to lecture with. That’s why I asked you to mark the topic which can be your "forte" in the class. But then, we believe that you have all the capabilities to handle variety of topic in the near future.

In line with this, in a day you will be assigned to a 4-5/hour LECTURE (+) 1 hour Pre and Post RATIONALIZATION. We will provide you a copy of the Pre and Post rationales.

And in order to maintain the quality of teaching strategy of the lecturer and interaction with the students while inside or out of the class, we will send you in a seminar on how to have an effective teaching in the class.

We are excited with your addition to our Review Center to help all Filipino Nurses to pass NCLEX and achieve their dreams.

Again, thank you and Welcome to Rachell Allen Reviewers, Manila!


I am really excited to be a part of this company for I see in the faces and smiles of the staff that they are really kind-hearted people. Needless to say, they look easy to work with and I know I can learn and grow from them.

Just to give you a glimpse of my new  OTHER  work place beginning 24th April,

here are photos of the review center. I got these photos without permission from their website.

To all readers of my blog especially to all my STUDENTS, & their friends, please consider this as your review center for NCLEX. Thanks !

                                  Image Hosted by

             the reception area of  Rachell Allen USA NCLEX /CGFNS  review center KALAW

                                     at 5/F  TM Kalaw Center Bldg., Kalaw Ermita Manila.


                                  Image Hosted by

            the lounge area and the two lecture rooms – they call it EAST & WEST rooms….

                                  Image Hosted by

                                  Image Hosted by

The review center’s computer room where nurses to USA have hands-on-computer-  simulated NCLEX review.

                                  Image Hosted by



My wife and I were invited by Astro (SACI/UDMC’s 1st cum laude, BSN graduate 2008)  a few weeks back to dine with some of his closest friends for a post-graduation celebration of his victory in his college years.  Due to their board exam review schedule, the dinner was postponed to a later date (April 10 instead of April 02).

With us were Nicole & Carlo, Kristel & Ado who are also our former nursing students, now reviewing for the local boards come June 1, & 2. 

                               They have chosen  Image Hosted by   

          a quiet cozy steak and seafood restaurant located at the 2/F of Greenbelt 3.

The interiors of Mr. Rockefeller is made up of washed wooden panels,

                 treated oyster shell displays,  Image Hosted by 

                                    wooden hinges  Image Hosted by

made even more relaxing with dim lights coupled with good food with tag lines written not only on their menu but even on their soy dishes as  eat oysters, love longer.

I surrendered to my wife’s choice of plate to eat. We both ordered roast beef served with mashed potato. For appetizers, they ordered buffalo wings and a certain salad with honey-tasting dressing.  Our host and his friends ordered steak served with seasoned rice for their main dishes.

Kristel and Nicole were so sweet to walk from Greenbelt to Glorietta just to buy Astro and my wife Tina bouquets of flowers.

      Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by

Thanks Astro ! And thank you Kristel, Ado, Carlo and Nicole for being courteous and grateful as you used to be in classroom. May God bless you with licenses and success in all of your endeavors.

Here are our photos – proofs that we all enjoyed that evening…

                         Image Hosted by

           Astro with his mentors… Thanks for the dinner ! We enjoyed your company.

                       Image Hosted by
         from R-L : Kristel, Astro, the blogger and his wife Tina, Ado, Carlo & Nicole

                       Image Hosted by

                       Image Hosted by
                      Image Hosted by

                       Image Hosted by

        Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by

                     Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by

                  Image Hosted by 

                  Image Hosted by

The author of the blog and his wife after the dinner…

Image Hosted by      Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by



Last week, I was invited to a job interview through email for I was APPLYING (again and again and again- got to have additional jobs for my regular job doesnt pay that much and the review center I was working with for a year now hasnt paid me in full for my work last March 1, 2008 ; TALKING ABOUT MONEY-MATTERS NOWADAYS…tsktsktsk…)  as an instructor in a well-established review center which is a franchise abroad. I just applied through and according to that website, my resume was viewed 5 times by the employer and was "under consideration."  The interview set last Thursday April 3 at 10AM was done in the review center office at TM Kalaw Center Bldg, by the program director who’s a very accomplished nurse-doctor. I was interviewed for one whole hour. The other applicant waiting in the lounge for her turn thought that I was already asked to do a teaching demo or a mock-lecture for she waited that long. I enjoyed the interview. It was another learning-experience. It’s good to meet and talk to people whom you can learn from. It will be a great opportunity, just in case I get hired, for me to work in that office not only financially (the offer is P700-P1,200 per hour of 2 -3x a week lecture), but I guess the staff including the american owner of the franchise are kind-hearted people. After the interview the administrative officer told us to expect an email for the schedule of a mock-lecture in which the owner, staff and former reviewees can evaluate applicants’ performance.

SATURDAY, April 05 was a date to forget. I nodded to my dean’s request for me to see and explain at her office those who failed in my subject (Medical-Surgical Nursing). I came to the office earlier than expected (as usual, I am PUNCTUAL and PROFESSIONAL as ever) only to know that the dean will be late for a reason and my original class record only for the particular section which I had 12 failures (total number of failures for my 6 sections alone inspite of the remedial exam which I never give previously : 24 ) is missing for a week and the office, even the dean herself has NO EXPLANATION how it was LOST !!! Although I have a photocopy of all of my records, I told them that it is an INSULT on my part as a member of the faculty for I had worked on that class record for an entire semester and it’s UNFAIR for me who COMPLIED religiously to the office’s requirements whether it was misplaced or deliberately was lost because of CARELESSNESS.  I knew the 2 secretaries of the office for four years now and this problem never happened to us.  The College of Nursing office looks like a warehouse or a stockroom now with so many MESS and not a dignified office of the dean as it is suppose to be.  IT SCREAMS THE NEED TO REORGANIZE EVERYTHING.

       In my four years in the academe, I HAD  N E V E R   EXPERIENCE SUCH THING !

MOVING ON to a lighter note – also on that day, I received a text message and a phone call from Doc Neal, a good friend of 15 years now, who also happens to be ninong to my son Gabby, to attend to his son’s CHRISTening the following day.  We both invited another friend and agreed to be present the next day in their place in Muntinlupa.

Sunday, April 6, I and my wife Tina & son Gabby met Loreto at Starbucks in wherelse but our meeting place for more than decades now – Shangri-la mall and hurried to Muntinlupa to grace the baptism of Lance SeBASTIan P. Argana. IT WAS TRULY RELAXING for MY SPIRIT especially on that weekend, to witness a child being CHRISTened. The date of Basti’s baptism is also the birthdate of his mom – Doc Vec.  It was a reunion for us to see again Neal and his parents.

                 Image Hosted by           Image Hosted by    

the blogger took these photos of his wife Ite, and son Gabby, Doc Neal & his son Basti &  friend LG.

Loreto and my family went to Trinoma after the party (from Muntinlupa in the South, to Trinoma in the North) My son Gabby wanted to watch HORTON, a cartoon-movie about animals. But all the cinemas at Trinoma last Sunday were closed to public probably because of the poor airconditioning that day. So Gabby settled for TOYS R US store…

WE BOUGHT A NEW CAR !!! – a remote control car that is… LOL… It’s a red mini cooper with full functions – headlights, side turns, etc. More than Gabby, I was excited to play it myself, hehehe.

  Image Hosted by    Image Hosted by    Image Hosted by

We munched at Superbowl of China for an early dinner then we went home and as I read my email, the admin officer of the review center that I am applying at is inviting me to a demo scheduled on April 9, at 4:30PM. That moment, I decided to do a mock lecture on DIABETES MELLITUS, injected some NCLEX-sample questions to my powerpoint presentation for it to be problem-based.

April 8 – Tuesday – I bought a new laser pointer at NBS for my demo the next day. I went to Gateway Mall with Gabby to meet Ite after her O.R. duty.  Gabby enjoyed in his fave place -Timezone and when Mommy Ite came in, we ate merienda at its foodcourt and Gabby begged for another chance to play at Timezone.

Gabby : Mommy ‘Te, Timezone ulit.

Ite : Anak, next time na, naglaro ka na kanina e.

Gabby : O sige na nga, STARBUCKS na lang…

My 3-year-old kid knows how to bargain (for something better) already.


April 9 – Wednesday. I came to TM Kalaw Center Bldg. 30 minutes earlier than required. I met my co-applicants. I learned we were narrowed down to 5 from the many who applied for the position. I was told to do the demo FIRST, and agreed on it. The staff asked us applicants to fill out a form for us to encircle the topics that we are comfortable with in order to guide them on the assignments of topics to be discussed should we become part of the company. THE DEMO was over. Though it was limited to 20-minute discussion, I had FUN doing it

At least if I will not get the position, it’s another one for the books..  The staff of that NCLEX/CGFNS review center was sweet enough to treat us with pizza and coke from Shakey’s. We learned from them that it’s the habit of the office to treat applicants that way and also the enrollees every after review program.  After all of us 5 applicants had done our demo, the owner shook our hands and thanked us for coming over.  He even said that what we did was better than American Idol, hahaha… He asked us to take our final bow infront of his former reviewees.  For them to offer pizza to their applicants was sweet. But it is sweeter to hear APPLAUSE from the people who listened to our demo.


Till then… THANKS !



For the past seven semesters that I am working as a lecturer of Medical-Surgical Nursing, I am not into attending graduation rites that the school conducts annually.  But for the mere reason that with this year’s batch, I handled fourteen sections and most graduates with special honors are my former students, I and my wife decided to attend the event. We thought it would be a new experience for us to attend graduation ceremonies as faculty members and not as students anymore.

Two weeks before the event, we shopped for something to wear. Both of us knew that we owe it to ourselves as young professionals and educators to properly dress, especially in front of parents of our students. We have to look the part.  And so I bought my blue shirt and pink tie at (wherelse but) my fave Marks & Spencer,  a new suit from a common department store in makati, the same with my wife’s purple shantung blouse and to complete the look, I bought her a new pair of earrings and a brooch to match. Needless to say, I for one, became a bit excited to attend.

Then I received a text message from Astro, a former MS-N student that “he made it”.  Because I was in the middle of a lecture-class at that time, I didn’t think of it as “he made it to graduate with HONORS” so I replied to him casually, as “congratz, I know you deserve it.”  When he and his batchmates confirmed the good news, there were more than enough reasons to attend the ceremony. I told myself that COME HELL or HIGH WATERS, I and my wife have to be there to witness the event. And so we did.

                         Image Hosted by

Bearing with the delays of the event, we waited patiently. And I tell you, it’s worth the wait.  I was called to attend to a mother of a graduate who became unconscious probably if not for hypoglycemia; it could be due to electrolyte imbalance. I attended to her three times going up and down the stairs of the plennary hall. After learning that the clinic of the venue was closed already and  there’s no paramedic ambulance  stand-by,  I requested the security  officers to provide the patient a wheelchair and a vehicle for I wanted her to be brought to the nearest E.R. for proper observation and management.

                         Image Hosted by

Then I saw AYNNE TAGUBA, RN who was last June 2007  6th placer in the Nursing Licensure Examination (as I already blogged about her before, she was also a former student.)  She was invited by the school to grace the event for she was given another recognition of her achievements in boards.

I had a chance to have a photo taken with her… It was another rare opportunity for me that I became a FANATIC of my students’ achievements. 

                                    Image Hosted by

After those paramedic acts and photo-op with Aynne, it was high time to listen to Astro’s  address.

It was SIMPLY HEART-WARMING, very INTIMATE and personal speech.  We were all  sympathetic with all of his words. He mentioned about his ups and downs as a student. Truly INSPIRING not only to his fellow graduates but even to us his mentors. 

I never thought i will receive such an APPLAUSE in PICC, no less, from my students of batch 2008, my colleagues, parents and guests who all listened to the cum laude’s speech.  I stood up for few seconds (or a couple of minutes) to acknowledge the GRATEFULNESS of a a former student whose HUMILITY remained INTACT with his SUCCESS.  IT WAS PURE GRATITUDE IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD.


                        UNFORGETTABLE  EXPERIENCE.

Astro Silverio, a BS Nursing graduate & the  very 1st Cum Laude of Southeast Asian College showed his utmost respect and gratefulness to the author of this blog.

                                Image Hosted by

Let him be an INSPIRATION more than a HISTORY as he wants to be remembered.


                       Below is Astro’s speech as I requested him to email it to me.

               But before it, here are some photos of the event, including our son’s.

                          Image Hosted by

                                                    SACI batch 2008 graduates

                             Image Hosted by

                     with my former NCM 202 and 204 students : (L-R : Keith, Hazel, Jungie)

                             Image Hosted by
                      with my wife are Jenny and Aries, 2 of our NCM 202 / 204 students

                             Image Hosted by

                              Image Hosted by

                               Image Hosted by

                              Image Hosted by

                 my wife with BSN graduates Paul Bulusan & above with Aries Buenaventura


Image Hosted by        Image Hosted by

      my wie Cristina, who is also a clinical instructor of SACI and our son GABBY at home.

WITH PERMISSION , here’s a copy of the valedictory address of SACI’s 1st ever

CUM LAUDE, Astrobal Silverio delivered at PICC Plennary Hall during their grad rites.

“There is no elevator to success.  You have to take the stairs”


      Astrobal Joaquin Silverio, BSN 421

      Southeast Asian College, Inc. Quezon City Philippines

While I was reading the biography of Dr. Dennis Waitley one day before I prepared this speech, I was inspired by one of his quotations. Dr. Dennis Waitley is one of the most sought-after keynote speakers in the world today as well as one of America’s most respected authors. The quotation says “the winners in life think constantly in terms of ‘I can, I will and I am’. Losers, on the other hand, concentrate their waking thoughts on what they should have or would have done, or what they can not do”. I myself had been a loser for several times. But through losing, I had learned that there’s always a room for trying; that I should never give up; that I should stand up again if I fall.

To our honored Guest Speaker, Mr. Nilo L. Rosas, Commissioner of the Professional Regulations Commission; to the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Peter P. Laurel; to the Vice Chairman of the Board, Mr. Rodolfo S. Ibuna; to the Executive Vice President, Mrs.Edita F. Enatsu; to the Consultant for Academic Affairs, Dr. Eduardo Gutierrez-Ong; to the Consultant for College of Nursing, Dr. Asuncion Enriquez; to the Dean of the College of Nursing and School of Midwifery, Mrs. Delia Tan; to the Administrative Officer and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Mrs. Miramar Garcia; to the Dean of the College of Radiologic Technology, Dr. Fortunato Gabon; to the Dean of Education, Dr. Mariquita Mendoza; to the School Registrar, Mrs. Minda Gnilo; to all other school officials; to the Professors and Clinical Instructors, to the members of the faculty, to the parents who are here today, my fellow graduates, Good Afternoon.

When I started my journey in Southeast Asian College 4 years ago, I never expected that I would be standing here in front of you today. It is so heart-warming to see you guys all wearing your graduation toga with your parents who, I’m sure, are very proud of you.

The road we have taken to arrive at where we are today was riddled with bumps, U-turns, road blocks, and other seemingly insurmountable obstacles. (A famous writer called this ‘the road less traveled’).But, with the constant support of our inspiring teachers, the love and patience of our beloved families, and the strength that came from the friendships we have forged at this Institution, we all survived and now stand proud this afternoon/evening. We are the graduating class of 2008. We are the survivors. We are the winners.

But how do we really measure success?

Let me tell you a story from my life when I made one of my biggest mistakes.

It was in the late 90’s. I was then a freshman at Saint Louis University Baguio City taking up AB Mass Communications. Due to my thoughtless and childish desire ‘to discover the world’, I decided to leave the school. I gave up my dreams, my parents’ dreams, and went on a purposeless adventure. I went to Manila without any plans, without prospects. In other words, with nothing in mind and worse, with an empty hand. I wandered aimlessly like a moth attracted to the bright lights of the Metro. I transferred from one flare to another, trying my best to survive and pretending that I was content with what I had achieved and become. My life then was a hopeless case. I was lost…Then I woke up one morning and realized that my life is going nowhere, that I was at a dead end. So I asked myself “What am I doing with my life? Will this storm of hopelessness end? Will the bright sun shine on me again?” I paused for a reply. I looked above and I saw the clouds’ silver lining. I realized that behind those clouds, the sun is still shining. (Did you get what I mean?) Yes, you are right…THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE…

So instead of wallowing in self-pity, I decided to take action—I stood up from where I had fallen and took the first step towards my future.

The beginning of my new life started four years ago when I enrolled at Southeast Asian College with a strong desire to achieve something. I brought with me my sense of optimism and aspiration to succeed. I broke free from the convergence of failures and frustrations. I said to myself “This time, I will be a winner.”

I must say that what I had achieved now did not come easy. It’s a product of hardwork, determination, sacrifice, discipline, and a strong faith in God. As an unknown author once wrote “There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.” What this author was trying to say is that when it comes to success, there are no shortcuts. In my four years in college, it seemed that the elevator to success was not an option; and, I had no choice but to take the twisting flights of stairs. Slowly… Step by step…

And so, here I am now, standing before you with a vision of a bright new future ahead of me…

TO the Batch of 2008, I pose a challenge. As we go about achieving our goals, perhaps likely ending up working in foreign lands, let us not forget to give back to our families, and to our country. Let us never forget our roots, where we came from. Let us always remember the true essence of Nursing—CARING, SERVICE, COMMITMENT.

As I have said, it took a lot of hard work and dedication for me to get to this point today, but I would not be sleeping well tonight if I took all the credit. So I would like to acknowledge all the important persons who contributed extensively to this achievement. First and foremost, I would like to thank the good Lord above, for giving me the gift of wisdom and for guiding me to use this wisdom rationally. To my parents, although they are not here today, thank you for your acceptance. Your unconditional love made me believe that even in the midst of darkness, there’s always a glimpse of light. That light was the light that guided me when I was lost. I know you are proud of me. To my sisters and to my little brother, who is celebrating his birthday today, thank you for dreaming with me. Today marks the beginning of the achievement of our mutual dreams. To my star (you know who you are). Thank you for your helping hand. As I traveled through the stormy seas, it was you who put up the sail on my boat. You gave me direction. I will never forget you.

To the Professors and Clinical Instructors who educated me, to the Course Audit Team, to my mentors, thank you for touching my life and empowering me to be more successful in life.

I would also like to take this opportunity to personally express my gratitude and acknowledgement to this one professor who has contributed significantly to my success. Due to his devotion to his profession, he has inspired and challenged me to study harder. Because of him, I’ve learned the real meaning of hard work and sacrifice. He taught me how to become disciplined.

             I would like to acknowledge the contributions of

                                       Dr. Angelo Nino Santos

not only to me but to all other students whom he had handled. Thank you very much, Dr. Santos….I will always look up to you, sir. Your teachings, both in Nursing and in life, will always be remembered by those students whom you had inspired.

To BSN 421 and to my closest friends- Kristel dela Paz, Nicolle Daoa, Lea Serrano, Adonis Novales, Carlo Jeffrey Juan and Aaron Alpha Ramos, thank you for making my life easier. Thank you for the laughter. Thank you for making me feel younger everytime I’m with you. I will surely miss you guys. You will always remain here… deep inside here…

To those who believed in me, thank you so much. To those who did not, believe in yourselves. It is the foundation of trust.

Last but not the least; I would like to thank my alma mater for helping me build my dreams and for assisting me to achieve those dreams as well. According to the Administration, I am the first ever Cum Laude of SACI. You might be asking why. Based on my experience, it was very difficult to obtain this Latin Honor in this Institution. It’s what they call ‘the survival of the fittest’! I survived. And because of that, I made history. However, I don’t want to be remembered for that, but rather, I want to be remembered as an inspiration to all those who know me. Through hard work, discipline, and dedication, and by the grace of God, you can reach for the stars and, though you may fall short at times, never give up on your dreams. My wish for all is for everyone to enjoy a happy and successful life, one that is made more meaningful through the use of your talents in the service of your family, your country, and those who need them the most.

Thank you very much. Good evening..



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