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The author pens few portions of his student life.

" Everything happens for a reason."

More than a decade ago, I took up my college course without any reason in mind. Just like many students back then, all I knew was that I have to take a college course to land in a good job later on. I first thought of being a visual artist in advertising company would be cool, but fate did not lead me to it. After passing a not-so-difficult entrance exam in a university, I enrolled BS Biology. I found myself memorizing scientific names and studying various fields of living science. I must say no one forced me to enroll in a pre-med course so i didn’t have a choice but to give my best in all college tasks that I went through (with my friends whom i keep until now) in order not to put money, time and effort to waste

When it came to my senses that a BS Biology graduate would have chances of becoming a researcher, a teacher, a medical representative, and of course a doctor, I chose to become the latter. At that time, my only reason was to follow the footsteps of my relatives here and abroad who are all accomplished physicians. Thinking that I may have the same life they had then (and now) I opted to further my studies in becoming like my relatives.

And so I blazed through my med school years. Amidst those many thick medical and surgical books, experience still is the best teacher.  In med school I learned that one has to compete with himself and not with others. It was survival of the fittest. Most of the time I thought I had studied much for a plating but turned out to be that my best was always not good enough. But I did not quit. Thinking then that my day will also come. And so it did. Fast-tracking through life, I became a licensed doctor.

I already had a family with a son to raise before passing the medical boards. Because of this, I needed to work for a living and so I applied and was hired as a lecturer of Medical Surgical Nursing. Although I know that being a teacher is one of the options of my courses I finished, not even in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine of becoming one. But probably fate has its own reason.

I always pray that someday my students, reviewees and my child(ren) can be with me in the same "playground". At best, be God-fearing and professionals too. 

Teaching is very fulfilling as treating patients. Being a doctor may be influential and rewarding just like being an educator.  I am a doctor and an educator. But what is rather more fulfilling, influential and satisfying  is being a father to my kid and a husband and a bestfriend to my wife.

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